12 no bullsh*t ways to become a stylish man for a woman

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Thinking of ways to be a stylish man is not an easy task.

However, one doesn’t have to be born with a natural style to stand out in the crowd.

If you have been thinking about how to be a stylish man for a woman, this article is for you.

With a little help from common fashion and style ideas, we bring you some tips on how to become that special man who has that certain something that makes women want him.

Here are 12 no bullsh*t ways to become a stylish man for women.

1. Wear clothes that fit

It’s a no-brainer: clothes that fit will make you look stylish.

Too many guys wear baggy T-shirts which makes them look so unkempt.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s simple. Make sure your clothes fit! It doesn’t even have to be expensive or stylish clothes.

Clothes that fit your body well are more likely to make you look good.


Because you’ll look like a man who knows his body – and your woman is more likely to look at you than if you’re wearing clothes that make you look sloppy.

You’ll look clean, fashionable, and like you’ve got your sh*t together.

This is honestly the best way to make yourself stand out from the rest. You don’t have to wear expensive manly clothes all the time.

Keep in mind:

The best-fitted clothes are usually the ones that are tailored to your body type.

However, if you are not willing to spend the money on tailoring your clothes, try to get clothes that fit your body well, but you’re still able to move your arms and legs comfortably.

If you can’t lift your arms up horizontally to your shoulders, then it’s too tight.

If all else fails, start shopping at stores that sell clothes that are cut for an athletic fit. This style will hug your body tight, and then if you can lift up your arms horizontally to your shoulders, it’ll be good to go.

Also, avoid baggy jeans that hang off the butt and thighs.

2. Wear the right shoes!

Shoes that fit and compliment your outfit will make you look great.

The wrong shoes can ruin even the best of outfits.

Make sure your shoes match your clothes and don’t clash with them.

If you can’t work this out for yourself, ask one of the girls at the shoe store what shoes match your outfit.

They’ll be more than happy to help. Women love helping a guy out with his fashion (you might also strike a bond with her, too!)

If you wear a suit, don’t wear sneakers or sandals that make you look like a homeless person! Wear shoes that are in line with what you are wearing.

The truth is:

Women look at a man’s shoes, so make sure they are nice!

3. Wear a stylish watch!

There is simply nothing wrong with wearing a good watch.

It’s a simple add-on that can make you look stylish and smart.

Now, I’m not talking about a cheap, 2-dollar watch.

I’m talking about a stylish watch that screams success. This is something that you can pick up on the high street for around 40 to 50 dollars.

Honestly, women appreciate watches, so, why not get one and impress her?

It’s a simple accessory that will make you look so much better.

Many stylish men wear a watch and it can make you look like someone who is successful – and who knows what they want in life.

4. Be confident!

Confidence is the key to everything and it’s also key to being stylish.

When you feel confident, you will exude that confidence through your actions, your body language, and even the way you dress.

If you aren’t feeling confident, just fake it till you make it! This is the best way to build confidence in yourself.

Act like the man and you’ll eventually become the man!

Because the truth is, to look like a mature man, you need to feel like a mature man. 

Confidence will make you more stylish because you’ll look like a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go and get it.

And it’s no secret that women are attracted to confident guys.

Be confident – you’ll look better for it!

5. Look for inspiration

The key to being stylish is to look around and see what others are doing.

There’s nothing wrong with looking at others and trying to emulate their style. Know why they are good at what they do, and make sure you have a few things that you can incorporate into your own style.

The only difference between them and you is the fact that they have an essence of style flowing out of them.

Find men who seem to have great style and are popular around women. These are the men who you want to learn from.

6. Buy the best quality clothing you can afford

There is only one way to be stylish, and that is to buy the nicest quality clothing you can afford.

f you want to make this style a lifestyle, then you need to get into the habit of buying the best quality clothing you can.

Trust me when I say:

It’s actually not that expensive to buy quality clothing. Instead of cheap material, all you have to do is to buy good quality fabric.

Cheap fabric is uncomfortable and doesn’t last long. 


It may seem expensive, but it’s not that difficult to get the best quality clothes in the world. All you have to do is go for that little bit extra than you usually would. Instead of a $10 dollar t-shirt from Target, why not buy a $50 T-shirt from GAP?

The best bit?

The t-shirts will probably last longer anyway.

So not only will you look better, but you’ll also save time shopping in the long run.

The bottom line:

If you want to be stylish, buy clothes with good materials that will fit your body. These will make you look great!

7. Invest in a haircut

There’s nothing wrong with going to the barbershop on a weekend and getting yourself a good haircut.

If you want to be stylish, you need to invest in your hair. Investing in your hair will make you look more attractive because women love men with nice hair.

This might sound lame, but find a picture of a male model with great hair, and show that picture to a hairdresser. Ask her to emulate that haircut for you. This will take you a long way!

It will look more sophisticated, and more importantly, it’ll look amazing.

A good haircut is a great way to represent yourself as a man who is stylish.

8. Dress appropriately

As we said earlier in this article, it’s important to dress appropriately.

There are two things you can do here:

Blend in when appropriate:

When you’re at work or attending a business meeting, these occasions call for a certain level of formality. Therefore, you should dress appropriately – like an adult.

If you’re going to a casual party, then don’t wear a suit. Instead, wear cool pants and a t-shirt that fits you well.

Furthermore, make sure your colors match. This is important because it will make you look better and more stylish.

You can wear whatever color or colors you want, it’s about finding the ones that match together and suit your personality.

You need to fit in with what everyone is wearing and your own clothes should reflect this style.

Don’t dress weirdly or like you don’t care. Just wear what’s right for the situation.

And I can’t stress this enough: Wear clothes that actually fit your body.

I know I sound like a broken record, but wearing clothes that fit your body is probably the most important thing you should take away from this article.

This means that your jeans should fit well, your shirt should be cut well, and your shoes should fit perfectly.

You should have at least 2 to 4 pairs of jeans


It’s important to fit in and look good because your clothes are a reflection of your self-esteem. If you don’t fit in with other people, then they’ll think that you are weird.

9. Know when NOT to wear a scarf

We all love a good scarf and there’s nothing wrong with wearing one, but there are times when you shouldn’t wear one.

A scarf isn’t an accessory that you can wear all the time without it looking weird. You have to know what parts of your outfit work well and which ones don’t work so well.

For example: If you are wearing a suit, it’s probably best if you don’t add a scarf to your outfit.

Let’s be honest for a second:

Wearing a scarf isn’t very manly, so why not just avoid wearing one at all?

The bottom line:

It’s important that you know when to wear a scarf. It’s good to have a few in your wardrobe, but make sure you know the right times to wear one – and that’s really only when it’s ultracold.

10. Iron your shirts

The final thing you need to know is how to iron your shirts.

Ironing makes a huge difference to your life and it can make you look cooler, more stylish, and better in general.

Women appreciate a man who can iron well.

Most guys don’t know how to properly iron a shirt and this is already slowing you down! It’s important that you know when to iron your shirt and why it’s so important (especially if you want to look good).

Those wrinkles on your shirt ain’t impressing any woman. Hear that!

So, make sure that you get yourself an ironing board and an iron:

Your dating prospects will sky-rocket.

11. Wear cologne

Wearing cologne is one of the best things you can do to make your style smell and look better.

I know we’ve all had the same thought: How can I smell good so that women are attracted to me?

The answer is simple; use cologne.

There are different types of cologne and what’s good and bad about each one varies from person to person.

Some people think that it’s important to smell nice, while others don’t care at all. Know yourself and find out which type of cologne you like the most.

The more expensive the cologne, the better it generally is and the more women will like it.

And that’s the goal here: To make a woman smell you and then to like what they smell.

So if you’re going to buy cologne, prepare to pay up.

Looking and smelling good sometimes isn’t that cheap!

12. Look after your clothes

It’s the kind of advice your grandmother might offer, but if you’ve spent money on your clothing, look after it. It’s important that you know how to wash your clothes and which washing detergents are good to use.

You also need to know how to properly hang your clothes. Otherwise, your clothes will get all wrinkled up, and this is not a good look.

Worse still, you might even ruin the fabric of your clothing, which is going to leave you with garments that look rubbish.

This might sound silly, but pay attention to your clothes and really take care of them. This way they will look good for longer!


The most important thing to do is to have fun and to experiment. If you don’t have fun, then there’s no point!

You’re not a model, so you don’t need to look like one. In fact, it looks better if you don’t look like a model – just an awesome guy who is stylish and that knows how to wear clothes well.

So find what works for you and start implementing it into your wardrobe today.

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