11 ways to tell if a girl is jealous that you’re talking to another girl

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Jealousy – the green-eyed monster that bites us all when we least expect it.

People have different ways of expressing jealousy, and those signs are sometimes hard to figure out.

For example, the classic “how do I know if she’s jealous because I’m talking to someone else?”

Truthfully, no two women are alike, so the best way to actually tell is to just ask her.

But that’s understandably something that you might not want to get into – so here are a few ways to tell if she’s feeling a little green.

1) More Interest In What You’re Doing

One of the most obvious signs I’ve noticed is that a girl will usually ask you what you’re up to a little more frequently when she knows (or suspects) that another girl is involved.

This is a pretty obvious sign, especially if said girl in question doesn’t really ask about what you’re doing before.

It’s even more apparent when all of her questions specifically have something to do with “who” you’re doing it with: watch out for this stuff since you can never tell what her reaction might be if you answer in the affirmative.

Overall, if she’s more curious about what you’re up to these days, that may be a sign that she’s feeling a bit jealous.

2) Asks Who The Girl Is

Some girls are straight-up confrontational if they sense that there’s another girl in the picture.

“Are you seeing anyone else?” is probably the most direct question you can get, and if she’s feeling jealous, it’s likely going to be a tricky one.

In this scenario, it’s always the best option to answer as honestly as you’re able.

Special care needs to be paid attention if she thinks you’re lying with your answer – this doesn’t always happen, but it can devolve into a huge mess if you let it simmer underneath the surface.

It’s not always a question that’s asked because of jealousy, but it’s certainly something you can expect to happen if she is.

3) Wants To Spend More Time With You

For girls who skip the jealousy step and go right to the solution part, the one thing I’ve personally encountered them do quite a lot is simply take up more of your time than usual.

This is a relatively straightforward solution – “how can I be jealous if he’s spending all his time with me?” but it can have mixed results, depending on how the girl decides to take up her time.

In my experience, a girl wanting to spend more time with you isn’t a bad thing, but it can be a bit of an issue when their only goal is to just take up her time without doing anything fun or meaningful together.

Time spent with each other can still be time wasted, and if anything, may even cause you to think about the other girl even more.

4) Praising Her Own Good Points

This might sound a bit vain, but there can be occasions when girls will try to divert attention from other girls by excessively praising themselves.

This can be done in subtle or blatant ways, to try to make her the “better choice” for you.

After all, why should someone be jealous of someone when they’re the much better option?

This tactic can be either cute or annoying depending on how the girl plays it out: but it’s definitely a sign that she’s feeling jealous that there’s another girl in the picture.

5) Trying To Guilt Trip You

Guilt-tripping is another tactic I’ve run into with jealous girls before, and it’s never a pretty sight.

This type of girl will keep questioning your decision to spend your time with any other girl aside from her and will shut down any argument by acting emotional, making you feel bad about your decisions, and overall just gaslighting you so you don’t even look at other girls before.

If this is something that you’re encountering, my personal advice is to just walk away. It’s not worth the emotional time and investment that you’ll need to deal with a girl like this.

You can still try to assuage her worries, but ultimately it’s usually an issue that she has to deal with, and not you.

6) Being Defensive When Asked

If you have noticed your girl’s actions when another girl is mentioned, confronting her about it can cause a defensive attitude in response.

She can be more cagey, annoyed, or secretive about her questioning, especially when she knows that her curiosity’s been caught.

Being defensive can mean a couple of things, but in my experience, it’s usually because she’s trying to play it cool.

No one wants to admit that they’re jealous upfront, and if she’s really trying to impress you, she’ll shy away from any impression that she may be insecure because of another girl.

7) Abrupt Shifts In Mood

Mood shifts are another glaring sign that she’s being jealous – especially if it swings wildly from good to bad at a moment’s notice.

This doesn’t always have to be caused by you mentioning another girl: even an offhand comment can be taken as a sign that you’re interested in someone else.

If she’s not particularly concerned about playing it cool, she’ll immediately show that she’s not pleased with that turn of events.

The way you can handle this can differ depending on the girl in question since it’s really a question of maturity rather than just plain jealousy.

Sudden mood shifts are always tiring to deal with, and if you don’t resolve the underlying issue as to why she keeps acting up that way, you’re in for a bad time.

8) Becomes More Active On Your Social Media Posts

Social media has become one of the easiest barometers to gauge anyone’s interest: and if you’re in public or have a big network, it’s an even better place to “stake claims”.

If she’s suddenly commenting, liking, sharing, or otherwise just being active on social media, it can be a sign that she’s starting to feel jealous of other girls in your life.

After all, replies and likes are (usually) public to other people in your network, so being active on your social media is her way of saying “I have an interest in this person, and I’d really like anyone else to back off and acknowledge that.”

It’s almost an indirect way of saying dibs, especially if you two haven’t really defined being exclusive yet.

9) Suddenly Mentions Other Guys

Is she suddenly mentioning a coworker or another friend to you all the time? It could be that she’s trying to make you jealous as well.

In my experience, some girls will usually try to flip the tables on you by trying to make you feel jealous of them, usually because they’re not used to being the jealous party in the relationship.

It’s also a way to assert their status in your life, especially if they start to feel like they aren’t valued.

Of course, this can be a risky approach since your reaction can backfire.

For me, once a girl tries to make me jealous by talking about other guys, I back off immediately.

That’s a tactic that’s usually covering up a huge well of insecurity that you’ll have to deal with, and it can be a massive deal breaker if you’re considering taking things seriously with them.

10) Insists That You Leave Her Alone For A While

On the other side of the coin, a girl may ask you to leave her alone for a while if she’s starting to become jealous of another girl in your life.

This tactic has a few different reasons behind it. But it’s usually because she’s trying to figure things out, making you feel her presence more with her absence, or backing off because she thinks someone else is in the picture.

It’ll be a relatively confusing scenario, that’s for sure: but my advice is to just take her at her word and give her some alone time.

If she successfully resolves her feelings about the situation, that’s all well and good – if she decides to act up because of you not pursuing her, no loss.

Again, sometimes the fact of the matter is that her feelings are not always something you can control, so you should give her the space that she’s asking for.

11) Asks Your Friends About It

But by far the biggest giveaway that she’s feeling jealous of another girl is that she’ll start asking your friends about her – not you.

She won’t want to ask you because it’ll seem strange or insecure of her to confront you directly, but she’ll snoop around with your friends if she’s really feeling jealous.

Of course, this is a scenario where you’ll have to rely on or ask your friends to bring you up to speed on what she’s doing.

The good news is that she’s more likely to be transparent with them than you about her reasons for asking about the girl: the bad news is that if you fess up that your friends ratted her out, her reaction may not be the most pleasant one.

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