How to be a man of substance: 11 no bullsh*t tips

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Every man is different and has a unique personality that can be tapped into to contribute to society in meaningful ways.

You may agree or disagree with someone’s ideologies, but being competent must be respected and admired in our world.

Being a man of substance is imperative to serve as a source of inspiration to the people around you by living a life led by example.

Here are some ways in which you can transform yourself to be a man of substance:

1) Try to Be the Guy Who Adds Value Through Your Work

The first step to being a man of substance is to add value to the world around you through your work.

You need to be confident in what you can achieve, and you should also be able to present your best work while constantly upskilling.

Consider yourself a student who is always learning through the inputs he gets from his environment.

Achieving your dreams and living the life you desire starts by waking up every day to achieve something before going back to sleep.

It doesn’t matter if you do 100 projects; what matters is making a difference in a field that excites you by perfecting a single project within your lifetime.

The gratifying sense of accomplishment in your daily life will help you carry yourself with confidence to tackle the obstacles in your path with ease.

2) Let Your Curiosity Be Your Guide in Life

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat; rather, it helps you realize your true potential. It pays to be inquisitive.

Don’t be afraid to charter into the unknown and dig into every detail of information your mind processes.

In the words of Albert Einstein, there are no such things as stupid questions, so feel free to question everything.

That being said, it’s also essential to ask the right questions and not stop asking them until you get the answers you need.

This means being that guy who isn’t content with the CliffsNotes version of things, but is instead addicted to pursuing real knowledge.

Enriching yourself with information and hunger to learn more than your peers will help you become a man of substance.

3) Don’t Hesitate to Grind and Hustle

Most people fail to achieve their dreams because they aren’t ready to get their hands dirty and do the work.

Not to sound cliche, but it’s about the drive, motivation, passion, and hunger to succeed that will ultimately enable you to become successful.

Don’t ever hesitate to grind and hustle your way to the top of the corporate food chain.

Working hard is only one side of the coin; working smart with an impeccable work ethic is just as important.

A man of high value takes up additional responsibility by rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done to the expected standards.

It’s about building a name and brand for yourself; be the guy who can be dependable in a pinch.

4) Be a Creator of Something

One word: create! This doesn’t have to be the next Tesla or Facebook. It only needs to be an idea that floats in your head that you’re willing to transform into something tangible.

Whether it’s writing a song, getting the easel out for your doodles, building model rocket ships, or writing profound poems, it will help you siphon your creativity.

Once you’re tapped into your creative side, you will only be limited by your imagination.

It doesn’t matter if your ideas sound silly to everyone around you. Go out into the world and make it a reality.

By constantly being a creator of things, you can get the dopamine hit you need to get addicted to the process of accomplishing things. Be an entrepreneur and make your ideas a reality.

By the 100th idea, you probably have struck the goldmine that makes the world better.

5) Challenge Your Peers to Help Themselves and Then Grow

One of the characteristic attributes of a man of substance is the ability to help the people around him grow by serving as a source of inspiration.

Boundaries exist to be tested and broken through by smarter men.

Challenge your teammates and peers to be brave by venturing out of their comfort zone to explore the unknown realm.

You can even be the devil’s advocate for unorthodox ideas.

You may come off as a rabble-rouser at first, but if you’re afraid to ruffle feathers, you will never find the wings of fire you need to soar into the horizon of victory.

Push yourself twice as hard as you push others to become a leader who leads by example. This will ultimately enhance the productivity of the entire team.

6) Embrace the Fact That There Are Things That You Can’t Control

You can do every step exactly right and still encounter failure. Failure is the best teacher for a man of substance.

He’s never afraid to accept that reality is complicated and embraces the truth that there will always be things he can’t control.

A humble man knows his limits and accepts them.

You shouldn’t view every event in terms of black and white; there’s a lot of gray that can be explored.

Adopt nuance by putting yourself in the shoes of other people.

Try to visualize the problem from various angles and perspectives.

Even having arguments with people who have opposing views can help you experience the world in its entirety.

You don’t contend with failure but need to accept that things didn’t go according to plan and account for variables the next time.

7) Become a Voracious Reader

A man of substance is usually a voracious reader.

You need to be the person who is on a mission to update his reservoir of information.

Consuming books will stimulate parts of your brain that aid in critical thinking.

You can enlighten yourself by reading books that can help you achieve your goals.

In the words of Mark Cuban, if you read 50 books and have a single takeaway from each of them, then you have an arsenal of 50 potential ideas, out of which at least one can revolutionize the world.

A man of substance needs to read to sustain his mind, which is always working like clockwork.

8) Find Your Purpose, Calling, and Passion

To become a man of purpose, one needs to find their purpose, calling, and passion in life.

It doesn’t matter what your passion is as long as you commit yourself to pursue it consistently.

Once you find a career that you find fulfilling, it’s your responsibility to make a mark in the field you love.

This means developing a good game plan and knowing what you’re willing to devote your life to.

Understand your role in life and your purpose for being on this earth. To become a man of substance, you need to know yourself inside out.

Embrace your strengths and work on your shortcomings without denying their existence.

After all, a man of substance isn’t perfect but is motivated to be the best version of himself and comfortable in his skin.

9) Always Be a Helpful Friend Who Can Be Depended Upon

Once you have focused on yourself for a considerable time, you need to pay attention to the people in your personal and professional life who may need your help.

Try to be that honorable guy people can come to with any issue and can get reliable advice. This can help create the sense that you always have something to offer as a helpful friend.

In addition to the many benefits, it has for you, helping others also radiates good vibes into the cosmos.

It starts a pleasant, upward spiral of well-being when other people witness you helping out, which motivates them to do the same.

10) Don’t Cut Any Corners in Pursuit of Your Dreams

Nothing – absolutely nothing – comes free of sacrifice and commitment in life.

You need to put in the time without cutting corners to pursue your dreams.

This means strictly staying away from shortcuts.

Getting to your destination fast can be tempting, but it won’t help you in the long run.

Success and being a man of substance are all about the journey.

It’s more about the hard-won wisdom at the finish line than the result itself.

Experience is key in life.

So, don’t treat your goals like boxes that need to be ticked off in life; rather, cherish every moment you spend pursuing them.

We learn, develop, and become the finest people of substance we can be in this way.

11) Know Your Worth and Set Your Priorities in Life

A person of substance is perceived as having something valuable to bring to the table. The secret is that this is true for every human being on earth.

However, what separates a man of substance from others is that he knows his worth and doesn’t miss out on the opportunities life presents him.

It’s important to set your priorities in life. If you feel like something is robbing your time, cut it out of your daily life.

Most people fail because they don’t have the guidance or discipline required to give them the chance to succeed.

This means not letting anyone take you for granted while also being self-aware of the parts of your life that require your attention.