How to look more manly | 25 ways

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How to look more manly

Some people might think that being a man is something you’re born with. However, if you do a quick Google search, it becomes apparent that there are many different ways to achieve this.

Learning how to look more manly is a tough task but we’re going to lay out for you in detail the various tactics you can use, from facial hair to your cologne.

Here are 25 ways to look more manly.

01 Wear clothes that fit well

Clothes that are too big or too small won’t do you any favors if you want to look more manly – they make you appear like you’re used to being helpless and aren’t confident in yourself.

If you are slim, clothes that are too loose will make you look like you are a child who borrowed from his father’s closet. This is certainly not a manly look.

If you are a tad overweight, tight clothes won’t be flattering and will make you appear even more out of shape. If you happen to be ‘ripped, tight clothes will make you look like a show-off. Neither of these will make you look manly.

Clothing should be snug enough so your body shape is clear but not tight so it sticks out in all directions. Make sure to only purchase clothes that are suitable for your body type. It’s also a good idea to get to know a tailor who can make small adjustments to your clothes so that they sit just right.

02 Dress for your body type

Clothing should be snug enough so your body shape is clear but not tight so it sticks out in all directions. If you are not slim, slim-fit clothes will not make you look any slimmer.

Make sure to only purchase clothes that are suitable for your body type. It’s also a good idea to get to know a tailor who can make small adjustments to your clothes so that they sit just right.

03 Avoid brightly colored clothes

Men wear bold colors to attract people. However, bright colors don’t last long in the fashion world and have a tendency to make those who wear them look childish.

Stick to classic men’s colors such as black, gray, brown, navy, blue, and white.

04 If in doubt, dress more formally

Men of today have a tendency to underdress. They get used to wearing tee shirts and jeans as a teenager and simply never change. Manly men do not dress like teenagers.

This does not mean that you have to wear a suit all the time but if you are serious about looking more manly, you should think about wearing clothes that are a little more formal.

For example, instead of a tee-shirt, try wearing a well-fitting polo. Rather than wearing your go-to jeans, try out some muted chinos. Ultimately, more formal clothes (even slightly more formal) are associated with power, maturity, and manliness.

05 Be well-groomed

Real men know the value of taking care of themselves.

If you want to be a stylish man for a woman, then you need to make an effort to keep yourself clean.

A clean shave and a good haircut can do a lot to make you look more manly. If you prefer facial hair, then grow it neatly and trim it often. If you have long hair, keep it tidy.

And while you’re at it, make sure that your teeth are healthy and gleaming.

06 Carry a leather wallet

A leather wallet is an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. They are durable, easy to keep clean, and they add an air of sophistication that plastic and fabric wallets lack.

Stay away from anything with velcro at all costs!

07 Wear a watch

Yes, you can check the time by looking at your phone but a watch is part of every manly man’s wardrobe.

As well as making you look more mature, a watch will make you look more punctual. It’s also much less rude and convenient to check the time on your watch than it is pull out your smartphone.

Choose your watch according to your style, not just to tell the time – though this is a good reason too. A sporty watch may suggest ruggedness; a classic Rolex indicates wealth, and a rich man might choose something even more expensive.

08 Use a good cologne or aftershave

You don’t need a designer fragrance, but you should at least keep a good cologne or aftershave on your bathroom shelf.

They’ll make you smell good, and the scent will remind you and others of your masculinity. Make sure to avoid anything too strong, however.

09 Don’t use too much hair product

You don’t want your hair to be too messy, so a comb and a little hair product can come in handy.

On the other side, you don’t want to smell like a woman or look like you are trying too hard. Use some hair product but do it sparingly.

10 Limit the jewelry you wear

A man should focus on simplicity. You don’t need lots of necklaces and rings to make yourself look good.

A single wedding ring(if you are married), a watch, and some cufflinks when needed, will give you enough sparkle to keep things classy. Anything more is almost always too much.

11 Throw out your distressed jeans

Distressed jeans are a perfect example of the kind of clothing that is supposed to look manly but really doesn’t. It can actually make you look a bit creepy. If you want to look like a disheveled teenager, go ahead and wear them.

If you want to look more manly, opt for dark, clean, and well-fitting denim instead.

12 Choose leather shoes over trainers

Leather shoes are classic and they will last you a lifetime. They also look much more manly than trainers(no matter how comfortable you may feel in them).

Ideally, you should wear different shoes for different occasions but definitely invest in a few pairs of quality leather shoes. Make sure to keep them clean and polished to avoid looking like a child.

13 Ditch the backpack

Unless you’re going on a trip, then leave the damn backpack at home.

Backpacks are too casual – they make you look like a schoolboy or worse a slob.

Despite what you may have heard, manly men use a leather briefcase, messenger, or duffel bag depending on what they need to carry.

This is one of the easiest ways to look more professional, polished, and manly at work.

14 Walk tall

It’s no secret that women are attracted to men with a strong, confident walk but having one can also make you feel and look more manly.

A slumped man looking at the ground will never look manly no matter what he does.Manly men are comfortable in their own skin – so stand up straight and stride purposefully.

15 Grow some facial hair

It’s obvious that a beard or mustache can help you look more mature, manly, and authoritative.

And don’t worry if you’re on the larger size; a beard does not make you look fat.

The trick is to not overdo it. Be sure to keep it groomed.

16 Lift weights

Building upper-body strength can make you look manlier (even in your face), make you feel more powerful, and help you relieve stress. It’s as simple as that.

While we would encourage to do other exercises too, lifting weights paired with a suitable diet is one of the best ways to gain some mass and look more manly.

17 Carry some cash … and keep it at the ready

Be sure to carry cash for when you might need it. Who knows when you might want to give a few dollars to someone who needs it or a tip to a waiter?

Yes, I know most things are paid for by card now but there is something quintessentially manly about always having a little cash on hand.

That said, don’t flash it around – this is a means of access, not a statement of wealth.

18 Flips flops are for the pool…only

Wearing flip-flops is a surefire way to look like a child or even worse, a manchild.

No man wants to look like a manchild, especially if he has children of his own. The same goes for Crocs. They’re too casual.

The only exception is when you are literally beside a pool and even then we would recommend slides over flip flops. Better yet, brave the heat and go barefoot.

19 Wear a sport coat

While you don’t need to wear a sport coat every day, your closet should include one if you’re a man.

A good-fitting sport coat is a perfect blend of smart and casual. One can make any almost any outfit more manly by emphasizing your chest and shoulders. However, it not as try-hard as a suit.

You might not look like James Bond or Don Draper when you’re wearing it, but you’ll look better and more manly than without one.

20 Wear a tie when called for

Many men shy away from ties these days, even when it is required (weddings etc). Manly men realize that a tie is not a ‘noose’; it is an expression of your personal style and in many cases simple good manners.

This is especially true for those situations that require your respect. If you’re going to a business meeting or formal wedding, wear a tie.

Make sure you know how to tie a good knot and tighten it properly. There’s little sloppier than a badly knotted loose tie.

21 Shake hands when you meet someone

A firm handshake shows that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin. This doesn’t mean that you need to crush the other person’s hand – just grip firmly and give a quick shake.

22 Leave a tip

In America, the tip is practically expected. Giving a member of the service industry (e.g., waiter, valet) 15% or more of the bill is an act of respect, and it shows that you appreciate the service you are given.

23 Drink whiskey

If you’re over 21 and are feeling like a man then you should drink whiskey. It will certainly make you look more manly than sipping on a Pina colada!

Of course, it goes without saying that you should drink responsibly. There’s nothing less manly than not being able to hold your drink and falling asleep on a bar table, or worse.

24 Choose a classic hairstyle and stick to it

We’ve all seen the funny pictures of men with crazy fads that they thought were manly. Manly men do not succumb to quick-lived trends.

There are many classic men’s haircuts to choose from such as a crew cut, comb over, Ivy League, and longer brushed back styles.

Pick one that suits you and steer clear of mohawks, blonde highlights, extreme undercuts, or whatever else may be ‘in style’ at a point in time.

25 Avoid tattoos you may regret

Tattoos are pretty much permanent once you get them. We are not saying that all tattoos make you look less manly but an immature tattoo inked on a visible part of your body will not help you to look manly. Think carefully before committing to a tattoo.

That’s it for today, fellas. Remember that manliness is a state of mind and a way of life. When you act upon the things that you know are right, your manliness will shine through. When you act like a man, you become a man.

This doesn’t mean that you need to do all of the things on this list but making at least some of them a habit will help you to feel and look more manly.

I hope you found this article helpful. Have we missed some other things that can make one look more manly? If so, be sure to let us know in the comments.