How to Spot a High Value Woman: 10 Signs She’s A Keeper

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How to Spot a High Value Woman: 10 Signs She's A Keeper

How can you spot a high-value woman? Today, we give you 10 signs she’s a keeper!

Are you tired of dating the same kind of woman over and over again?

Do you feel like most women these days are materialistic and superficial?

Are you sick of dating women who are only interested in your connections, your car, your bank account or your title?

If so, you’re not alone. There was a time when I felt this way. In fact, many men these days are fed up with dating women who have little to offer beyond their looks and a willingness to sleep with them as soon as possible.

But how do you find that special woman who is intelligent, cultured, and has depth?

Fortunately, I can tell you there are many high-value women out there but the trick is knowing how to spot one. Below we’ll discuss ten tell-tale signs that a woman is of high value.

As always, these tips are based on our own experiences. Feel free to add some more in the comments section that follows this post!

01 She doesn’t make it too easy for you

A woman who has a strong moral compass isn’t the type to sleep with you the first time you meet. She’s looking for something real and lasting, not just a fling.

She wants a relationship that lasts, not a one-night stand. She’s the type of woman who is willing to wait until the right time, and usually, that means taking things slow.

She’s not the type to jump in the sack on the first date, but rather the type to wait until she’s sure you’re the one. In my experience, it’s worth being patient if you really desire a high-value woman.

If it is too easy guys, it’s probably too good to be true.

02 She takes care of her body and is physically fit (and not for the approval of others)

A high-value woman takes care of her body. She doesn’t abuse alcohol or drugs. She also makes sure to eat a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis.

A high-value woman isn’t satisfied with being just “okay” or “average.” Like a high-value man, she wants to be the best version of herself that she can possibly be.

Not only that, but a high-value woman who takes care of her body has a strong sense of self-worth. She doesn’t need validation from others and isn’t desperate for attention.

She’s just living her life and doing what she needs to do to be the best that she can be.

03 She is independent

A high-value woman is independent.

She is not clingy but she’s not too standoffish either.

She is independent in the sense that she doesn’t need you to take care of her and take everything away from her.

She has a strong sense of self and will not settle.

I have had a few experiences with girls who were very dependent early on in the relationship and it just got worse and worse. It is a red flag for sure and not a sign of a high-value woman.

04 She expects you to treat her with respect and kindness

Are you a high-value man? Do you treat women with respect and kindness?

A high-value woman expects you to treat her with respect and kindness.

She is a lady and expects you to treat her the way a lady should be treated.

That means that she expects you to treat her with respect, not just for the sake of respecting someone’s gender (although she appreciates it), but because she is a valuable person deserving of your respect.

05 She’s well-dressed and well-groomed

In my experience, a high-value woman doesn’t wear a ton of makeup, but rather a subtle amount that frames her face beautifully.

She doesn’t need to try and impress you or show off her “stuff” by wearing extremely revealing clothing for the sole purpose of getting intention.

Instead, she knows that her level of self-worth is far above that. She doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone but has the self-respect and basic good manners to dress well and stay well groomed.

06 She lives a purposeful life

A high-value woman isn’t content to sit around or waste time with frivolous activities. She has a passion or purpose in life and she’s actively pursuing it.

A high-value woman might be a yoga instructor, a social worker, a painter, a writer, or something completely different. But whatever it is, she strives to be great at it.

She’s passionate about her work or if not, she has other things she is passionate about in her life.

Not only that, a high-value woman is always looking for ways to better herself. She reads self-help books, she goes to seminars and conferences, she studies the greats, and she actively works to develop her skills and abilities.

Once again, she’s always growing as a person and she’s always trying to better herself.

07 She has a close social circle – not just acquaintances, but friends

A high-value woman has close friends to whom she is extremely loyal. She believes in deep, lasting relationships as opposed to shallow, fleeting encounters.

She’s always willing to make new friends, and she’s always interested in meeting new people but her she never forgets about her close friends and the people who have supported her in the past.

A high-value woman is selective about who she allows in her life. She doesn’t just add anyone to her circle of friends. Instead, she’s selective about who she allows in and who she keeps out.

08 She doesn’t try too hard to impress you

A high-value woman doesn’t try too hard to impress you. She doesn’t dress up in a certain outfit just to go on a date with you. She doesn’t need to wear a fancy outfit or tons of makeup to feel good about herself.

She doesn’t sit in front of the mirror for hours trying to find the “perfect” look. She doesn’t wear tons of makeup or do her hair in a complicated way.

You see, a high-value woman is confident in her own skin and most of the time doesn’t feel the need to impress anyone.

A high-value woman is sure of herself and has a high level of self-confidence. She doesn’t need to impress anyone. This can make some guys intimidated.

She just is who she is.

09 She has integrity and sticks to her values

A high-value woman has integrity. She sticks to her values, and she doesn’t waiver from them.

She doesn’t put herself in compromising situations, and she doesn’t break her promises or her commitments.

She knows that a person’s word is all they really have.

Take note and follow through with your commitments.

10 She shows, doesn’t just tell you that she cares about you

A high-value woman doesn’t just tell you that she cares about you. She shows it.

She shows it through her words and actions. She doesn’t just tell you that you’re special. She shows you by giving you gifts, spending time with you, and making you feel special.

A high-value woman doesn’t just tell you that she likes you. She shows it by spending time with you and letting you know that she likes you.

A high-value woman doesn’t just tell you that she wants to be with you. She shows it by waiting until the right time and not rushing things.

11 She treats your family well

A high-value woman is not afraid of commitment once she makes a decision.

Although things may be slow at the beginning, you can expect her to want to meet your family(as long as you have a good relationship with them). When she does she will treat them with respect.

The same goes for her family. She will expect you to meet them and be polite.

12 It’s not all about money

A high-value woman knows that money is important but it’s not all about money.

She is certainly not out for the sole purpose of getting rich.

A lot of money is not going to cut it. She would to be with someone finically secure but not ‘rich’ who can give her love, attention, affection, and other qualities that she desires in a partner.

13 She will be honest with you…even if it hurts

A high-value woman is a woman of integrity and she will always tell you the truth.

She doesn’t lie to make herself look better or to get her way.

She doesn’t treat you like you’re stupid by telling white lies. She is honest with you even when it is not an easy option.

14 She will not try to change you

A high-value woman is not going to change you but she will encourage you to be your best self.

She sees flaws in your personality or behavior, but she accepts them as part of who you are.

She doesn’t try to control you or make you be someone that you’re not. She accepts everything about you, good and bad.

15 She is a good listener

A high-value woman knows that listening is the best form of communication.

She’s always willing to listen to you and be there for you no matter what.

She does not take everything personally, and she avoids judging people or situations. Instead, she focuses on her own positive qualities and sees the good in others despite their flaws.

16 She doesn’t have time for silly games

A high-value woman doesn’t play silly relationship games. She doesn’t waste her time.

She has a passion, and she pursues it. She doesn’t do things just to pass the time or for silly reasons.

She spends her time on worthwhile activities like yoga, meditation, reading self-help books, and other activities that have meaning or purpose.

….to conclude, there are many signs that you have met a high-value woman. The 16 above are some that we feel are particularly important.

If you think there are some other important signs that we have missed, we’d love to hear them in the comments section below!

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