If you want to be successful, you need to foster these 11 morning habits

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If you want to be successful, you need to foster these 11 morning habits


It’s not some magical thing that just ‘happens’ when you least expect it.

Nope, it’s built one damn morning at a time.

You see, while most people are hitting snooze, the ones truly nailing life have figured out a secret: the morning hours are pure gold.

It’s the time when the world hasn’t yet thrown its usual crap at you, and you have a blank canvas to paint your day.

So, before you roll your eyes and think mornings are overrated, consider this: what if a few tweaks to your AM routine could change the game?

They can. 

Let’s dive into 11 morning habits that you might want to adopt if you give a damn about success.

1. The ‘No-Snooze’ rule

Alright, let’s get straight to the point: that snooze button?

It’s a silent success killer.

When you hit snooze, you’re not just delaying the inevitable 5 or 10 minutes.

You’re telling your goals and ambitions, “Eh, you can wait.”

Successful people don’t negotiate with their alarm clocks.

They decide the night before that they’re going to rise at a certain time, and when the time comes, they get up. Period.

Starting the day with that little victory of discipline sets a tone of accomplishment.

So, do yourself a favor: set the alarm for when you genuinely want to wake up and then stick to it. Your future successful self will thank you.

2. Hydrate before you caffeinate

Successful people understand the small details, like prioritizing hydration. 

You might be thinking, “Coffee first, everything else second.” I get it; for most of us, the aromatic allure of coffee is almost ritualistic.

But here’s the hard truth: your body might wake up dehydrated.

And dehydration is associated with lack of mental clarity, inability to focus, and afternoon fatigue. 

So before you rush to the caffeine gods, give your body what it’s actually screaming for—water. 

3. Have a few mindful minutes

You’ve probably heard the term ‘mindfulness’ thrown around more times than you can count.

But there’s a reason it’s not just some buzzword.

In the chaotic whirlwind of notifications, to-do lists, and morning mayhem, taking a few minutes for yourself can be transformative.

You don’t need to become a Zen master or meditate for hours.

Just five minutes. Sit down, breathe, and be present.

It’s not about emptying your mind, but rather tuning into your senses and grounding yourself.

The most successful people swear by this not because it’s trendy, but because starting the day centered means you respond to life instead of just reacting to it.

Trust me, your emails can wait.

Your sanity? Not so much.

4. Get moving

Alright, don’t roll your eyes just yet. I’m not saying you need to hit the gym for a two-hour session or run a marathon.

But get this: moving your body in the morning, even just a little bit, can work wonders for your brain. As noted by the CDC:

“Physical activity can help you think, learn, problem-solve, and enjoy an emotional balance”

You’re gonna need all of these things if you want to maximize your success. 

So stretch, take a brisk walk, do a short yoga routine, or just dance to your favorite tune in your PJs.

The idea is to get the blood flowing and those endorphins pumping.

When you move, you not only shake off that morning grogginess faster, but you also kickstart your creativity and focus.

Successful people get this simple truth: a body in motion sets the brain in motion.

So, give your body and brain that morning high-five and feel the difference.

5. Feed your brain

Before you start munching on your avocado toast or whatever breakfast is your jam, take a moment to feed your brain.

We’re talking about mental nourishment here.

Pick up a book, listen to a podcast, or read an article (like this one!). It doesn’t have to be long; even just 10 minutes can do the trick.

The goal?

Absorb something valuable, inspiring, or thought-provoking.

Successful people are constantly learning, and they don’t wait for the ‘right moment.’

They create it, starting from the crack of dawn.

It sets the tone, ensuring they’re not only reactive to what the day throws at them but proactive in their growth and mindset.

6. Prioritize to monetize

Sounds fancy, but it’s straightforward: know your day’s tasks and rank them.

Don’t drown yourself in an endless sea of chores.

Instead, list down your top three most critical tasks for the day. Why just three?

Because simplicity breeds clarity, and clarity leads to action.

Successful people understand that they can’t do everything, but they can nail the most important stuff.

By zeroing in on your top three tasks, you ensure that by day’s end, even if the world goes haywire, you’ve made tangible progress where it counts.

Remember, it’s not about how busy you are, but how effective you become.

7. Delay notifications

In an age where our phones are basically glued to our hands, here’s a wild idea: start your morning without it.

Crazy, right?

But consider this. The moment you dive into your notifications, emails, and social feeds, you’re willingly handing over the reins of your mood and mindset to the digital world.

Successful people understand the value of claiming the first hour for themselves.

It’s about being in control, setting the day’s tone rather than being set by it.

So, try this: keep the phone on airplane mode or, better yet, in another room for the first hour you’re awake. Reconnect with the real world first, then dive into the digital one.

8. Reflect and express gratitude

This might sound a bit touchy-feely, but stick with me.

Before your day goes 0 to 100, take a few minutes to reflect on what’s going well in your life.

It could be big wins or the smallest joys—like that amazing cup of coffee you’re about to have.

Jot down three things you’re grateful for.

This isn’t just some feel-good exercise; there’s science behind it.

Regular expressions of gratitude are linked to increased happiness, reduced stress, and a more positive outlook.

Successful people tap into this because starting the day with a positive framework can profoundly influence your interactions, decisions, and overall vibe.

In a world full of constant striving, a touch of gratitude can be your secret weapon.

9. Set clear boundaries

Now, this might sound a bit out of place in a morning routine, but hear me out.

How often have you started your day with one plan, only to get sidetracked by requests, emails, and other people’s emergencies?

That’s where setting boundaries comes in.

Decide in the morning what you will and won’t do for the day.

Maybe it’s not checking emails until after 10 am, or perhaps it’s setting specific hours for deep work.

By establishing these boundaries early on, you’re mentally preparing yourself to stay on track.

Successful people aren’t just good at what they do; they’re great at guarding their time and energy.

A day without boundaries is like a ship without a rudder, easily swayed by the tides of distraction.

10. Engage your creative side

Before the logical, analytical part of your brain takes over for the rest of the day, give your creative side some playtime in the morning.

This isn’t just for the artists and writers out there.

Everyone has a creative streak, and tapping into it can be incredibly refreshing.

Maybe it’s doodling in a journal, listening to music, trying a new breakfast recipe, or even rearranging your workspace.

The goal is to spark a bit of innovation and think outside the box.

Successful people understand that creativity isn’t just about art; it’s a way of approaching problems, seeing opportunities, and staying adaptable.

So, take a few moments each morning to stir up that creative energy; it might just lead to your next big idea.

11. Connect with your ‘why’

Every morning, before the hustle begins, take a moment to remind yourself of your bigger picture. Why are you doing what you’re doing?

What drives you? Is it your family? A personal goal? A passion project?

This isn’t about a to-do list but your life’s purpose.

Reconnecting with your ‘why’ daily acts as a compass, ensuring you don’t just move, but move in the right direction.

Successful people don’t just chase tasks; they’re anchored by a deeper sense of purpose.

So, amidst the morning routines, make it a habit to touch base with your core motivations.

It’s this constant reminder that can fuel your drive, keep you resilient, and propel you toward genuine success.

The bottom line

Morning habits aren’t about jumping onto the latest fad or checking off boxes on a “success checklist.”

They’re about crafting a personalized start that propels you forward, aligns you with your goals, and fuels your daily journey.

While these habits are a guide, the true magic lies in making them uniquely yours.

Adapt them, tweak them, toss what doesn’t resonate, and embrace what does.

Remember, success isn’t just about reaching a destination; it’s about the daily journey, the incremental progress, and most importantly, staying true to yourself every step of the way.

So, as tomorrow’s sun rises, ask yourself: how do you want to begin?

What are your go-to morning habits? Drop them in the comments below and let’s inspire each other to rise and thrive!