Is it manly to drink black coffee? Yes! For these 11 reasons…

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Manliness is a complex and often contentious concept.

From the red-blooded, backwoods hunter to the alpha-male business executive, there are many different representations of manliness.

Each representation has its own set of rules for what it means to be a man and what actions or habits signal that you are one.

However, anybody that knows anything about coffee would tell you that drinking black coffee is actually one of the manliest things you can do.


For these 11 reasons…

1. It’s a strong coffee some women can’t handle

Yes, a woman can drink coffee.

And yes, some women can handle it just fine.

But there’s still something about black coffee that makes it a strong coffee some women can’t handle.

Black coffee packs a punch. In some cases, you receive more caffeine from it than you would from a caffeinated soda or energy drink.

And when you compare the amount of caffeine in black coffee to the amount in other types of coffee, you’ll find that black coffee is actually pretty strong for a brewed coffee.

Strong and bold coffee is for a man, and while some women can stomach it, most tend to stay away from it because it is too strong for them.

2. Black coffee helps you focus and work

Caffeine is known to help you focus and keep you from being distracted by other things especially when it comes to your work.

Caffeine can help you stay focused on what’s important, improve your productivity, and generally make things easier for you at work.

This is important for a man who wants to work. He needs to get things done and he needs to focus on the task at hand.

This is why a black brew coffee in the morning helps him get his day started.

3. Women tend to be more sensitive to caffeine

Women are generally more sensitive to caffeine than men, especially black coffee.

Caffeine is a stimulant and you can get that buzz from various types of beverages including soda but what women often experience is a slightly more pronounced jittery feeling that can be hard to handle.

This sensitivity to caffeine can make it harder for women to drink coffee but does not mean that a woman cannot drink it at all.

But in general, this is why black coffee is considered a manly drink because they tend to handle the effects of a strong black coffee better.

The truth is this:

A man who likes his coffee brewed to perfection with a hint of sweetness in it and drinks it without any milk or sugar is definitely the type of guy that doesn’t back down when things get hard.

He wants to feel the full effect of caffeine and get to work!

This shows that he has what it takes to be a man who works hard and doesn’t give up when things are rough.

4. Black coffee is hard on the stomach

Here’s the thing about black coffee:

It’s a powerful and heart-pounding drink that can get your heart racing in no time.

It takes courage to be able to handle these effects, which is why it is considered manly.

And the effects can also be felt by you in your stomach.

In fact, it can give you a tummy ache, especially if you aren’t used to drinking it or if you’re taking it on an empty stomach.

Women tend to be slightly more sensitive to these effects, which is why they avoid black coffee. They prefer coffee with milk.

5. Black coffee is a wake-up call

As you might already know, caffeine helps you wake up in the morning and stay awake for longer periods of time.

This is why you drink coffee in the morning; to get ready for your day and feel more energized throughout the day.

But drinking black coffee can punch you with some serious energy because of its high caffeine content.

6. In Vietnam, black ice coffee is considered manly

I’m in Vietnam right now, and one thing I’ve noticed is that men drink ice black coffee while women drink coffee with milk.

It’s quite a consistent trend. In Vietnam, black ice coffee is considered manly.


I guess because it’s stronger and can give you more energy for your day.

Men wake up early, drink an ice black coffee at their local cafe and then proceed to get on with their day.

I’m still trying to get used to it since I’m not used to drinking coffee without some sweetness or creaminess in it, but I’ll get there soon! 🙂

The one thing I will say is this:

Vietnamese coffee is strong and it takes a real man to drink it!

7. Black coffee is simple, just like a man that doesn’t need anything extra in his coffee

If you’re just a man who likes his coffee plain, simple, and strong then black coffee is for you.

No latte art.

No frappuccino.

No mocha.

Just black coffee, every morning.

It may be a stereotype, but men tend to be more simple than women. This is why they like black coffee. It has all the caffeine and coffee you need, without all that extra stuff like milk and latte art.

Black coffee is simple, yet effective at the same time. Just like a considered man who wants to get the most out of life!

8. It’s a great pick-me-up

You know that feeling you get when you have a cup of coffee for the first time in a long time? That feeling?

Well, I can tell you that feeling is nothing compared to the feeling you’ll feel when drinking black coffee for the first time again.

Black coffee takes away your exhaustion and gives you renewed energy while also giving you more focus and driving power.

This is especially with a brew of black coffee. A brew of black coffee with a hint of sweetness can get you through the day and do wonders for your productivity and focus.

It packs the punch a man needs to achieve success and get sh*t done!

9. Black coffee is the epitome of manliness because it is associated with toughness and dominance.

If a man can drink coffee, he can hold his own in any situation.

Why? Because he has gone through the side effects of a strong black coffee and he has come out the other side.

He has said, “You know what, black coffee is strong and can make me feel hyper and jittery, but if I continue to drink it, I’ll learn to tolerate it and it will help me work 100 times better”.

Now that’s a man that can push through the pain. No pain no gain as they say!

10. What is always in a “man cave?”

Coffee machines and stacks of dirty mugs!

No milk or instruments to do latte art. Just good old black coffee that is easy to brew.

A simple man is an effective man.

Black coffee is an important part of being a man—and it tastes great, too!

This is why every man should have a pot of black coffee ready to go whenever he wants to work or sit back and relax.

11. Black coffee is a tradition for men in many cultures around the world

Black coffee has always been associated with manliness.

From its popularity in the beginning of Western Civilization to today’s coffee snobs, it has been a part of our life.

Even in Vietnam or China, black coffee is a traditional way for men to wake up, not just for working but also for relaxing.

They drink it to celebrate the beginning of a new day and to relax after a long day at work.

It’s still a part of their culture and even though women can also partake in drinking black coffee, it is men who usually step up to the plate and drink the black brew coffee!