9 reasons why she acts like she likes you but talks about her boyfriend

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9 reasons why she acts like she likes you but talks about her boyfriend

You may be flattered when a girl acts like she likes you. You might not admit it, but you feel special – of all the guys out there, you’re the one she gives her attention to.

You must be cooler than other guys, and the girl talking to you can be really attractive to you too. If you’re not too careful, you might easily be infatuated.

But the flattery of a girl giving you this much attention gets overcome by confusion due to the fact that she talks to you about her boyfriend.

You don’t understand why she’s acting like she likes you when she has a girlfriend in the first place. Check this out if you want to know why:

1) She’s Just Making Fun of You

It’s normal to get confused when a girl acts like she likes you but talks about her boyfriend at the same time — it makes you wonder why.

While this situation seems odd, it’s possible that there really isn’t a deep explanation for it, and she’s just making fun of you.

Some women tend to make fun of other guys this way, even if they already have a boyfriend. This is because they get amused by the reaction they get.

They get too playful sometimes when interacting and making friends with others. She may have found you cute when you act timid or embarrassed while teasing.

She tells you about her boyfriend simply because she wants to talk about him, unrelated to her actions towards you. When we like someone, we really find ourselves talking about them more often.

2) She’s Flirting with You

The girl you’re referring to might act like she likes you because she’s actually flirting with you, even when she talks to her boyfriend simultaneously.

Some may find this rather odd, but others really tend to have a habit of leading another guy on, even if they already have a partner.

But just because she’s full-on flirting with you, doesn’t mean she’s already attracted to you enough to want anything more than that.

This might not mean anything serious at all, and she’s just playing games with you. She may also be doing this because she wants to keep her mind off things. And she tells you about her boyfriend in the process to know your reaction.

Whenever we’d go out, one of my friends would actively look for men she would flirt with, even when she already had a boyfriend.

She’d tell me that that didn’t really mean anything serious, and she’s just having fun.

3) She Enjoys the Attention

A girl flirts with you maybe because she enjoys the attention, even when she talks about her boyfriend.

You’re not the only one who may have been flattered when she drops hints of her attraction to you – she may also have felt good whenever you reciprocate her attention towards you.

Your flirting back gives her the satisfaction of feeling beautiful or feeling wanted.

You may also want to observe how she talks to you about her boyfriend. Her talking negatively about him might’ve implied a rough patch.

She might be enjoying the feeling she gets from you that she should be receiving from her partner. Her boyfriend may have made her feel unimportant, so she turns to you.

4) She Wants Someone to Comfort Her

Aside from enjoying the attention she gets from you, she may also act attracted to you because she’s looking for someone to comfort her.

As mentioned, her relationship with her boyfriend may be on the rocks if she’s been telling problems about him. Because of this, she runs to you to have someone to talk to or confide with.

She’s vulnerable, so she carelessly drops hints that make you think she likes you.

She talks to you about her boyfriend and becomes clingy because she finds comfort in you. She’s looking for a shoulder to cry on.

You may also want to observe her body language to confirm if she’s deliberately leading you on or is simply upset. Some people can act extra touchy when upset, even if they aren’t really attracted to you.

5) She’s Sexually Attracted to You

She acts like she likes you, maybe because she’s sexually attracted to you.

This is where it can get more serious. She’s no longer just dropping hints due to her amusement at your reaction or enjoyment of the attention she receives. She may already be driven by her desire for you.

She talks about her boyfriend possibly because she’s gauging what type of guy you are. Whether she tells negative or positive things about her boyfriend, she may want to know if you’ll get jealous and channel your competitive side.

Some women sometimes miss the thrill they don’t get when they aren’t content in a steady relationship. If you have these assumptions about the girl you’re thinking of, you might want to avoid acting on them.

You may find yourself in a situation that will hurt you, the girl, and her boyfriend.

You also can’t guarantee that she’s attracted to you in the first place with only vague gestures as clues, so you should muster up the courage to set things straight with her.

6) She’s Looking for a Rebound

Aside from being sexually attracted to you, she might act attracted to you while mentioning her boyfriend because she has a more long-term motive, like looking for a rebound.

In the process of confiding about her boyfriend, she might also be waiting for your reaction on how you think you’re better than her boyfriend.

She might also be triggering a person’s tendency to be drawn to someone they feel they must protect.

She may also be curious if you’re the assertive type who gets what he wants no matter what, under the guise of fighting for love.

She may not be deliberately doing this – some people turn to others for comfort when their relationship isn’t doing well but end up catching feelings for their confidante.

Most tend to do this because of their fear of being single, associating it with being alone.

I used to make the mistake of allowing my vulnerability to get the best of me and catching feelings for a male friend instead of communicating and solving the problem with my boyfriend.

When we broke up, I started dating that friend. But it wasn’t rainbows and butterflies because we ended up lacking trust in each other, making it a toxic relationship.

7) They’re in a Polyamorous Relationship, and She Wants to Date You

The times are changing, and so are dating and relationships. Some people believe that love should be free and not confined to one person only – one person can’t possibly fulfill all your needs.

That’s why they engage in polyamorous relationships, which are consensual relationships involving multiple people.

The girl who acts attracted to you but also talks about her boyfriend may be in a polyamorous relationship. She may be doing this because she wants to date you while in a relationship with her boyfriend.

And she may be talking about her boyfriend to know if you’d like him as well.

One of my friends is in a polyamorous relationship.

She tells me that if she and her boyfriend want to date someone or make them part of their relationship, they want to know first if they’re okay with it and if they’ll hit it off.

8) It’s You Who Actually Likes Her

You may notice that she acts attracted to you.

And you’re confused because she also talks about her boyfriend. While you’re still not sure if she likes you, you might also want to reassess and ask yourself if it’s you who actually likes her.

When we like someone, we tend to notice everything about them. We often overthink their gestures. Maybe she’s just being friendly, and you just like her, so you think she likes you, too.

If you think you’re catching feelings for a girl with a boyfriend, you might want to avoid acting on it impulsively. Consider deeply how she’d feel and how both of you will end up if you decide to go after her.

If you decide to keep your distance, you should calmly communicate it to her. This can make her more mindful of her actions that make you overthink things.

9) Maybe That’s Just How She Interacts with Others

Maybe there’s really no deep reason why she acts attracted to you, and this is just how she interacts with others. Some people tend to do things that make it seem like they like another person, even if they really don’t.

And they also don’t intend to lead people on – they’re just simply clingy or touchy.

If you feel uncomfortable about this, you might want to communicate it to her calmly. This makes her more aware of the effects of her actions.

While these gestures may be harmless for her or don’t mean anything at all, she should also respect your boundaries.