9 signs she doesn’t want anyone else to have you

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Women can sometimes feel jealous or possessive over the man they’re dating.

This feeling may manifest itself from being your girlfriend who won’t ever leave your side or being an ex that doesn’t want anyone else to have you even if she doesn’t want you.

There can be several reasons for this, and it can often be a toxic presence in your social interactions.

She may love you too much or crave the attention of the man she can’t have; she may drive forks through your relationships and then hang you out to dry.

Whatever the case, here are 9 signs that can help you realize that she doesn’t want anyone else to have you.

1) She’s Territorial About You

She doesn’t want anyone else to have you if she’s extremely territorial and possessive about you.

When you’re dating her, she refuses to leave you alone even for a short period, and may insist on infringing on the time you spend with others.

Even if she leaves you, you may find she’ll continue being territorial about you. She is a very clingy girl when it comes to you.

It can be sweet at times if you’re still dating her, but it can quickly turn toxic if she feels like you belong to her even if she was the one who broke up with you.

Your ex may suddenly pop out of the blue just to drive a wedge between you and the girl you might consider dating before disappearing again. This is a tell-tale sign that she doesn’t want anyone else to have you.

2) She Gets Jealous Even Over Your Platonic Friendships

A girl who doesn’t want anyone else to have you will get jealous even over your platonic friendships.

She may not be able to digest that other people also deserve your time. In some ways, she might want all of your time and attention so that she can be there for you no matter what.

It becomes a toxic habit if she gets upset or makes you feel guilty for spending a day out with your friends.

You need to communicate to your significant other that while they’re your priority in your life, you’ll have other friends that will require your time.

Sometimes, an ex may misconstrue your platonic friendships as romantic relationships and come back into your life just because she can’t stand the thought of somebody else getting to spend time with you.

This means she probably wants you back.

3) She Forces You to Cancel Your Plans to Be With Her

Another sign that your significant other doesn’t want anyone else to have you is if she forces you to cancel plans to be with her. This is a toxic habit that shouldn’t be encouraged in the slightest.

She may be under the impression that she’s the only person in the world you have obligations to fulfill and the rest of the people in your life don’t matter.

You need to explain to her that you can be committed to her and make time for her consistently, but you also need to have your social life.

Maintaining a balance between your friends and love life is important for a healthy relationship.

It may also stem from her insecurity that she feels you spending time with other people will cause you to forget about her and leave her.

It’s best to let her know how you feel about her to dissuade her fears.

4) She Publicly Makes It Seem Like You’re Dating Her (Even if You Aren’t)

A woman who doesn’t want anyone else to have you will go to great lengths to make it seem like you’re all hers.

She may publicly showcase you and tell other people that you’re her boyfriend (especially if she suspects you may become close with someone).

It can be something that can be cherished when she’s your girlfriend, but it becomes an issue when you aren’t dating her at all.

She might be doing this because she isn’t sure if she wants you but is sure she can’t stand the sight of someone else being with you.

If she suspects a girl has her eyes on you or you have a romantic interest in someone, she may call you her boyfriend just to ensure that nobody else shares a love life with you.

5) She Talks Ill About You to People You’re Interested In

One way that she might try to ensure that no one else gets to have you is to talk ill about you to the people you have a crush on.

You might be interested in pursuing someone who isn’t her.

She may spread rumors that you’re a creep or make you look bad which could make the other person not want to start a relationship with you.

It may even be born out of spite if you were the one who turned her advances down.

She may feel that if she can’t have you, no one else can.

This very dangerous thought can cause you a great deal of misery in your social life.

If you suspect this is the case, you need to get her to stop treating you like her property.

6) She’s Constantly Asking About Your Love Life

Another sign that she may not want anyone else to have you is if she constantly quizzes you about your love life.

She may have been planning to make a move on you but can’t stand anyone else being with you while she processes her feelings for you.

If she catches wind that you’re attracted to someone, she may talk ill about her just to make you lose interest in the other person.

If she’s an ex, she may ask you if you’re seeing someone and make you feel guilty for moving on, even if she was the one who dumped you in the first place.

Her never-ending questionnaire about people in your life who may become romantic partners might indicate that she isn’t okay with the thought of anyone else apart from herself having you.

7) She Tries to Sabotage Your Relationships

If she doesn’t want anyone else to have you but doesn’t want you, she will pull strings in the background to sabotage your relationships by creating misunderstandings.

She may talk to your partner about the time she spent with you, tell your partner that he will be coming back to her, or manipulate you to draw comparisons between your current lover and your ex.

All of these are signs that she doesn’t care about you being happy as long as you aren’t with anyone else.

She may even verbally abuse you to the point that you’re afraid of pursuing anyone else because you’re sure she will step in to hurt your partner.

Ensure that you enforce a no-contact policy with your ex if you feel like she’s a toxic threat to your love life.

8) She Uses You but Won’t Commit to You

She may not want anyone else to have you if she uses you for your benefits but won’t commit to you.

She’s fully aware of how amazing her life is when you’re with her but will refrain from reciprocating your efforts and feelings.

She might think she is a high-value woman who deserves to have a guy like you around to do things for her.

She may have gotten bored with you and not want to deal with the “drama” of the relationship but will refuse to let you go as she can’t allow anyone else to have you either. It’s also possible that she may want to keep her options open.

She may also feel alone and not want to be out of your life.

While she doesn’t want to commit to you, she may believe that if she lets you go, she’ll lose the benefits of a committed relationship with you.

It could also be the case that she has been hurt in the past and is afraid of commiting to you.

You must communicate clearly with her and let her know that she can’t just string you along forever so that no one else can have you.

9) She May Genuinely Love You but May Have Isolated You From Your Social Circle

It could be a bit questionable, but her not wanting anyone else to have you could be her way of showing you how much she loves you.

She may feel like she wants to be with you 24/7 because she genuinely cherishes your company and doesn’t want other people to enjoy your amazing company.

However, you can’t live a life interacting with only one person forever.

Observe your own life and see if you have become isolated from your old group of friends.

If you find that your social life outside of your partner has become virtually non-existent, then she might have intentionally or otherwise pulled you away from the rest of the world.

You need to let her know that while you want to be with her, you also need friends in your life to maintain a healthy balance.