12 signs of an honorable man everyone respects

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To be a man people respect, you need to live with honor.

It defines who you are, what you stand up for, and whether you’re willing to put others before yourself when times are tough.

Here at The Considered Man, we’re obsessed with men becoming honorable and living with integrity.

So what are the signs that a man is honorable?

Here are 12 signs. If you want to live with honor, develop these traits in yourself.

1) He Treats Everyone With Respect and Commands Respect From Others as Well

A man of honor is respectful of the people around him.

He’s not only aware that all people are equals in society but will ensure that everyone he interacts with feels valued and respected.

He won’t like to step on the toes of other people or make unsavory remarks to tear down others.

In turn, an honorable man will ultimately command respect from his peers.

However, while he respects other people, he won’t let anyone tarnish his name or walk over him.

He’ll stand up for himself and tell you what he thinks about a situation if he feels like you are trying to take advantage of him.

In a way, an honorable man lives by the code of “give respect, take respect.”

2) He’s Honest Despite Personal Consequences

An honorable man is honest no matter what; he doesn’t resort to lying even when it’s hardest to tell the truth.

He’ll take responsibility for his actions and accept the consequences by openly owning up to his mistakes.

People take an honorable man’s word as the law because they know he won’t lie for personal gain and will remain objectively fair even if it means taking a loss.

His honesty doesn’t end with telling the truth.

He adopts the honesty policy in every sphere of his life.

He also won’t take shortcuts to achieve his goals, make excuses for poor behavior, misrepresent facts, or compromise his integrity to get ahead.

3) He’s Empathetic, Understanding, and Not Dismissive of Other People’s Issues

An honorable man is a person who can be empathetic and understanding of the situations of other people without taking them for granted.

He will never be dismissive of the problems of others and will jump in to lend a helping hand whenever the situation requires it.

They choose to help out random strangers even if there isn’t anything in it for them.

He’s the textbook definition of a good Samaritan and will go out of his way to make a good impression on the people that come into his life.

He’ll even work to improve society by fighting for noble causes and challenging the concept of prejudice.

4) He’s Kind, Patient, and Reliable

An honorable man is nice to almost everyone in their life. He’ll be kind and patient by putting himself in other people’s shoes to garner different perspectives on life.

He will greet people with a smile and notice those who otherwise feel invisible.

Men of honor have a greater sense of purpose in this world and generally don’t get worked up over minor delays in day-to-day life.

They practice patience and kindness because they believe it to be a path to happiness.

Most importantly, honorable men are reliable when it matters the most.

You can be sure that he’ll do everything within his power to ensure that he doesn’t let you down when you need him to come through on a favor.

5) He’s a Man of His Word

A man of honor is a man of his word.

He will say what he’s going to do and exactly what he said he would do.

This means keeping his promises, rarely backing out of social plans, showing up to help, and following through on his work commitments.

He’s the antithesis of being flakey and detests the concept of making commitments he can’t fulfill.

He doesn’t even tell white lies because he wants to maintain his credibility.

He constantly builds his character by doing what he says he’ll do, no matter how big or small.

In short: He is a man of substance you can trust.

6) He Doesn’t Engage in Petty Politics, Power Plays, or Drama

An honorable man doesn’t like to manipulate people for personal benefit.

He believes in the philosophy of live and let live.

As such, you will never see him engage in petty politics in the workplace or engage in drama.

He is repulsed by drama and will take care of his problems by staying in his line.

He will ensure that people don’t misunderstand or twist his words, hence ensuring that drama doesn’t follow him.

Even if other people try to tie them into uncomfortable positions by spinning a ball of drama, he’ll show them the door to walk out of his life while ensuring his name stays untarnished.

7) He Is Self-Sacrificial for the People He Cares About

An honorable man isn’t afraid to go all in to help the people he cares about.

Even if it means a personal sacrifice, he won’t think twice before committing himself to help his friends.

If someone truly needs him, he’ll go above and beyond. If a loved one is hurt, he’ll be the first to check in on them and volunteer to help in any way he can.

He might give up just about anything when he cares about them.

An example might be getting out of his bus seat and offering it to an elderly person standing.

His true honor is demonstrated when he is called upon to do something he doesn’t want to do but ends up doing it anyway.

8) He Is Loyal and Faithful

Loyalty is a way of life to a man of honor.

He will ensure that he’s faithful to his partner and will stand by his friends no matter what.

People who are close associates of an honorable man have the confidence that they can trust him in every sense of the word.

Personal secrets shared with an honorable man are taken by him to his grave and never leave his lips.

Loyalty may not be as black and white as Brutus or Mark Antony, but you can be sure he will show up when needed.

If you’re in a relationship with an honorable man, then you can be sure that he will respect you, preserve your honor, and will remain faithful until the day he dies.

9) He Never Crosses Boundaries

An honorable man always knows his place and never crosses other people’s boundaries.

He knows his limitations and won’t waste other people’s time to help him pursue lofty goals made from ideals.

Contrary to popular belief, honorable men are realists rather than men lost in the world of ideological fantasies.

He respects the boundaries of his partners and friends.

If you tell him you’re uncomfortable due to something he did, he’ll make sure he never repeats the same mistake in his life.

10) He’s Exactly Who He Claims to Be

It’s easy to be a people pleaser who walks around with a smile; while honorable people are usually friendly, the converse isn’t necessarily true.

An honorable man is a person who’s genuine and authentic.

They aren’t afraid to show the world who they are, even if it comes at the expense of their reputation for being “nice”.

After all, the essential characteristic of an honorable man is being trustworthy.

He will never hide his real feelings and thoughts behind a mask.

People trust them because they are exactly who they claim to be.

They won’t insult anyone but won’t sugarcoat how they feel about something.

He wants to be loved for who he is and not be liked for an idea of him.

11) He Has Strong Morals, Principles, and Values to Guide His Actions

He will live by a code and proudly wear his honor like a badge.

Integrity, loyalty, honor, and principle are the foundations of his personality; you can be sure that he would rather die than fail to uphold these moral values.

He firmly decides what’s right in any situation and stands with it.

Strong values are key to his being unshakeable even if others disagree with him.

His integrity comes from within him and is a product of both how he was brought up and his life experiences.

You may even observe that he always works hard to strengthen his values and is never afraid to apologize when he’s in the wrong.

12) He’s Doesn’t Have Ulterior Motives

An honorable man gives with no expectations in return.

They help because it’s the right thing to do and not to use it as an opportunity to say, “you owe them one”.

You’ll be able to see the difference between the motives of an honorable man and a self-serving man.

His decisions are driven out of love, care, and righteousness – not out of ulterior motives.

A man of honor never approaches you with a hidden agenda.

He’s a man who believes that true integrity is about being consistent in what you say and helping out without wondering about what he has to gain from it.

An honorable man will never manipulate you or use your position of weakness to extort personal benefits.

You can feel safe around him, knowing that he’s harmless and won’t take advantage of you.