15 signs she actually loves you even though she has a boyfriend

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Understanding whether a girl loves you or not when she has a boyfriend can be challenging if you don’t know what signs to look out for.

Men are typically expected to initiate courtship, but how are you even meant to approach it when she has a boyfriend?

If you’re going to do anything about it, then you need to know for sure if she loves you or not.

And that’s where we come in.

Here are 15 definite signs she loves you even though she has a boyfriend

1) She Remembers Everything About You

A girl who loves you will pay keen attention to every word that comes out of your mouth and will remember the most minute details about your life.

She will narrate stories about you that you may have forgotten.

She takes pleasure in remembering these tiny details because even the most mundane aspects of your life fascinate her.

Psychologically, girls remember these seemingly insignificant nuggets of information about the person they love because they love everything about you.

Even though she has a boyfriend, you notice she is like a walking encyclopedia of your life events and the many little details about you.

When you’re in conversation with her, you can just tell she is fully focused on you and knows too much.

It’s not normal for a girl to know that much about a guy, especially when that guy is not her boyfriend.

2) Her Body Language Around You Is Always Open and Inviting

When a girl loves you and is interested in you, her body language reflects her feelings towards you.

She will seem warm, open, and inviting whenever she’s around.

She may even approach you with open arms or completely turn to face you when she sees you.

She could put her hands near yours to give subtle hints about how she feels about you.

If she truly loves you, she generally won’t pull away or flinch when you approach her or try to put your arm around her.

However, it may be a different story when her boyfriend is around. That’s normal, even if she loves you.

But when he isn’t, if she even feels comfortable holding your hand, that’s a definite sign she loves you.

Other body language signs that indicate her interest in you’re fixing her appearance in front of you and leaning into you during a conversation.

3) She’s Nervous Around You Yet Smiles a Lot

Girls tend to feel very strongly about the people they love.

As such, they may feel extremely nervous or excited when they’re around their love interests

She may seem extra nervous than normal guys because she likes you so much, but she knows she shouldn’t because she has a boyfriend. .

It can be tricky to know the difference between being obviously nervous and disinterested in you, especially when she already has a boyfriend.

If she’s nervous around you because of her feelings for you, she may play with her hair, caress her face, or fumble with her hands.

Girls become nervous around the person they love because they’re worried that they may say or do something that may upset their crush.

Despite being nervous, she’ll smile and laugh around you a lot if she loves you.

4) She’s a Never-Ending Reservoir of Compliments

A classic sign that a girl loves you if she never stops showering you with compliments so that you can feel good about yourself.

Nobody else in the world compares to you when she’s in love, and she’ll go out of her way to let you know that.

She might compare you with her boyfriend and tell you that you do things much better than him.

She loves everything about you and would go to any lengths to ensure that you see yourself the way she sees you.

If you’re down on confidence or need a spark to get motivated again, she’ll definitely be by your side to tell you how amazing you’re.

A girl who loves you will want to see you succeed in achieving your goals and will be your biggest cheerleader in life as you strive to achieve them.

5) She Will Make Active Efforts to Make You Happy

A girl who loves you will make active efforts to make you happy and see you smile.

She may leave you a note on your desk, plan a surprise for you, or book tickets to your favorite movie just to see you smile.

Psychologically, your happiness also becomes her happiness when a girl is in love.

She would probably do anything for you when she loves you deeply because she wants her man to know that he can depend on her when he needs her.

However, right now, because she has a boyfriend, she can’t do everything that she wants to do for you to show you that she loves you.

But she’ll do what we can, and she’ll never take your efforts for granted either and will make sure that you know how much she loves you through her actions, even if that sometimes is limited because of the presence of her boyfriend.

6) Her Entire Social Circle Knows About You

Girls often discuss their crushes and love interests with their closest friends and relatives.

This is because her feelings for you’re so strong that she feels inclined to confide in her close companions about how she feels about you.

She won’t keep you a secret when she really loves you and will even show you off to her family.

However, in your case, she may only mention to her friends how you’re a great friend and nothing more.

After all, her friends and family know she has a boyfriend, and she doesn’t want to make it seem like she is cheating.

But she’ll still want to show you off because she has strong feelings for you.

A girl who loves you will want you to be an integral part of her social life and introduce you to her friends.

The psychology behind this is usually because she envisions her future with you and seeks approval from her loved ones.

Perhaps she is waiting for the right time to end things with her boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean she can’t think of her future now.

But remember this:

She’ll never introduce you to her parents unless you mean a great deal to her.

So if she has done that you know that a strong side she has feelings for you.

7) She Subconsciously Mimics Your Style and Personality

Psychologically speaking, girls mimic the style and personality of the people they love.

This behavior mirroring is generally subconscious and happens because you have taken center stage in her life.

She trusts you and feels a strong connection with you that’s being emulated through her mannerisms.

These similarities could also mean that there’s a lot of common ground between the two of you and that she’s interested in you.

It could be something as simple as having the same frown, using the same catchphrases, or completing each other’s sentences.

8) She Establishes Eye Contact With You

Establishing eye contact could be an indicator that she has feelings for you.

Normally, a girl with a boyfriend will try to avoid making eye contact while talking to you.

Or if she does make eye contact, it may not be a mutual exchange.

She may hold your gaze for a brief moment but will quickly look away when she realizes that you’ve been staring at her for longer than usual.

However, if she holds eye contact with you and doesn’t feel uncomfortable about it, then it’s a good sign that she has feelings for you.

Both of your eyes meetings can make you feel a strong connection with her. She may subconsciously be trying to convey her feelings about you through her eyes instead of words.

This is because maintaining mutual eye contact can make her feel closer to you and can be treated as a form of non-verbal communication of her love for you.

Psychologically, mutual eye contact can trigger the release of oxytocin, enhancing the feelings of love and affection for one another.

If she can look you in the eye and lose herself, then it means that you have an intimate place in her heart.

9) She Will Try to Make You Chase Her

A girl who loves you will try to get your attention by giving you mixed signals.

This is especially the case with a girl that has a boyfriend. After all, how can she get the attention of a man she likes when she already has a boyfriend?

So, if you keep showing interest in her, you will likely make her feel uncomfortable about it. This is usually the case with girls in committed relationships who have inner conflicts between their hearts and minds.

She wants to be with you, but instead reasons that she should stay with her boyfriend because it’s what’s “the right thing to do”.

She’ll test you to see if you feel about her the way she feels about you and will likely try to get you to chase her.

This usually gives them a sense of security and comfort they need to open up to you because they can feel confident that the person they love also loves them back.

Once you ignite that spark of interest and showcase your feelings to her, she won’t hold back on her emotions either.

She may initiate contact, plan out a date for the both of you, lead you into a conversation and then take a step back to see if you care enough to notice the difference.

10) She Listens to You Tirelessly With Undivided Attention

When a girl is with someone she likes, then she’ll listen to their rants for hours upon hours without losing an ounce of interest.

I mean, a girl that has a boyfriend wouldn’t bother listening to another man.

So if she’s doing it with you, it means she has a lot of interest in you.

She may listen to your conversation throughout the day and try to replicate one of your catchphrases and use it on her own.

She may even tell you everything about her personal life.

If she can do this for you without giving herself away so much that she starts thinking about her boyfriend, then that’s a good sign that she’s interested in you.

She’ll fall in love deeper with your expressions and style of narration.

It’s because you have captivated her entire attention, and very few things can distract her away from the conversation.

She may even laugh at all your jokes, even if they aren’t that funny in the first place.

She may cancel her plans immediately just to spend a few extra hours by your side.

This is a huge sign if she cancels plans with her boyfriend to spend time with you. You can’t get more obvious than that!

You’re the center of her attention because she isn’t thinking about anything else other than you.

It’s her way of showing you that she cares about you greatly and may even inconvenience her to accommodate you with her schedule.

11) She Will Rush to You When She Needs Help

Girls generally ask for help from only a special person in their life.

Usually, its to their boyfriend, but if you have usurped her boyfriend, then you will be her go to guy.

If she’s the friend everyone trusts with all the secrets and sensitive information, then you can be sure that she’s very fond of you since she has opened up to you.

When a girl asks for help from only a select few people, she really cares for those people and doesn’t want that to change.

It means that you have a place in her heart and that she hasn’t fully developed feelings for anyone else.

You may notice her rushing to you whenever she needs help if she loves you.

She’ll share every detail of her life with you and ask for your opinions because your thoughts matter to her.

She trusts your judgment and is willing to rely on it to solve her problems because you’re someone she loves.

Often, a girl who loves you will ask for your help because she wants it more than she actually needs it.

It’s her way of including you in her life while also letting you know that she feels like she can lean on you when it matters the most.

This is probably the biggest sign. After all, why wouldn’t she be asking her boyfriend for help? That shows trouble signs in their relationship and her actions show where her feelings really lie.

12) She Ventures Outside Her Comfort Zone With You

A girl who’s madly in love with you will dare to step outside her self-imposed comfort zone and explore things with you.

Perhaps she is tired of her boyfriend and wants to explore new things with someone that she likes.

Or perhaps she’s bored of her boyfriend, which is fine.

However, the moment a girl who has feelings for you ventures to do something new with you, this means that she really likes you.

She may want to take a risk to see if you are worth the risk because she believes in your abilities and capabilities.

This is because she wants these new experiences as new chapters in her life spent with you.

You may even notice that she’ll become more open and comfortable around you in sharing her thoughts.

She will feel like she can be her natural self around you; she will lower her mental and emotional barriers because she trusts you.

When she loves you, she feels confident that being with you will bring her happiness and feels ready to step outside her safety net just to experience loving you.

13) She compares you with her boyfriend

If she compares you with her boyfriend, then it means that you are special and have the qualities that her boyfriend doesn’t have.

She may feel like she’s with someone less than satisfactory to her heart.

This is a huge sign that she wants to escape from what she’s in and go towards something better.

It’s not that she doesn’t love her boyfriend, but she loves you more because you’re a better option than him.

14) She has told you she wants to break up with her boyfriend

If the girl tells you she wants to break up with her boyfriend, then it means she loves you.

She will tell you this very casually, showing that she’s not being deceitful.

If she wants to break up with her boyfriend, and if she loves you, then most likely, she’s going towards you.

She wants to see if the feelings are mutual or not and will be testing for signs of your intentions.

15) She wants to know if you’re ready for a long-term relationship

This sign that she’s very interested in you and that you are the one.

She will not only try to stimulate your interest with her appearance but with her personality and actions.

When she wants to know if you’re ready for a lasting relationship with her, it means that she loves you.

She will not only try to make sure that this is the case but also ensure that she can make all the sacrifices necessary to make this relationship last.

This is because she might be the type of woman who is used to always being in a relationship, and if she is to jump ship from her boyfriend to you, she needs to make sure you’re in it for the long haul.