10 undeniable signs she is waiting for you to text her

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10 undeniable signs she is waiting for you to text her

Dating is a mind game for some people – you might want to be mysterious and detached enough for them to be curious about you and be more open or present enough to make a meaningful connection without being too clingy.

As much as you want to be more honest about your feelings, it doesn’t always give you the results you want.

That’s why you have to be more perceptive about her feelings for you to make the right move, which will be more challenging when you include digital interactions and limited social cues into the equation.

You might want to know the perfect time to text – you want to text her enough to make a strong impression and let the ship sail but not too much that you’ll come off as creepy.

You’d know she’s been waiting for your text if you notice some of the signs here:

1) She Replies Quickly

One of the signs that she’s probably waiting for your text is if she replies quickly to your messages.

She actually looks forward to talking to you but hesitates about making the first move because she doesn’t want to come off as needy or clingy.

That’s why when you start texting her, she responds almost immediately — she’s probably been holding onto her phone, waiting for your text.

But while replying to your texts immediately is a possible sign that she’s waiting for your text, you may not want to jump to conclusions all too quickly.

Some people really respond fast and are on their phones most of the time, allowing them to reply to any message immediately once they’ve received it.

But it’s definitely a good sign that she’s replied to your message in the first place. You may want to observe her other social (or digital) cues.

2) Her Friends Joke About It

Maybe you have similar friends with the girl you’re hitting on, and you’re out at a party with them.

One of the signs that she’s possibly waiting for your text all the time is if her playful friends joke about it with you around.

As much as our friends are with us through thick and thin, some love to joke around.

While it seems like they’re humiliating her, it’s sometimes really just an inside joke, and they want you to step up your game to let the ship sail.

This is also how I knew that the girl I dated was actually waiting for my text, even when I thought she didn’t care due to replying only after 30 minutes and giving nonchalant replies.

Her friends were joking about how I wasn’t texting her enough and that she needed to control herself and avoid replying as soon as I message her. If it wasn’t for her friends, I wouldn’t know that she was always waiting for my text.

3) She’s Also Enthusiastic About the Things You’re Talking About

Aside from sending quick replies, another strong sign that she’s waiting for your text is when she matches your energy in your conversations.

She looks forward to your messages and actually wants to connect more with you. It’s safe to say she feels at ease with you, and it’s off to a great start. This is a good chance to learn more about each other.

You may think of her quick and enthusiastic replies as simply being nice to you if you want to play it safe and avoid assuming things.

But either way, this is a good sign to learn more about each other and establish a deeper connection.

And before you know it, you won’t even have to wonder if she’s waiting for your text because you just naturally tell each other everything anytime.

4) She Posts Hints on Social Media

To know whether she’s waiting for your text or not, you may want to check out her social media accounts and look for clues. She may have posted on Facebook or Twitter about how she feels.

So maybe she’d publish cryptic or subtle posts about waiting for your text if you’ve really made a strong impression.

Figuring out how she feels starts with a peek at her socials.

And yes, it can feel a bit awkward stalking her through her socials out of the blue — this is why you might want to exchange social media accounts once you think you’re starting to connect with her, so it doesn’t feel weird checking out her account.

And if you can’t find anything, you can think that at least you’ve learned more about her.

5) She Sends Memes and Other Funny Posts

There’s something about sending memes that are cute, subtle, and friendly while being direct and flirty at the same time.

If a person who’s not your friend or boyfriend (yet) sends you a meme, it means they may have thought of you upon stumbling on that funny post.

But they don’t want to come off as clingy, as memes don’t require a response anyway. You may think they like you because they thought of you or brush it off as them simply being too friendly and funny.

So a girl who’s been waiting for your text and wants to come off as cool, funny, and not needy may send you memes and links to funny posts. She may do this to know if you’re busy, or you’re just really not texting her.

This may also be a subtle sign of her initiating the first move – once you reply to her meme, it can lead to other topics and the conversation can keep on going.

6) She Likes Your Posts Immediately on Social Media

If you haven’t noticed yet, a person’s behavior on social media is just as good as their body language or social cue. And you may get an idea of their perception or feelings towards you with these engagements.

One of the possible signs that a girl likes you and has been waiting for you to text or send a message is when she likes your post immediately on social media.

She may want to get on your radar and grab your attention if she likes the post you’ve recently shared on Facebook or the tweet you published on Twitter.

She may even leave reactions on your Instagram or Facebook stories.

The girl I dated used to do this – she may not have sent me a message herself, but she made sure I noticed her by liking my posts.

And when I started messaging her, we’d just hit it off.

7) She Greets You in the Morning

If a girl has been waiting for your text, they may send you a message, greet you first thing in the morning, and leave it at that.

They don’t want to come off as too needy or clingy, but they’re taking more active steps to drop hints that they may be interested in you, too. Or it may not be a greeting at all – some girls just pick up where you left the conversation last night off.

My girlfriend used to do this when we started going out – she wouldn’t reply all of a sudden at night and continue the conversation the following morning as if nothing happened.

She also sends me short good morning messages, which are just enough not to sound clingy or needy.

8) She Tells You Random Updates About Her Day

Either the girl you’re hitting on isn’t afraid of making the first move, or she’s already a bit more comfortable with you, she may also tell you random updates about her day.

She doesn’t always do this deliberately because she’s urging you to reply. Sometimes, she’s just comfortable telling these things to you, but it’s still nicer if you’d send a message.

When it came to a point when both of us had been more comfortable with each other, my girlfriend would send me updates, like what she had for lunch or how busy they were in the office. It just came out naturally that I’d text her, too.

9) She Talks About Different Things Once in a While

As mentioned, a girl waiting for your text looks forward to talking and connecting with you. So another sign of this is when she brings up different topics once in a while when you’re talking to each other.

There’s never a dull moment when texting or chatting with her because she’s great to talk to and a great listener. These could be positive signs that she’s waiting for your text because based on her interactions, she enjoys talking to you.

10) She Actually Communicates It to You

Some girls aren’t into mind games. They aren’t afraid of making the first move and communicating with you that she’s been waiting for your text.

And this doesn’t always mean she’s head over heels in love with you already – it only means she wants to see where it takes the both of you, and she doesn’t have the time to deal with indecisive guys who are afraid of taking risks.

That’s why you shouldn’t think twice about texting her if you really want to connect with her.

If you don’t want to come off as creepy and clingy, you can simply send a greeting or ask how she’s doing.

If she doesn’t reply, then take it as your answer and respect her boundaries. If she does, then it’s your chance to learn more about each other.