15 definite signs she wants you back but won’t admit it

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Breakups are never easy to deal with, and it’s natural to want to get back together with them.

It’s equally possible that she’s dealing with those same emotions and may want you back as well.

She may not be willing to admit it just yet.

However, she will usually leave subtle signs that indicate that she still has feelings for you.

Picking up on these hints can help you proceed accordingly to reconcile with her.

Here are 15 signs that she wants you back even if she doesn’t want to admit it:

1) She Hasn’t Returned to the Dating Scene Since the Breakup

She isn’t ready to move on and may want you back if she hasn’t returned to the dating scene since the breakup.

She may not have admitted this to you either because she doesn’t feel comfortable doing so yet or may not be aware of her lingering feelings for you.

She may want to wait to see if things improve between you and may be holding on to hope that you’ll return to her.

However, it’s equally possible that she might have been emotionally scarred from her relationship with you and may be using the time to focus on herself.

She might not have dated anyone else because she wants to heal her wounds first.

While you can’t know for sure which of the two it is, you can take this as a sign to look out for other indicators that could imply that she wants you back.

2) She’s an Active Follower on Your Social Media

An ex-girlfriend who wants you back will actively follow your activity on social media.

She will stay up-to-date on who you hang out with, what you’re posting, and check out what you’re doing in your life.

You may spot her consistently being the first one to like your posts or react to your stories.

If she wants to get back together but doesn’t want to admit it openly, she may even leave comments on your posts complimenting you.

These are subtle signs from her end to let you know she’s still interested in you.

3) She “Casually” Calls You or Texts You Long After the Breakup

If she wants you back but hasn’t admitted it to you, you may be able to spot a pattern of her “casually” calling you or texting you long after the breakup.

She may claim that she just called you innocently, but if it feels random and frequent, chances are that she likes talking to you.

This is especially the case if she tells you everything about her life.

It’s possible she has been thinking about you a lot lately and calls you out of the blue to see if you share similar feelings about her.

She probably wants to see if reconciliation is an option before admitting it to you.

4) You Frequently Bump Into Her at Your Usual Hangout Spots

It may signify that your ex wants you back if you frequently bump into her at your usual hangout spots.

If it happens unexpectedly beyond the realm of coincidences, then she might be intentionally trying to spend more time with you.

After all, she knows where you like to hang out and may miss your company.

She may want you back but might not know how to admit it to you.

It might be even harder for her if she was the one who initiated the breakup in the first place.

She might be conveniently capitalizing on every opportunity she can get to spend time with you without having to make it awkward.

In her mind, she may hope that, over time, the two of you can rebuild the relationship.

5) She Hasn’t Taken Down Your Pictures From Her Social Media

A subtle indicator that she still has feelings for you and may want you back is if she hasn’t taken down your pictures from her social media accounts.

It might have been a considerable time since the breakup, but she may still want to see you as her boyfriend.

She doesn’t mind the world knowing that the two of you were once together, as it gives her a chance to cherish the good memories you made together.

A small part of her may wish that the two of you were still together.

She may even give you hints by sharing these posts with you to start up a conversation.

This shows that she still has strong feelings for you and may take you back even if she doesn’t admit it.

6) She Makes up Reasons to Hang Out With You

If she still keeps the line of communication open and wants to spend as much time as she can with you, then it’s a sign that she wants you back.

She may not admit it, but she may show it by constantly making up excuses to hang out with you.

And she can’t help but tell you everything when you’re in a conversation.

Girls generally enforce a no-contact policy when they’re truly over their ex; but in your case, she may still be holding on to hope that the two of you can reconcile if she hasn’t done so with you.

There’s a good chance she misses your company and likes to bond with you.

She may even be hoping that by spending more time together, the two of you can rekindle the spark in the relationship and get back together.

7) She Tries to Get Your Attention

If your ex is making subtle attempts to grab your attention, it could be a hint that she wants you back.

She may occasionally flirt with you, ask you to help her with menial things, or post stuff that she knows will get your attention.

There are a ton of small things she might be doing to gain your attention that might seem like coincidences on the surface, but if you look deeper, you might see a pattern emerge.

For instance, she might post a video of herself playing a video game that she knows you love and may have never shown any interest in it when you were together.

She may even show up at your gym or favorite restaurant claiming that she was there because she wanted to check it out for herself since you raved about it.

She hopes you’ll pick up on these signs and will reach out to her asking to get back together.

8) She Constantly Gives You Mixed Signals

If she’s constantly giving you mixed signals, then it’s a sign that she still loves you on some level and may want you back.

She might tell you that she misses you before going quiet and ghosting you for a week.

She is going hot and cold with you because she has complex feelings for you.

She may be doing this because she doesn’t want to come off as desperate and might be hoping that you will chase her.

You can pursue her to let her know that you want her as much as she wants you.

Alternatively, you can also pull back a little bit to get her attention and make you more desirable in her eyes.

9) She Wants to Talk About the Breakup With You

A clear sign that she still has feelings for you even if she doesn’t admit it’s if she says she wants to discuss the breakup with you.

The fact that she wants to talk it out with you means that she hasn’t closed the lid on the relationship and may even be looking for ways to get back together by sorting out the issues.

She may even be trying to use this as an opportunity to get to a place of agreement and get both of you on the same page.

For instance, she might hope that you tell her that you still love her, apologize for your mistakes, or ask her why she didn’t tell you how she felt before.

If you genuinely understand her side of the story, she might warm up to you again. S

She may even bring up the possibility of reconciliation.

After all, communication is the key to solving any issue.

10) You Feel Like Her Friends Are Still Involved in Your Life

If you feel like her friends are still involved in your life and pop out of nowhere to inquire about you, then it means that she still wants you back but is afraid to admit it.

She doesn’t want to come off as a stalker and may use her circle of friends to get in touch with you.

This is usually because she still has feelings for you and wants to know what you have been up to all this time.

Some common clues to look out for is to see if her friends are extremely curious of your relationship status, have tons of questions about the breakup, and if your gut instinct is telling you that they secretly want to know if you still have feelings for her.

11) She Drunk Calls You and May Still Show Anger Towards You

An ex-girlfriend who drunk calls you to vent about her life or tells you that she called you by accident when she’s down still has a place for you in her heart.

She may act like nothing happened once she’s sober but may clue you in about the emotions she’s hiding when she’s drunk.

You could take this as a hint that she has put up walls because she doesn’t want to embarrass herself or may not want to tell you without knowing if you feel the same way.

Another sign to look out for is if she still shows anger towards you. She might give you harsh and angry replies to all your texts.

She might even be rude to you even if you didn’t do anything to her in recent times.

This means that she still has feelings for you and might be frustrated over you not trying to get her back.

She hopes she can get your attention, and you may try to initiate reconciliation by understanding her true feelings.

12) She Has Made a Lot of Positive Changes in Herself

A classic sign of an ex-lover who still wants you back but won’t admit it is if she has consciously made a lot of positive changes in herself.

She might be improving herself in the hopes that you’ll notice and may want to get back together with her.

These changes could be in the form of being nicer to you, replying quicker to all your texts, being less negative or selfish, and becoming more mature.

It’s entirely possible her intentions may not have been to gain your attention, but if you still have feelings for her and feel like she wants you back as well, then you can use this as a sign to take the first step to get back with her.

13) She Has Been Taking Care of Herself

A huge sign that she wants you back is if she has been taking care of herself.

She might be working out, eating healthy, and getting ample sleep even if she’s busy.

This can signify that her love for you is still alive and kicking, but she just needs the right push to get back together with you.

After all:

She is ensuring she looks good in the hope of getting your attention.

She wants to make herself attractive because when you bump into her, she wants to impress you.

She may post “workout photos” on Facebook to show that she’s physically fit and healthy.

She may get a style makeover, hoping you will notice how her outer appearance is improved.

She may be getting in shape to impress you and feel confident that she can wow you with her new physique.

14) She Hangs Out At Your Favorite Places

Another classic sign that she still wants you back is if she starts hanging out at your favorite places.

She might be doing this hoping to bump into you.

If she’s hanging out at places you like, it’s obvious she’s doing it for a reason.

When she sees you there, it gives her a chance to converse with you.

15) She Texts You To Ask How You’re Doing

You may notice she texts you to ask how you’re doing or if you’re okay when she hasn’t in a while.

This might be her way of telling you that she still has feelings for and wants to get back with you.

It could also be her way of asking if there is a chance of reconciliation, like if you are single again, or started dating someone.

It means that you are on her mind, and she wants to connect with you.

She might even ask you directly if you are single again.

Now the question is:

How can you get her back?

Even if she does want you back, you still need to take action to make it happen.

After all, it is usually up to the man to make a move.

So here are five tips to help you get her back:

1. Know why she broke up with you.

Now, I don’t know who broke up with you, but if she broke up with you, then there must have been a reason.

Knowing why she broke up with you first makes it easier to retrace your steps and change your approach towards your ex.

You need to pinpoint the main reasons she broke up with you first and then fix those mistakes.

Don’t try to change who you are completely.

Just change the things that may have made her walk out of your life.

If you’ve been having a bad temper lately, and that’s one of the reasons why you think your ex broke up with you, then you need to find a way to control your temper.

If you’ve been putting too much pressure on the relationship and your ex broke up with you because she didn’t feel like she was getting enough space, then you need to find a way to give her the space she needs while still keeping the relationship alive.

If you don’t know why she broke up with you, ask her!

She may have already realized her mistake and might be open to discussing it with you.

2. Show her you’ve changed.

Once you know why your ex broke up with you, show her that you’ve changed.

But don’t start bragging about it or she’ll think you’re insincere.

Instead, prove it to her with your actions.

For example, if she broke up with you because you spent too much time on your phone and not enough time with her, then you need to make sure you don’t do that again.

Tell her that you want to give her your undivided attention. You want to listen to what she has to say.

While you shouldn’t completely ignore your phone, you also shouldn’t let it become your main focus like before.

If she broke up with you because she didn’t feel like you were ambitious enough and she thought you could do better, then you need to show her that you’re doing better.

You don’t have to become a CEO of a company or a famous author.

You just have to show her that you’re doing something with your life and you’re bettering yourself.

3. Be patient and give her time.

If your ex broke up with you because she thought you two needed some space, then you need to give her that space.

You don’t want to put any more pressure on her than she already has.

You also don’t want to jump the gun and make things awkward between you two.

Some people break up with their partners just to avoid dealing with the awkwardness.

If your ex broke up with you because she wanted to end the relationship because she didn’t feel like things were going in the right direction, then you need to give her time to figure out what she really wants.

You don’t want to push her into a decision she isn’t ready for.

Give her time to figure out what she really wants in life and what she wants out of a relationship.

In the meantime, keep your mind busy with other things.

You can work on your career, start a new hobby or spend time with your friends.

4. Don’t beg, don’t plead, and don’t stalk her.

As we already mentioned in the beginning of our article, don’t beg, don’t plead, and don’t stalk.

This is the worst thing you can do. It only makes you look desperate and insecure.

It proves that you’re not confident in yourself and your relationship.

It makes you look like you need her to survive. And that’s the last thing your ex wants in her life.

So make sure to give her space to figure it out. Yes, you need to contact her to get her back.

But don’t pressure her and message her 24/7. You need to show that you’re a cool guy who will do just fine without her.

She will find that much more attractive.

5. Ask her out for a casual chit-chat

If you’re confident she wants you back, you need to meet her in person.

The best way to do that?

Ask her out on a casual date.

Don’t be too serious.

No fancy dinner.

No fine dining.

Just a casual coffee where you can both freely talk.

You need to tell her that you’re a better man and ready to make her happy.



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