12 signs your guy is intimidated by another guy (complete list)

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Are you wondering if your boyfriend or husband is intimidated by another man in your life?

The truth is:

If a man feels that another man in his life is superior to him, he might feel a bit small and get intimidated.

It can feel even worse for him if you’re confident in yourself and don’t give him the impression that you depend on him.

So what are some telltale signs that he’s being frightened by another man?

Some of them are as follows:

1) He Gets Upset When You Innocently Compliment Another Man

Despite what you’re probably led to believe, men and women are just as self-conscious as each other about their physical appearance.

So it’s not uncommon for a man to feel intimidated if he meets other males who are physically better-looking than he is.

I’m a man, and I can back this up.

When a more attractive man enters the group, you can’t help but feel self-conscious. You just pray he’s not after the woman you’re attracted to.

So if you’ve been socializing with a physically attractive male, your man might feel intimidated.

A man will always want to be the only one you’re interested in, and if he thinks you find him unattractive or unimportant, that may distort his view of himself and make him feel threatened by the other guy.

He might even go on with his day with a persistent, troubling thought that you might think a guy like the other man to be more appealing than he is.

In turn, he can become irritated when you unintentionally compliment another man or if you spend the day out with another guy.

2) He’s Always Paranoid That You’re Going to Dump Him

Everyone has fears that, given the right circumstances, might come to the surface.

Males who feel frightened by other men are particularly susceptible to this.

He constantly has the paranoia that you will leave him for someone else.

In a poetic sense, you seem like a dream come true, and when he “wakes up” from this dream, he can constantly have the paranoid feeling that you’re going to get with a guy that’s better than him.

When I felt insecure in my teenage years, I always feared my girlfriend would dump me.

So whenever she would socialize with another guy, I couldn’t help but feel intimidated.

Now don’t get me wrong:

It had nothing to do with her and everything to do with my insecurities.

So if your man is worried that you’re going to dump him, this is typically a sign that he dislikes himself and may begin to suspect that you don’t truly love him.

After all, the last thing he wants is for you to leave him for another guy.

Although you can try to offer him the assurance he requires, ultimately, it’s up to him to find the power to improve his self-esteem.

3) He’s Still Jealous and Insecure About Your Ex

This is a common scenario that many men have encountered.

After all:

You used to love your ex, perhaps even more than you love your guy now (depending on how long you’ve been going out).

And if you’re still in touch with your ex, or you still talk about your ex, then he will probably feel intimidated.

A man’s jealousy is a telltale sign that he genuinely cares for you but is terrified of losing you.

This is frequently a result of his insecurity or a perception that he’s lacking something that your ex possessed.

He might even try to change the subject when you bring up your ex or get upset if you run into him.

Your ex will doubt everything about the relationship, even if you aren’t really connected with him or you simply met him by coincidence.

4) He’s Always Into Your Business

It’s common for us to be a little curious about where our partners are, but a man who feels threatened by another man will take tremendous measures to ensure that you aren’t cheating on him or plotting your breakup.

He might phone you a hundred times or bombard your inbox with questions such as “Where are you?” and “Who are you with?”

He might become extremely territorial, doubt your words, and pry through your phone.

Due to his fears, you can discover him browsing your online activities and reading your texts.

He wants to know whether he can infer from your discussions whether you’re just being flirtatious or you have actual feelings for another man.

It doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t trust you, but it’s more about his own insecurities getting the better of him.

5) He Tries to Control Your Interactions With Your Male Friends

If he engages in unhealthy behaviors of dominating you, that could be another telltale indicator that he’s insecure and feels frightened by other guys.

This could entail anything, like restricting who you see or deciding what kinds of clothes you should wear.

He may even “forbid” you from meeting up with your male friends if he believes you’ll flirt with them.

Because this isn’t normal behavior in a healthy, loving relationship, this one is unquestionably a red flag.

Contrary to popular assumption, men who feel they should have so much influence over their partners’ lives are actually the ones who are insecure.

6) He Feels Inadequate

He may continually be in a mental state where he feels inadequate or unworthy of being your partner if he’s intimidated and envious of other men.

This can include not feeling like he meets your standards, not having a great career, or not being financially comfortable.

He might either retreat inside, feeling lousy about himself, or turn his fears against you by bringing you to his level.

You need to let him know that you chose him because you love him and that it’s not healthy for the relationship for him to feel insecure about every guy who enters your life.

7) He Is Jealous of Everything About Other Guys and Constantly Makes Comparisons

Social comparison is a concept in psychology.

There are two types: downward (where you compare yourself to others you think are less fortunate than you) and upward (which is comparing yourself to people you feel are above you).

A guy afraid of other guys will either continually make upward comparisons to make himself look better to you or make many downward comparisons to make himself look better to them.

As an illustration, you and a friend might run into one another, and as soon as you’re out of earshot, he would slip into a conversation and imply that your friend doesn’t work out as frequently as he does.

This is a common indication of an unconfident man who turns to pull others down to uplift himself.

8) He Starts Making Power Plays in the Relationship

Men who feel frightened by another man or uneasy in their relationship most frequently resort to power tactics.

To feel like you need him, he can start outdoing you in every significant aspect of your life.

You might even observe that he acts obscenely sarcastic, egotistical, passive-aggressive, or uses emotional blackmail whenever you don’t do things the way he said.

If you find yourself in a relationship with a man who excels in power dynamics, this is a warning sign that must be taken seriously immediately.

Tell him that even if you’re in a relationship, he doesn’t own you and can’t just control how you act because he’s your boyfriend.

You need to reassure him that he’s not in danger while letting him know that there are boundaries he must not exceed.

9) Everything Becomes a Competition Between Him and the Other Guy

You’re with him because you know how superior he is to your ex.

But some men are unable to see this.

If he strives to surpass your ex in every way (actual or imagined), you can be sure that he’s constantly competing with himself to be the best boyfriend ever.

You’ll notice that your boyfriend has suddenly started working out and minding his diet if your ex is all toned and gorgeous.

He needs to be reassured that there is no competition.

Tell him that he’s the only one you have your eyes on.

10) He Becomes Intense or Brooding

To the best of their abilities, guys tend to internalize their sentiments of envy and insecurity.

He might feel vulnerable to acknowledging his fear of losing you to someone “better” than himself.

Instead, he could become passionate or moody because he’s replaying every unfavorable comparison in his thoughts a thousand times.

This makes him see everything in the scenario negatively, which results in misunderstandings.

This develops into a vicious circle.

The fundamental result of this repetitive thinking is that the emotion gets stronger and stronger with each repetition.

To persuade him to open up and admit that he doesn’t need to obsess over other men as long as he has you in his life, you need to have an honest, heart-to-heart chat with him.

11) He Starts Fishing for Compliments and Validation

A man who feels insecure and threatened by other guys will need affirmation all the time to make him feel as though he’s deserving of your love.

This typically means you might catch him constantly trying to win your praise.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find this one; insecure guys often worry about their appearance and how others see them.

To get compliments, they will probe for information about themselves and ask numerous questions.

A guy may appear attentive and concerned, but he may also be a touch uneasy if he constantly double-checks with you to ensure he hasn’t done anything wrong or let you down.

12) He Goes Over the Top to Try to Flatter You

If he really likes you, he’ll do everything in his power to compete for your affections because he believes you have a choice of men.

He might ask you out on dates repeatedly if he’s still courting you to keep your interest from shifting to other men.

He believes he must compete for your attention because he believes others are waiting in line to satisfy you; if he decides to enter the contest, he will use every trick in the book to succeed.

This can be nice in certain ways—he might dazzle you with elaborate gestures or sing you romantic songs—but it could also turn toxic if he goes too far and makes you feel uncomfortable in public.

He needs to understand that he shouldn’t use your admiration to cover up his inadequacies.