15 unfortunate signs you’re an unattractive man (and what to do about it)

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Being attractive has less to do with your physical appearance and is more about how you care for yourself.

It’s about the presentation, aesthetics, and how you carry yourself.

If you find that you’re struggling in the lady department, then I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s probably because you’re unattractive.

The good news?

You can do plenty of things that are within your control to become a more attractive man.

Here are a few signs that you might be an unattractive man in the dating scene and what to do about it.

1) You Aren’t Conscious of Your Weight

Let’s be honest: no one truly wants their partner to be someone who’s overly obese.

While obesity due to health issues and genetics is unavoidable in some circumstances, it doesn’t mean it’s entirely out of your control.

In reality, obesity is caused by not being conscious of your diet, not sticking to a workout regimen, and lacking the discipline to go through a weight loss process that leads to obesity.

You might be unattractive as a man if you aren’t willing to put in the effort in the gym to get into shape.

Results are usually a secondary value; what matters the most is your devoted efforts toward the goal itself.

If you aren’t conscious about your weight, you might give the impression that you won’t take care of someone as you can’t take care of your own body.

I’m not saying it’s essential to be ripped, but you mustn’t be obese.

2) You Don’t Maintain Personal Hygiene

Lack of personal hygiene is an instant turn off and rightfully so.

Personal hygiene and cleanliness are more attractive than an alluring figure.

Perfumes and scents can mask the odor but having bad breath or not being hygienic can make you unattractive.

You owe it to yourself and everyone you come into contact with to keep yourself clean, fragrant, and fresh.

Personal hygiene includes bath routines, getting a haircut, frequency of baths, oral hygiene routines, and cleaning intimate parts.

This also includes proper table manners and acting decently in public.

If you’re incapable of taking care of your body like it’s a temple, then you’re probably unattractive in the eyes of most women.

3) You Seldom Make an Effort to Look Attractive

No one is naturally ugly or unattractive. Most women won’t judge you as unattractive purely based on your physical features.

But note that it doesn’t appeal to them if you aren’t willing to put in a little effort in how you present yourself.

This involves adopting a good dressing sense, using deodorants, grooming yourself, and putting your best foot forward as you journey through life.

You can make yourself look more attractive by paying attention to personal care and spending a few minutes to style your hair, trim your beard and make yourself smell good.

Making an effort and going the extra mile to make yourself look attractive is the equivalent of having great marketing for your primary product – your personality.

4) You Have a Poor Dressing Sense and Grooming

People assume that dressing and grooming aren’t that important.

On the contrary, dressing well is a great way to turn heads when you walk past the room.

You’re more likely to be taken seriously and can command the attention of the people in the room by dressing well.

There’s a reason why they’re given importance in a professional environment.

If you dress like you just got out of bed for a date or have the grooming routine of an escaped convict, you will be considered unattractive as a man.

More importantly, having a good dressing sense will boost your confidence, ultimately making you more attractive.

5) You’re Ill-Tempered or Lack Basic Etiquette

Being an ill-tempered guy who lacks basic etiquette and manners might work in the movies but will be frowned upon in real life.

Your personality defines your attractiveness more than your physical appearance.

If you have a poor attitude and take your day out on the people around you by being rude, you’re going to be considered unattractive by many people.

You also won’t be considered a gentleman.

Your likeability and appeal depend on the way you treat people you interact with in your day-to-day life.

A suit and perfume can cover up your physical features, but you can’t hide the unattractiveness of the person inside your heart.

You don’t need to take our word for it; a study conducted in China observed that people are less likely to consider a man attractive if they’re given the information that he’s a grouch.

6) You Have Intensely Strong Opinions

Having opinions and maintaining your individuality is fine.

There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about your views, but it becomes a negative personality trait if you never listen to what the other side is trying to communicate.

Being strongly opinionated makes you unattractive as a man because you might let your ego dictate your actions and may invalidate the opinions of others in the name of “stating your side”.

You may lose appeal and respect if you’re only capable of transmitting without stopping to digest conflicting viewpoints.

Moreover, being strongly opinionated and overbearing when you talk can repel the people who may genuinely be trying to give you good advice.

By coming off as arrogant to these people, you’re bound to come off as unattractive to your love interests.

7) You Bail on Your Promises

Trust is important for any sort of connection with anyone in this world.

A man incapable of sticking to his word and often bails on his promises will be deemed unattractive in the public eye.

Moreover, if you don’t come through on your promises, then people will find it hard to trust you, distorting their perspective of you entirely.

You may be perfect in every other way conceivable, but you become unreliable if you don’t back your words with actions.

Men who are reliable, competent, and dependable are deemed attractive.

These men are more attractive because they are considered to have significant substance.

Likewise, lying about your profession, trying to over-commit past your capacity, and being dishonest will instantly make you unattractive.

8) You’re Insensitive and Emotionally Immature

You may have an innate dark sense of humor, but not everyone can or needs to appreciate that side of you.

You might be an unattractive man if you joke about sensitive topics without being able to empathize with other people’s misfortune.

Making jokes at other people’s expense, exploiting their vulnerabilities, and acting emotionally immature are all characteristics that are deemed unappealing.

Women tend to look for a man who can match their emotional intelligence and can be understanding when it matters the most.

You need to be humble and understanding.

Long story short, if you try to make jest of a tricky situation without giving her emotional support, she might lose attraction to you.

9) You Don’t Have Passions or Ambitions

Women are naturally attracted to competence, intelligence, and confidence. The entrepreneur type of guy has a goal and does everything he can to achieve it.

If you’re uninspired, unmotivated, and don’t make any efforts to make a life for yourself, then you’re most likely unattractive.

Having passions and ambitions outside the relationship paradigm is important for her to feel like you’re her dependable rock.

Laziness is never an attractive personality trait.

She will unlikely be attracted to a guy who doesn’t even know what he wants in life.

Being ambitious doesn’t always mean a job at a Fortune 500 company; it could simply mean having a purpose in your life and working to achieve those dreams.

It could be something as simple as having a passion for playing golf and constantly working to improve your game.

In the end, passion and ambition, no matter what it is for, is attractive.

If you still depend on your parents for money, can’t support a family, and aren’t actively working to change that, you’re most definitely unattractive.

10) You Have a Boring Personality

Women look for a partner who can intrigue them, engage them and introduce them to new things in life.

Having a bland personality and being unable to hold intelligent conversations that can stimulate her brain is unattractive.

After all, no one wants to invest in a person who ends every text with ‘K’ or ‘Hmm’ when they run out of things to talk about.

Being negative, making everything about yourself, focusing on superficial elements of life, and not expressing yourself make you unattractive to a woman who might otherwise be interested in you.

A boring personality also entails being predictable and repetitive in your daily life without imparting excitement into any sphere of your world.

11) You Have a Sense of Entitlement or Being Insecure

Acting entitled is an instant turn-off and deal breaker for most women.

If you want to make a good impression, you need to treat all people as equal to yourself.

Holding yourself to the same standards as you hold other people is a great way to garner respect and appeal.

However, if you go about your life acting like people should serve things to you on a silver platter because you “deserve” it, then you might not make many friends, let alone come off as attractive to people.

It also means you don’t bring much masculinity to any relationship.

On the flip side, being insecure with low self-esteem is equally unattractive.

A woman wants a partner in a man, not a man-child who needs to be pampered with attention consistently to resolve his insecurities.

If you constantly show you’re insecurities, then women might reject you.

After all, how can she find you attractive if you can’t hold that charm in your own eyes?

12) You’re Not Funny

Kindness, comradery and humor go hand-in-hand.

If you hold a cynical view of life, have the personality of a tough guy, and can’t make people laugh, then you may be unattractive to her.

By acting like an angry jerk all of the time but can’t muster up to a single witty comment, you’ll come off as annoying and boring.

Humor is attractive for its ability to appeal to most people’s sensibilities.

She will see you in a more attractive light if you can make her laugh.

13) You’re Intimidating and Assertive to the Point of Being Aggressive

Being assertive and aggressive are necessary qualities for any man; however, sometimes, it’s a bit too much.

Aggression can be unattractive if it’s taken to an unnecessary level and it makes you come off as overly-dominant and hostile.

You need to be assertive in the way you carry yourself, but you also should be capable of adapting to a more cautious approach when necessary.

Acting like a domineering and serious man will only scare people away from you.

Women are hardwired with a heightened sense of self-preservation when it comes to men who are overly forceful and intimidating.

14) You’re Not Generous

Women are impressed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of a man.

Providing her with a thoughtful present, taking her out to an expensive restaurant, and opening doors for her without expecting something in return are all qualities that she may find attractive in you.

When it comes to money issues, being extreme, either too cheap or too extravagant will not flatter a woman.

The bottom line is:

Being too stingy is unattractive; it looks like you don’t value her.

15) You Don’t Express Your Emotions

It’s 2022. Women love it when a man allows being vulnerable and expresses how he truly feels.

The sensitive man is back in business, baby!

Men should be able to express their emotions without shame or fear of being called ‘unmasculine’.

Women respond well to guys who can positively show their emotions.

So if you’re the type of guy who simply can’t express himself, then women might find you unattractive.