10 ways a man looks at a woman he loves

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10 ways a man looks at a woman he loves

Our bodies can do many ways to express how we feel, especially when we’re in love.

And even if we don’t want to admit it, subtle words and actions can betray us and give away how we truly feel.

Among all the parts of our bodies, our eyes are usually the loudest – even if we try to keep our cool, they’re always the ones revealing what our hearts want to say.

This also applies to most men you think aren’t so great at expressing their emotions.

They may try to act calm and detached, but you can still see fondness and intimacy in their eyes when looking at the woman they love the most.

If you want to know the ways a man looks at a woman he loves, you can read the signs below:

1. He Looks You in The Eye Consistently

A man in love looks at the most important woman in his life by always locking eyes with her.

Maybe he used to avert his eyes nervously at first, but when he started coming to terms with his feelings, he’d start expressing his love for you more than words.

When talking to the woman he loves, a man will drop anything he’s doing and look her in the eyes.

A man keeps eye contact with the woman he loves and respects.

Or even when both of you aren’t really doing anything and are just relaxing, he’d still look you in the eye from time to time because of happiness and contentment.

My friend says that she always notices her boyfriend doing this – when she talks to him about something, he appears so invested and always looks her in the eye, even if it’s about a trivial thing in her day. She even catches him looking at her whenever she is doing something.

2. He Smiles When Looking at You

A man in love looks at the woman he likes, and suddenly, everything is okay – the sight of you uplifts his mood, and he can’t help but smile at you.

That’s why you can expect a man who loves you to always greet you with a bright grin on his face, as you make him happy.

He feels like he’s on cloud nine with you, so he can’t shake off that smile on his face.

A man in love will still look at you with a smile on his face, even if you’re just doing your usual routine, like doing the laundry or simply scrolling your phone.

He may sometimes look funny smiling around, but it’s actually pretty normal when in love.

After all, smiling releases serotonin and endorphins.

Serotonin is your happy hormone, while endorphins help fight stress and keep you relaxed, so it’s pretty common to smile and laugh more often when looking at the person you love.

3. He Keeps Prolonged Eye Contact

Aside from simply looking at you, a man in love can also maintain eye contact for longer.

Love experts say that looking someone in the eye can make you fall in love with each other and keep that fire burning.

So when a man stares at you for a long time, he may want to keep that love going and connect with you, whether by choice or instinct.

Humans are attracted to visually appealing things and people they love and protect, so it’s only normal to look deep into your eyes for a long time.

And he’s not always aware of this because he’s usually thinking about many things when staring at you. Most of the time, this action is only triggered by his instincts.

4. His Eyes Follow You Wherever You Go

A man deeply in love not only stares into your eyes for a long time – even when you’re not looking, their eyes might also follow you wherever you go, whether he realizes it or not.

When you’re walking away to go to the ladies’ room or even when simply walking around the kitchen while trying out a new recipe, you can expect his gaze to follow you.

It’s safe to say this only happens during the honeymoon stage or the first stages of courtship due to attraction.

But when you’ve been dating for a while now, and his eyes still follow you wherever you go, then it might not only be due to attraction but appreciation.

Your partner may be gazing at you without knowing it because he loves and appreciates you.

He has strong feelings for you, and just the sight of you makes him feel content, remembering how fortunate he is for having you.

5. He’s Too Shy to Look You in the Eye

A man in love tends to look his partner in the eye, even for a long time. But it’s also possible for them to avert their eyes when you catch them looking at you because of nervousness.

There’s a big chance that a man you know has a crush on you if they can’t seem to look you straight in the eyes.

Listen to your intuition to know if he really likes you or not, and pay attention to other social cues if you want to make sure.

Men who can’t look you in the eye because they have a crush on you also feel usually shy and nervous. You may also catch them blushing and stuttering.

When we weren’t dating yet, my friend tells me that she frequently caught her boyfriend stealing glimpses, but weirdly, whenever she talked to him, he’d just look away and fiddle a bit. But when they started going out, he admitted he was mesmerized.

6. He Notices the Slightest Detail in Your Face or Body

Many women complain about men not noticing details about them, like a new haircut, a new top, or a new piercing.

But a man head over heels for a girl would notice every single thing about her. This is because more than looking at you, he really studies everything about you, taking note of every detail and appreciating your presence while he’s at it.

A man in love will notice habits or mannerisms, not even you realize, like the way you laugh, gleam when talking about your interests, or wrinkle your eyebrows when annoyed. So when there’s something new about you, you can expect he’d notice it right away.

But you may not want to doubt your boyfriend’s love for you that quickly if he doesn’t notice your new haircut – them not noticing these details doesn’t always mean they don’t care about you or love you anymore.

Most of the time, they just weren’t paying attention, and they didn’t catch those changes.

7. He Looks at You with Deep Concern When You’re Hurt

It’s been mentioned that the eyes are often the most expressive in showing how we truly feel – that’s why when you’re hurt, a man who loves you will look at you with deep concern, expressing his love and care for you more than words can.

When you’re upset about something or feeling ill, a man in love may not say much, but you can see in his eyes that he’s deeply concerned. They understand immediately what you feel.

He wants to make you feel safe and calm, so he’d do everything to comfort you. And for some reason, he knows exactly what you need — whether it be a hot cup of tea, a funny joke, or a nice warm hug.

8. He Gazes at You with Utmost Familiarity

The thing about soulmates is that you feel like you know each other for a long time already, even if you’ve just met. You feel a strange sense of familiarity that makes you feel at ease with each other’s presence.

A guy who loves you and may just be your soulmate looks at you with this strange feeling.

It’s not really easy to find your soulmate – many of us would still get heartbroken and hurt others in this pursuit. And you can’t really tell if the person you’re with is already your soulmate.

But you know you’re in a good place if he makes you feel good about yourself and you love and respect each other.

There may be a lot of challenges along the way, but you approach it together as a team.

9. He Blinks A Lot When Looking at You in the Eye

Rapid blinking is also one of the ways a man looks at a woman he loves.

While it might just be his mannerism, blinking a lot when staring into your eyes is also a sign that he’s nervous when you’re around because he’s attracted to you. They may not even be aware that they’re doing this.

You might also want to look for other signs, aside from blinking rapidly when looking at you. A man in love tends to mimic your actions, blush, ask many questions about you, or even have flirty gestures toward you.

10. He Gazes at You Differently from Others

A man has tunnel vision where he only sees the woman he loves. He seems to look at you differently than he would other people.

This is also one of the reasons why your friends tend to realize first than you that someone may like you. He may have a softer, more loving expression reserved just for you.

This special look develops as you start dating, spend more time together, and learn each other’s language. You already have non-verbal cues and silent communication forms that only the two of you know.

With only a single glance, you already know how each other feels.