10 ways to know if she still loves you after a fight

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10 ways to know if she still loves you after a fight

Along with the intoxicating highs of being in a relationship also come the bitter and hurtful lows, marked by misunderstandings and fights.

These arguments are challenges allowing us to grow as a couple and even as individuals as we try to reconcile differences. After all, no relationship is perfect, just as no one else is.

But you can’t guarantee that quarrels always end up in making up and developing a deeper connection with each other.

Sometimes, you get stuck in mind games and in-betweens – you stay together but act weird towards each other or break up but still think about your significant other.

You can’t help but wonder, “Does she still love me?” If you think you’re in this state of limbo in your relationship, you may want to check out these signs:

1) She Wants to Talk About What Happened

One of the clear signs that she still loves you even after a big fight is when she wants to talk about what happened with the both of you.

It’s not always easy to talk about sensitive topics like these. So if your partner is willing to be vulnerable with you and discuss the problem about your relationship, it’s a sign that she still has feelings for you.

This is because she still cares about you and your relationship.

Talking about what happened when your emotions have already simmered down is one of the first steps to making up and working to make the relationship grow.

She listens to you without attacking you and assuming the worst in you. She tells you the things you did wrong and apologizes for her mistakes instead of avoiding or brushing the topic off.

2) She Still Wants to Commit to the Relationship

We all encounter problems in our relationships, and feelings constantly change. But what makes every relationship last is your commitment to making it work and gambling your time and effort on each other.

It all boils down to your decision to be with each other and work harder to resolve problems.

That’s why one of the stark signs to know if she still loves you is if she’s still committed to making the relationship work even after a big fight.

This is a clear gesture that her love is big enough to have an allowance for mistakes and hopes that things will get better.

I had a big fight with my girlfriend because of something she did that hurt me deeply. She apologized to me and promised she’ll change.

I chose to give her a second chance because I love her. I realized we could still fix this because he was also committed to our relationship. We decided to make up and exhausted all options to heal and be better individuals for each other.

This would be the same as your girlfriend if she genuinely loves you.

3) She Takes Steps to Improve Your Relationship

You’d know she still loves you even after fighting if she takes the right steps to improve your relationship.

This is a clear gesture that she still wants to be with you and also wants to work harder to resolve the problem.

She values your words and takes you seriously when you tell her role in the fight.

Both of you can apologize and recognize each other’s mistakes, but actively taking the steps to overcome shortcomings is necessary to make the relationship work.

If she doesn’t love you anymore, she won’t bother going the extra mile and do her end of the bargain for the relationship to move forward.

4) She Cares About You

Whether you’ve broken up or stayed together, you’d know she still loves you if she still cares about you. She shows concern and still asks how you’ve been, even if she’s upset with you.

She texts you like before and remembers small details. A girl who doesn’t love you anymore won’t care or even think about you.

While we hadn’t really broken up when we fought, I was pretty upset with my girlfriend. But because I still loved her, I still cared and worried about her.

I remembered minor details, like her being forgetful and clumsy. I used to ask if she’s already gone home safely from work or if her acid reflux had been bothering her.

This is what you do when you care about someone, and it would be no different for your girlfriend.

5) She Initiates Having Quality Time with You

There’s a big chance that a girl still loves you if she initiates having quality time with you, even after a fight. This is because she still wants to be with you and finds your presence comforting.

She still wants to connect with you, and not much has changed with how she feels toward you.

But you might not want to jump to conclusions if she ignores you when you invite her to spend time with you. She might just be processing the situation and needs time alone to process her emotions.

Not wanting to spend time with you doesn’t immediately mean she doesn’t love you anymore.

Although it can be worrisome if this has already been going on for weeks – you might want to ask her to talk about it.

6) She Initiates Physical Contact

A girl still cares about you if she initiates physical contact, especially if this is her love language.

If she’s in love with you, she would still want to hold your hand during quiet moments, cuddle with you as you sleep, or kiss you once in a while.

She will want to make you realize your importance to her.

Even after breaking up, you’d feel her affection if she’s unusually touchy with you compared to other people.

But not all couples who stay together even after fighting are actually okay – some no longer talk about their problems or aren’t as committed to their partners anymore.

Sometimes, women falling out of love with their partners no longer find physical touch as comforting as it used to and may even find it annoying.

But you may want to avoid jumping to conclusions, especially when your partner has never been a fan of physical contact. But if she’s been avoiding this for quite some time now, even if she used to be clingy, you may want to talk to her.

7) She Still Tells You About Her Day

When you’re dating someone, you develop a special language that only you and your partner understand.

You can tell each other about everything easily, from the tiniest detail about your day to your most intimate vulnerabilities.

This is because your partner wants to connect with you and consider you her confidante.

That’s why if she still tells you about her day, there’s a big chance she still considers you important to her. She may still love you because she wants to start a conversation or tell you about herself.

8) She Talks About You

It’s possible that she still cares about you if she says positive things about you to her friends, especially if you’ve already broken up.

You would know this through your mutual friends. She might talk about you either because she has hopes of being with you again or you simply cross her mind.

It may seem ironic, but sometimes, a girl can still have feelings for you even if she tells nasty things about you to her friends after a breakup.

Because if she had truly moved on, she would no longer bother to talk about you or even think about you.

When my friend had just broken up with her boyfriend, she told us she wanted to forget about him. But all she did was complain about him for weeks. After a few days, they reconnected and started dating again.

While it’s a possibility, you may not want to jump to conclusions so quickly if she talks about you after a fight or a breakup. It’s also possible that she just wants to confide in others about her heartbreak.

9) She Values All You’ve Been Through

One of the clear signs that she still loves you even after a fight is if she values her relationship with you and all the things you’ve been through as a couple.

As mentioned, no relationship is perfect, and every couple goes through difficult times. A girl loves you if, during these tough times, she also remembers the good moments you’ve spent and all the problems in your relationship that you’ve overcome.

Whenever my girlfriend and I fight, I always try to assess if that fight is grave enough for me to break up with her and start another life without her. Is there a change in her after our past arguments? Is our relationship already toxic, or is this just a matter of misunderstanding?

10) She Tells You She Loves You

You can confirm that she still loves you after a fight if she tells you herself. This means she’s brave enough to tell you how she feels and be vulnerable to you. She’s done with the mind games and would just want to let you know her feelings, so both of you can move forward.

This is important to say and hear, either if you’ve already broken up or stayed together after a fight. Verbalizing your thoughts and emotions is necessary for connecting and communicating with each other.