4 ways to come to peace with our past mistakes


1. Embrace Self-compassion Over Self-criticism


We can counter our inner self-criticism by embracing the power of self-compassion, as advocated by Dr. Kristin Neff, treating ourselves with the same kindness we'd offer a friend, acknowledging the universality of mistakes, and practicing daily acts of self-compassion, such as journaling.

2. Reframe Mistakes as Learning Opportunities


Breaking free from the cycle of negative rumination involves reframing mistakes as learning opportunities rooted in growth mindset theory, as advocated by Dr. Carol Dweck, where listing past mistakes and their resulting lessons helps shift from dread to gratitude for personal growth.

3. Seek Closure by Making Amends


Addressing the weight of unresolved tensions from past mistakes involves seeking closure through recognizing the gravity of the mistake, taking full responsibility, and making amends, not necessarily for forgiveness but for personal growth and inner peace.

4. Set Boundaries to Prevent Repetition


Preventing the repetition of past mistakes involves proactively setting and maintaining boundaries based on self-awareness, as it not only provides a sense of control but also reinforces the lessons learned from previous errors.

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