6 behaviors that aren’t ‘alpha’ (but men often think are)


1. Always striving to dominate social situations


A common misconception is that the 'alpha male' must be the loudest and most dominant, but true strength doesn't require such display; genuine confidence is quiet, characterized by a person who listens, understands, and doesn't need to assert dominance to feel valuable.

2. Refusing to admit mistakes or show vulnerability


A common misconception among those aiming to be 'alpha' is the fear of admitting mistakes or showing vulnerability, but true strength lies in owning up to errors, being honest, and embracing vulnerability as part of the human experience.

3. Showing off or flashing wealth unnecessarily


In the pursuit of an 'alpha' image, some resort to flaunting wealth and possessions, mistakenly believing they signify success, but true confidence and strength do not require constant external validation through material displays.

4. Relying on bullying to gain control


The misconception that 'alpha' behavior involves bullying reflects insecurity, but true strength is about positive influence and leadership through fairness, empathy, and empowerment, not intimidation.

5. Ignoring personal boundaries and consent


True strength and leadership hinge on respecting others' boundaries and building trust through mutual consent, which is a hallmark of genuine 'alpha' individuals.

6. Overvaluing independence to the point of isolation


In the traditional 'alpha' narrative, overemphasizing independence can be counterproductive, as life's challenges often benefit from support and advice from others, and embracing interdependence recognizes the strength in unity and human connection.

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