7 things high-achieving men do right after getting up


1. Set clear intentions


Setting clear intentions and goals is key to high achievers' productivity and efficiency, providing a roadmap for their day and distinguishing them from those who navigate without a plan.

2. Get some exercise


High-achieving men prioritize morning exercise as it sharpens their minds and boosts productivity, as exemplified by individuals like Tim Cook, Barack Obama, Jocko Willink, and Richard Branson.

3. Fuel their body with a healthy breakfast


Just as athletes fuel up before a race, high-achieving men treat each day like a marathon by starting with a healthy breakfast, which is endorsed by clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson for reducing anxiety and irritability.

4. Cultivate gratitude


Incorporating gratitude journaling into the morning routine has been a game-changer for many, supported by research showing its ability to reduce depression and anxiety, improve heart health, reduce stress, and enhance sleep quality, all contributing to a positive outlook among high-achieving men.

5. Invest in self-improvement


High-achieving men prioritize self-improvement by dedicating time to activities like reading, skill development, or informative podcasts in the morning, kickstarting their day with growth and productivity.

6. Practice mindfulness and meditation


High-achieving men boost their morning routines with mindfulness and meditation, a practice endorsed by successful figures like Marc Benioff and Jeff Weiner, emphasizing that even as little as five minutes of consistent meditation can significantly improve daily focus and reduce stress.

7. Avoid hitting the snooze button


Avoiding the snooze button is a key practice for high achievers like Richard Branson and Tim Cook, symbolizing a commitment to starting the day with purpose and action, setting the tone for productivity and success.

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