What does it mean to man up? 15 things real men always do

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Are you asking yourself: “What does it mean to man up?”

If so, good. You should be asking yourself that. It means you’re on the road to becoming a stronger version of yourself.

So, let’s start your journey of becoming a man by exploring what it means to man up and how you can become a man with the below 15 traits.

First, what does it mean to man up?

A person that has manned up has taken responsibility for their life. They are courageous, noble, honest, reliable, and have their sh*t together. 

They’re able to look after their family and friends and provide their support when it’s needed.

When challenging situations arise, a person that has manned up will not run away. They’ll stand on their feet and deal with it.

They don’t whinge or complain. They don’t blame others or make excuses.

They get on it with it and focus on solutions.  

Have you manned up? 

Let’s find out. 

Here are 15 traits of someone that has manned up. 

1. He takes responsibility for his life

A man never blames others. A man takes responsibility for his life and the direction it takes.

At times, we all like to blame others for our situation, but a true man doesn’t do that. 

A person that has manned up understands that they control their destiny and they can’t rely on anyone else but themselves.

There’s no reason to shoulder the world’s weight, but you should be willing to accept your role in it.

A real man will accept the good and bad in his life and focus on the actions he can take to improve his situation. 

2. He is courageous when necessary

A man does not cower in fear when things get complicated or tough.

A true man will stand up for what he believes in, and he does not shy away from situations that require bravery and strength of character.

He will protect those around him and stand up when it’s needed.

A real man will never allow fear to control him. He will act even when he is fearful because he knows that’s the best way to overcome his fears. 

3. He is noble and honorable

High-value men are honest and decent. They always act with integrity and strength of character.

An honorable man believes there is a sacred value in living and being a person of high integrity, even when it costs him.

He won’t cheat or take advantage of others but will always do the right thing and put others before himself.

He is a man of his word and acts in the service of others.

4. He is a gentleman

A real man is also a gentleman. He acts with dignity, poise, and respect in everyday life.

He is a gentleman to the core, willing to help his friends or family in any way he can with no hesitation.

He treats women with respect and never takes advantage of them.

He respects others for who they are and does not judge them.

He knows that he’s a man of value and uses that to help others in need.

He also has manners and is a good host, showing respect to his guests and those he meets.

5. He resolves conflict peacefully

A true man will not allow anger and rage to control his emotions.

He knows that it is essential to resolve conflict peacefully and will avoid arguments with others whenever possible.

He displays maturity in his approach to conflict resolution and is always willing to concede when he sees that he is wrong.

He never resorts to violence and always seeks to resolve conflicts peacefully.

6. He always act with respect for others

A real man is always kind and respectful to others. He will not use profanities or make suggestive comments toward women.

He always treats those around him with respect and never belittles them to gain an advantage in any situation.

He understands that every human being has value, so he treats them accordingly.

He is also a leader.

A real man knows that leadership is not the same thing as control. A real man leads by example and not through force.

He has a track record of accomplishment and knows what it means to be in charge because he has been put in many leadership positions.

He knows how to give orders and follow orders as well. He’s not afraid to step up when necessary, but he also knows how to follow when appropriate.

7. He doesn’t blame others

A man that has manned up understands that he is the master of his own ship. He sets goals and plans to achieve them, but he also has to be willing to accept the results of those efforts.

He is fully responsible not only for his own actions but also the consequences that result from those actions. He accepts full responsibility for his life.

A real man accepts responsibility for his past and his future and he always works to improve himself. He leads by example, doing what he can to improve the world around him.

8. He is not a patsy

Instead of allowing others to take advantage of him, he always stands up for himself.

He will never be a victim and will always look after himself. He understands that he is the master of his own destiny and knows how to take control when necessary.

If someone treats him with disrespect, he will not suffer quietly, but will instead stand up for himself.

A true man stands his ground and does not allow the unstable to drag him down into the mire.

He understands the importance of being a true man, and accepting the responsibility that comes with it.

9. He doesn’t make excuses

A man that has manned up will never use excuses to cover his mistakes or absolve himself of responsibility for his actions.

He knows that excuses are a sign of weakness and strength is knowing that he is responsible for everything that happens in his life.

He will face the music and do what he needs to in order to improve his situation.

10. He is loyal

A real man is loyal to his friends and family. He will be there for them when they need him, especially when it means going beyond the call of duty.

He has strong moral values that stand by him throughout life and looks out for others with equal strength of character.

If you’re part of his crew or his family, he will always step up to the plate and protect you at all costs.

He is a loyal man and is willing to sacrifice for those he loves.

11. He works hard

A man that has manned up will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals and ambitions.

He knows that real men work hard and if he is to be successful, then it is up to him and only him.

He does not give up on himself and is a self-starter. He knows how to take initiative and put in the effort required to achieve his goals.

He isn’t lazy. He works hard because he knows that the real man puts in the work.

12. He’s kind

A real man will never hurt others with his words or actions.

He is kind to everyone he meets and looks out for the needs of others.

He will always do what he can to improve the lives of others and put others before himself.

He understands that there is more to being a successful man than being strong and that kindness is important.

It sets a man apart from lesser men and makes him an exceptional human being.

He does not have ulterior motives for kindness but acts in a way that brings out the kinder nature in those around him.

13. Always work to improve himself

Most of us are dependent on others to teach us how to be like a man, but a real man knows that he can learn from anyone, even those who are evil or misguided.

He has a strong sense of self-worth and can take pride in who he is and the steps he has taken towards achieving his goals.

He sees that there is always something that he can learn from anyone, so he works hard to improve himself.

14. He is open

A real man knows there is no point in being closed off to the world.

He understands that the world is a large place, filled with opportunities and people to connect with.

He is not a closed-off, introverted person and instead allows himself to be open to others on an emotional level as well.

He will never be afraid of new experiences or speak out of turn because he understands that speaking from experience is far better than doing so from hearsay.

15. He takes initiative

A real man takes the initiative. He is a self-starter and a doer.

He doesn’t wait for others to take action but instead gets started on tasks himself.

He doesn’t need to be told what to do, but will instead provide those around him with insight into the necessary action plan to achieve the goal.

Real men don’t just grow beards and drive manly cars. Real men also take action.

He takes the initiative and both plans and carries out the plan himself. He doesn’t sit back and wait for others to speak up or act, nor does he like to be micromanaged by those who are less intelligent than he is.

He is a free spirit that will not be bossed around by anyone, even those with high standing in his life.

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