10 reasons why a girl looks you up and down

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10 reasons why a girl looks you up and down

It’s normal to feel amused at best and offended at worst when you catch a girl looking at you up and down.

After all, it’s not really polite to stare at others – we usually feel self-conscious at seemingly being perceived and scrutinized.

We also tend to feel confused about why a girl may be looking at you from head to toe or giving you “elevator eyes,” as others call it.

A girl gives you these looks due to many things, ranging from desire to disgust.

And if you’ve just met someone who looks at you this way, you might be curious why they’re doing that.

Here are some of the possible reasons why you receive these cryptic looks:

1) She’s Noticed Something Awkward

There can be many reasons why a girl looks at you from head to toe, but one of them can be as trivial as noticing something funny or awkward about you – it can be something in your hair, face, or outfit.

They don’t always intend to be mean, so you might not want to write her off like that.

Maybe she just noticed that you left your zipper open, had something on your face, or that she saw a silly statement on your shirt.

She’s hesitant about telling you, so she ends up looking at you from head to toe. It’s also possible that she doesn’t notice doing it.

I remembered staring at someone from head to toe because I noticed that they were wearing the wrong pair of shoes. As I was thinking of a way to tell them, I caught myself giving them elevator eyes without meaning it.

2) She’s Checking You Out

A woman may look at you up and down simply because she’s checking you out.

She’s sizing you up and figuring you out based on your outfit or body language, like the way you talk, laugh, or smile at others.

She may also do this without realizing it as she scans you from head to toe, taking in the tiniest details about you. She’s also considering if you’re someone she can come up to and strike up a conversation with.

While she might not always do this on purpose, she doesn’t care because some women openly do this when actively looking for a partner.

She might not really care if you caught her checking you out because she’s already sending you a signal.

But you should also consider where you are – catching a girl possibly checking you at a party or a local bar no longer comes as a surprise, but if she does it at a grocery store, you might want to look for more clues.

3) She Likes What She Sees

A girl might be checking you out if she looks at you from head to toe. And if she doesn’t avert her eyes, then it’s possible that she likes what she sees.

She may like your outfit and can’t help but stare at you as she tries to figure out where you got your outfit or how you’ve stylishly put it together.

Or she may have noticed that you look clean and slick. Other people might give you compliments, even if they don’t know you at all, especially if you’re at a party, but some would also only look at you up and down.

A woman might look at you up and down because she simply admires how you look or she’s already attracted to you.

You may want to look for more signs to know if she likes you.

4) She’s Sexually Attracted to You

You might also pay attention to the way a woman looks at you up and down – if she does it in a sultry manner, she may be sexually attracted to you.

And this is when it can escalate from simply admiring how you look to getting charmed by you.

She looks at you from head to toe because she can’t help but stare and admire how attractive you are – she may already be daydreaming while staring at you and having nasty thoughts.

She takes in small details about you and imagines different things about it.

My friend tells me that when she first met her boyfriend, she was so enthralled by him because he looked so good. They met at a friend’s party, and he wears a clean outfit that flatters his body. She says she couldn’t help but check him out and stare at him from head to toe.

5) She Wants to Go Out With You

You can stare at someone and be sexually attracted to them without wanting to go out on a proper date – this may not be what some women are looking for at that time after all.

But a woman may also look at you up and down because she really wants to date you.

She may have been attracted to some small details about you and realizes that maybe you’re worth a shot.

A girl may give you the elevator eyes to grab your attention. She may be sending this signal, so you’d make the first move instead of her.

You may also want to pay attention to her body language – if she suggestively stares at you and does other things, like biting her lip, smiling at you, or playing with her hair.

6) You Disgust Her

This is where her gesture of looking at you up and down takes a negative turn – she might be giving you the elevator eyes not because she’s attracted to you but because she’s disgusted at you.

She’s looking at you this way because of her repulsion at your appearance, outfit, or anything.

Maybe she’s not used to how you talk or act and can’t really hide how she feels.

It’s also possible that she’s not entirely a kind person, so she doesn’t shy away from showing her disdain, even if you’re not doing anything wrong to her.

You should also notice her other body language to see if she gives you the elevator eyes because of disgust or attraction.

A woman who’s disgusted at you may raise or knit her brows or scowl. They may also roll their eyes or pull up their upper lips.

7) She’s Scrutinizing You

A woman may also look at you up and down, not because she’s attracted to you or disgusted at you.

She’s staring at you like this maybe because she’s judging you.

She wants to figure out what kind of person you are, so she’s looking for clues, like the way you dress, the shoes you chose, or how you move.

She’s still uncertain if she’d like you or not. She may be too deep in thought that she no longer notices she looks at you this way.

You might want to consider your relationship with this girl – if she’s a colleague, maybe she’s sizing up what you can do and if you’re any better than her or anybody else.

It’s also possible that she heard some rumors about you, and she’s speculating if those were true based on your appearance and body language.

8) She’s Annoyed with You

She’s no longer just disgusted at you.

This time, she might already be full-on annoyed with you. And she’s no longer just looking at you up and down – she’s actually glaring at you.

This may be because she doesn’t like your guts, and you’ve just done something that reminded her how she loathes you.

Like before, you might also observe her body language and consider her relationship with you.

But most of the time, you really don’t have to because she doesn’t shy away from showing how she feels toward you.

Although it’s possible that she doesn’t hate you – she only hated what you just did.

9) You Remind Her of Someone

Maybe she looks at you from head to toe because you remind her of someone she knows.

She’s studying you carefully to look for clues if you’re someone she knows. I know this isn’t entirely polite, and maybe she does, too, but she may have been too deep in thought to notice she’s already staring at you.

This happened to me when I was about to meet up with a friend – I looked at someone from head to toe, and I think she was creeped out by me. But I thought it was my friend, so I came up to her, only to find out that I mistook her for the wrong person.

10) That’s Just The Way She Looks at Others

Maybe her looking at you from head to toe doesn’t really mean anything at all. She may have looked at you like that simply because that’s how she observes other people.

I know it’s not good manners, but all of us have habits we want to correct too. And maybe the girl you’re referring to just happens to give elevator eyes without meaning to.

But this doesn’t mean your feelings aren’t valid – if you feel uncomfortable or confused by how they look at you from head to toe, you can communicate this by telling them off politely.

You may ask what’s the problem first and establish your boundaries that their behavior towards you makes you feel uncomfortable, and you want it to stop.