9 reasons why high value men don’t cheat

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Cheating is undoubtedly a major reason why many relationships fall apart. It breaks hearts and causes deep trauma for the other person.

Finding a man who will be faithful to you is indeed a lucky find. So why do some men not even consider cheating?

It is because he has a high value in himself.

And a man of this type respects himself enough to know that he doesn’t have to resort to such betrayal in relationships.

Here are some reasons why high-value men don’t cheat.

1) They value honesty

The truth is that high value men don’t cheat because they value truthfulness – they are a man of their word.

A high-value man knows that there are consequences for not keeping his word, and he would face hardships head-on and resist temptations so as not to disappoint the one who trusts him.

You can always depend on a high-value man being honest with you because he doesn’t have anything to hide or lie about.

This makes sense because if someone was hiding his whereabouts all the time, how could anyone think that he’s not doing suspicious things behind your back?

How would anyone ever believe anything else that comes out of his mouth if he’s always caught lying?

Honesty and integrity matter a lot to high-value men.

2) They know who they are

A high-value man knows who he is — secure in his identity, status, and capabilities. To be clear, I’m not talking about material possessions or simply having an impressive career title.

Becoming a high-value man means knowing your values and beliefs, what you want or don’t want in life, your strengths and weaknesses, and your purpose in life.

Achieving this self-knowledge requires introspection: looking inward to discover more about yourself rather than outward at others’ perceptions of who they think you are or should be.

It’s also important to note that this kind of personal growth requires courage because it involves questioning everything we’ve been taught from such a young age.

3) They are mature and value growth

What makes a man of value different from the average man is his willingness to grow. He knows that he doesn’t know everything, and he’s willing to learn from other people.

He understands that there are always areas in life where he can improve and develop new skills, so he isn’t afraid of change even if it is difficult at times.

He accepts that life can throw a curveball at any given time and he is mentally strong enough to overcome any challenges.

And I believe that being accepting of growth and changes in life is one of the pillars that make a relationship stronger and deeper.

In my 3 years of marriage, my wife and I have been through many rough patches along the way.

But hear me out: I realize that who I was last year or even 10 years ago isn’t the same man I am now.

This is the same with my wife – she is not the same person she was last year or 10 years ago.

In accepting this fact of life, I’ve come to embrace and love her and her growth throughout the years. And I believe that this is what makes our marriage strong and wonderful.

4) They are loyal and faithful by nature

Another reason why high-value men don’t cheat is that they are loyal and faithful by nature.

They have a strong sense of self-worth and are not afraid to be alone.

They know they deserve someone great and someone who will appreciate them for who they really are.

And he isn’t afraid to wait for the right moment to meet this person.

So when he finds this special person that clicks and brightens his life, he is drawn to treasure and cherish that person.

And when things get rough, instead of cheating out of desperation for attention, affection, or love, men of value do something else entirely.

They try to communicate with you, work to resolve problems, or take a moment to recollect themselves. He doesn’t consider the thought of betraying your trust.

5) They have integrity in their principles

One of the most important qualities a high-value man has is integrity.

A man with integrity is someone who lives by a moral code and sticks to it regardless of what other people are doing.

Integrity is more than just honesty; it means having high standards for himself and others, being consistent in his actions, not lying or cheating or stealing, and not gossiping about other people behind their backs.

By having integrity, he sets himself apart from those who don’t have it. He becomes an example, someone that others want to be like because they see all the great things that come with living an honest life.

6) They know women are to be respected

High-value men don’t cheat because they understand that women are not disposable.

They know that women are neither trash nor a mere addition to their body count nor a trophy to be won.

Women are individuals who should be treated as such.

A high-value man treats all people with respect and kindness.

However, when faced with reality, we know that not all men think this way.

Some flaunt their new girl every other month or even week.

That was not for me though. Growing up with two sisters and now having my own daughter, I can’t fathom the idea that she would be looked at as someone’s piece in their collection.

They deserve to be treated right and a high-value man knows that treating women otherwise would only reflect against him.

7) They know the value of commitment

Commitment is a choice. It’s a choice to be present, to listen, and to care about the other person’s needs above his own.

It’s choosing to care more about others’ happiness than the fleeting satisfaction of an affair would bring in the short term.

A high-value man knows what it means to say “no” when he needs time to be alone; refuse opportunities that will distract him from his goal or hurt his partner; and take responsibility for his actions rather than blaming someone else for him.

He is able to be honest with himself about what’s going on inside all so that he can grow with the person he values.

Commitment means having faith that if something doesn’t work out today or tomorrow, maybe it will tomorrow or next month instead.

A man of value knows that there are no guarantees in life or relationships but he continues to move forward because he believes in his capabilities and looks at life in a bright way.

8) They know how to say “no” to temptations

When a man knows what he deserves, it’s easy for him to refuse temptation.

When an opportunity comes along for him to cheat on his girlfriend or wife, perhaps be physically intimate with another woman, he can easily say no.

This is because he knows that fleeting moments are not worthy of breaking the bond and confidence you both have with each other.

If a man is good at saying “no” to temptations, it doesn’t mean he has no weaknesses. It simply means that he knows how to handle himself and keep his actions within acceptable boundaries. He has the ability to say “no” because:

He knows his limits. He knows what he can and can’t do, as well as what’s right or wrong for him in any given situation.

He has self-control over his emotions such as anger, physical urges, and other impulses that may lead him astray such as cheating and betraying.

9) They are confident and intentional upfront

High value men are intentional about their intentions and don’t play games. They are honest and genuine.

They know what they want and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable in order to get it.

They understand that there is no reason to hide who they are, or what they want out of a relationship with a woman because they are confident enough in themselves and their intentions.

This is why, even while dating, I knew I wanted to love my wife forever and I spent many years making her feel and know that.

So when the time came that I knew in myself that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my girlfriend, now wife, I was straightforward with my intentions with her when I asked her to marry me.