Why is billiards considered classy? For these 10 reasons (complete list)

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Do you like Billiards? Do you find that classier gentlemen tend to play pool together while drinking fancy whiskey?

You’re not alone.

Billiards is considered a classy game. This is why many more upscale establishments will have a Billiards table in one of their lounges.

It is seen as an elegant game that wine or whiskey sippers can enjoy with their fellows in the confines of their little slice of Heaven.

So let’s go over why billiards is considered classy and why you need to start playing!

1. Billiards is an elegant game with a rich history.

Billiards has been played for centuries. There are those who argue that billiards is the father of all cue sports.

Billiards has been a fixture in the upper class for hundreds of years, dating back to 13th century France.

This is why it’s a gentleman’s sport.

It’s even believed that early versions of the game may have been played on tables made out of…get this…wooden tables.

By the early 18th century indoor billiards was a favored pastime of the French nobility and English gentry.

2. Billiards is a classic old-time game, played with a cue and a stick.

It’s a classic game in a time when men had manners and actually dressed well.

Billiards is all about showmanship, accuracy and skill.

It’s more than just hitting the balls!  You’ve got to keep your eye on your opponents and be aware of what they are doing so that you can come out on top!  

It can be likened to a game of chess, where you have to think about multiple things at once.

It’s just as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical one.  

Of course, hand-eye coordination and accuracy are incredibly crucial but don’t discount the importance of thinking ahead and placing the white ball in a position that thwarts your opponent’s next move.

3. The game is simple to learn, but difficult to master.

Billiards is a very simple game that can be learned very quickly.

It’s all about getting the ball into the hole.

But when you have multiple balls on the table, it gets much more complicated.

You have to calculate the line of sight and try and predict your opponent’s next move.

This is why you need to learn the basics and why it takes dedication and skill to become a master.

After you have mastered the basics, then you can begin competing with people and try to beat them!

4. Billiards is a great game for networking and networking with people of status.

Billiards is a social activity, not just playing the game.

You may find yourself in a very upscale establishment that has a pool table.

This might be a country club with members or a co-working office with business owners who have a passion for the game.

You can make an impression on these people and start a great conversation by meeting them.

They may even ask who you are or what they can do to help you if they see that you are worthy.

If you’re a good player at billiards, then you might make a good impression and form a valuable connection that will enhance your business and career prospects.

5. Billiards is a great way to pass the time and be social.

The possibilities of this game are endless. It makes a great icebreaker and is the perfect first thing to say after exchanging pleasantries at a social gathering.

Billiards is the perfect game for a group gathering.

It’s a way to get to know each other before getting into a more serious conversation.

The rules are simple and everyone can play while having fun!

You don’t need to be a pro or have any special sort of skill.

Just make sure you have a lot of fun and make sure your friends do too!  

And if you want to get serious and have a genuine competition with your friends, then prepare to put your thinking cap on! You’re going to need it!

6. The professionals wear formal clothing

Now this one might not mean anything because you’re not a pro yet but it’s a nice plus!

If you’re a young guy who is eager to make a good impression then you should definitely wear formal clothing and a tie when playing billiards.

It might seem uncomfortable to play billiards while wearing a suit, but it’s common practice.

This will separate you from the pack and show you are willing to respect the game, its traditions, and its elegance.

Wearing a tie will let the other players know that you are more than just an average Joe looking for a good time.

After all, people who play pool in worldwide tournaments dress classy. You have to if you are going to play with the pros.

7. Billiards is a great way to enhance your business and career prospects.

You may not have a job, but you can still benefit from playing billiards.

As we mentioned above, you can network when playing pool. This can be a great way to meet new people and make friends in your area.

It can help you to get jobs for example if people know that you are a good pool player.

You can impress them at the bar after having just met them by playing some pool with them and showing off your skills.

You could even take this as an opportunity to ask someone for a job! Because why not?

8. It is not a physical contact game like soccer or football

No one is going to get hurt playing billiards unless of course you get angry and throw the cue at someone!

It’s a very safe game and great for all ages.

There are even pool leagues for kids who love to play the game!

You really don’t need any special equipment, just a table and the balls, and even those can be homemade if you’re that creative.

But this is why football or soccer isn’t classy. You can’t play those games in a suit at a classy place.

9. It helps you to work on your accuracy and hand-eye coordination.

This is a very important thing to have as a skill, especially if you are looking for a job or perhaps even if you want to play competitive sports!

It’s also crucial for anyone who wants to be able to compete and win when playing billiards against others of the same skill level.

Also, if you want to play competitive sports, billiards can help with hand-eye coordination because it is a lot about playing against someone who is trying to thwart your every move.

You have to be able to quickly respond and make good shots.

10. It is a game of composure

Your best bet is to learn the basics, watch and study other’s play and then eventually compete.

Also, never forget the importance of composure on and off the table!

When you’re good at billairds, you play with a lot of poise.

You won’t throw the cue or be overly loud or disruptive to the other players.

This can be a big advantage when playing billiards in a public setting where being obnoxious wouldn’t go over well.

In a sense, you get rid of a lot of aggressiveness and bad behavior when playing pool.


Because you want to win and this takes a lot of mental discipline.

You can’t get emotional, angry or upset because the game isn’t as much about physical skills as it is about mental.

Pool is a classic and classy game, so it if you show bad behavior you’ll be kicked out of the establishment behavior.

In essence, when someone behaves aggressively or badly when playing pool, they disrespect the classic traditions of the game and also their opponent.

So keep your cool when playing billiards and you will be able to go a long way.

The fact of the matter is this:

Real men play billiards, wear manly clothes, drive manly cares, drink black coffee, and man up when needed.

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