10 Tips for What to do When a Woman Disrespects You

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10 Tips for What to do When a Woman Disrespects You

You know the feeling. Someone is not giving you the respect you deserve, and it’s making you feel a bit uncomfortable.


Maybe she thinks you’re beneath her, perhaps she takes pleasure in putting you down, or possibly she doesn’t even realize she is doing it.


Whatever the case may be, this behavior needs to end. But how do you deal with this situation? What can you do to put an end to a woman disrespecting you?


The first thing that comes to mind is probably not a good response. You don’t want to stoop to their level.


So what are your options? There are ways of communicating that help build trust and understanding without lowering your standards or compromising your values. Below are some strategies for handling these types of situations so they don’t come up again in future interactions.


01 Distinguish between disrespect and behavior you don’t like


If you want to end the cycle of disrespect, you can’t react to every single thing she does that you don’t like.


If you do, you’ll come off as overly sensitive. You don’t want to be a pushover, but you also don’t want to be pegged as the guy who has a hissy fit every time a girl does something he doesn’t like.


When she’s being disrespectful, however, you want to draw the line. You want to show her that you’re not going to put up with that kind of behavior.


02 Communicate your boundaries clearly when everyone is calm


Communication is key to any relationship, but it’s especially important when dealing with a woman who is disrespecting you.


You need to let her know your boundaries and expectations. This is probably best first done when everyone is calm and happy. Do this when you are not angry or annoyed.


This will allow you to communicate your thoughts in a calm and effective manner rather than reacting to her disrespectful behavior.


If you’re not clear about your expectations, it can lead to miscommunications. If you don’t let her know what you consider to be disrespectful, there’s no way for her to correct the situation.


By letting her know where you stand, you allow her to change her actions and correct her behavior.


03 Show her you’re a confident man


If you’re not confident in yourself, some women may take advantage of this. When she disrespects you and you don’t stand up for yourself, you’re essentially saying, “I don’t deserve respect”. You’re also saying, “I’m not comfortable asserting myself.”


A confident man doesn’t expect to be treated a certain way, he knows he deserves to be treated a certain way.


If you don’t stand up for yourself, she’ll sense your discomfort. When she senses you’re not comfortable asserting yourself, she’ll take advantage of this.


04 Lead by example


It’s up to you to set the precedent for how you want to be treated.


It’s a good idea to lead by example. By this, I mean, treat others and yourself as you would wish to be treated.


Notice I said to treat others AND yourself as you wish to be treated. If you don’t respect yourself, you can expect others to.


05 Confront the behavior you don’t like directly


If you have spoken to her at a calm time as suggested in point one but the disrespect continues without apology, you may need to confront the behavior you don’t like directly.


Maybe she is fed up with you for some reason, but it doesn’t mean you should put up with it. 


It might be a good time to employ the “sandwich” technique.


Let me explain. This means you start your sentence with something positive, let her know what you don’t like, and then end your sentence with something positive again.


This shows her you’re open to communication and that you’re not there to pick a fight.


06 Be Firm, but not aggressive


When confronting the behavior you don’t like, you want to be firm but not aggressive. You don’t want to be rude or demeaning, but you need to be assertive.


You need to be comfortable letting her know when she’s crossing the line. When she’s being rude or interrupting you, you don’t have to take it.


You can say something like, “I appreciate your input, but I’m not done speaking.” Whatever your response, you need to maintain your cool while not being a pushover.


07 Ask questions to get to the root of the problem


When you’re having a conversation, it can be easy to forget that you’re also establishing mutual respect.


What may be disrespectful to you, may not be to her. So when she makes a comment that you find disrespectful, try asking her about it. Again make sure to be polite and calm.


You can ask her, “I didn’t quite understand what you mean. Could you please explain?” Or explain that while you may have a different opinion, you don’t want to argue.


The goal is to develop mutual respect, not prove that she’s wrong or get into an argument. Asking questions is a great way to achieve this.


08 Avoid reacting emotionally


When you do have to confront her and she’s being disrespectful, try not to get emotionally involved.


You don’t want to come off as intense or overly sensitive.


This isn’t the time for you to lose your cool or start arguing with her. You have so much more on the line than just a few minutes of your day.


09 Don’t expect her to automatically change her behavior.


Habits, good and bad, can be difficult to change so don’t expect her to change her tune immediately.


It will take some time and you must be patient. Just politely let her know when disrespects you and eventually it should subside.


10 Don’t be afraid to walk away if the disrespect persists


If a woman continues to disrespect you after you have politely let her know, you must be prepared to walk away from the relationship.


This may seem harsh but as the old saying goes, there is plenty of fish in the sea.


There is no need for any man, or woman, to put up with constant disrespectful behavior.


To conclude, there are many ways to deal with a woman who is disrespecting you.


The first step is to identify the type of disrespect you’re experiencing.


Next is to decide which of the strategies above would work best in your situation.


Remember, you don’t have to put up with any kind of disrespect and ignoring it is unlikely to make it go away.


By communicating your expectations and confronting the behavior you don’t like, you can put an end to this type of behavior in your relationships.

That’s it for today, guys.


As always, we hope that you found this article helpful. Do you have any other suggestions on how to deal with a woman disrespecting you? If so, we’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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