21 surprising signs a gentleman likes you (complete list)

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Gentlemen are different from other men. They are the kind of guys who know how to treat a lady.

Gentlemen have old-school manners, but they aren’t extinct like pandas and unicorns.

If you have met a gentleman already, you will know they are very rare in this world.

So if you think a gentleman may like you, you’ll want to confirm it and then make your move because another gentleman might not come around again for a while!

The problem?

Gentlemen have such good manners that their chivalry can sometimes be mistaken for romantic interest.

It might be difficult to tell if a gentleman truly likes you, but it is possible.

Here are 21 signs that a true gentleman has feelings for you.

1. He stands up when you enter the room

If he is a proper gentleman and he likes you, he will stand up for you when you walk into the room.

He will attempt to shake your hand or give you a hug. He wants to acknowledge your presence and let you know that he has respect for you.

After all, you’re not just another person in his eyes, but you’re a lady that he has taken a liking to.

He will therefore treat you with the utmost respect and appreciation, and the first sign of respect a gentleman shows is standing for a lady when she enters the room.

This is a sign he likes you because he doesn’t stand up for every woman who walks in the room.

He does this only for certain women, and you should feel flattered that he has chosen to do this for you.

2. He is kind to your friends and family

If he likes you, he won’t just treat you with respect and chivalry. A sign of a gentleman in love is also to be kind to those who are closest to you as well.

When your friends or family members are present, he will act like a gentleman and treat them with respect too.

This means he is a real gentleman who has good manners, and he also wants to make a good impression on those that are close to you.

The truth is this:

A gentleman doesn’t reserve their gentlemanly behavior just for a woman he likes, but he shows respect and appreciation to everyone, especially the family and friends of his romantic interest.

He will do nice things for your family, like pick up the tab for lunch or dinner, or offer them a place to stay.

3. He will go above and beyond

A gentleman will do many favors for a lady he cares about. He’ll want to help her in any way he can.

He may even sacrifice his time and money to do this because he wants her to feel good about herself.

A real gentleman wouldn’t ask for anything in return.

He might offer you his coat when it’s cold outside, let you take the last piece of pizza at dinner or give you a ride home if your car broke down one night.

He wants to be there for you, protect you, and make you feel comfortable at all times.

4. He pays for your dates

If he really likes you and has made an effort to become a gentleman, he will want to treat you like a lady.

That means he will pay for your first date, the after-work drinks or the first few dinner dates.

He won’t want to let you get away with paying for anything, like the grocery store or movie, and it is because he wants you to be his lady and not just his girlfriend.

This doesn’t mean it won’t be a fair and equal relationship. It will be eventually.

It’s just that initially, he wants to pay for everything to show that he is a stand-up guy, and he has what it takes to look after a woman.

5. He drives carefully

A gentleman will treat a lady with respect, but he won’t put her in danger.

He will make sure the lights are on at intersections or drive at a safe speed on the highway.

If he is driving with you, even though he might be driving a manly car, he won’t pass you in the left lane or cut you off because that is dangerous to both him and the rest of the traffic on the road.

This is just a small example of the way he thinks to ensure everyone’s safety.

If he cares about your safety and respects you, that is a big sign that he likes you.

6. He makes your problems his problems

If he likes you and wants to be with you, he will want to help solve your problems or issues.

If something is bothering you, or if there is an issue in your life, he won’t ignore it because of his own selfishness. Instead he will try to solve it and make your life easier.

He will do anything to make you happy because he cares.

If he doesn’t help with your problem or just ignores it, this isn’t a good sign.

7. He opens doors for you

This is the most obvious sign that a guy likes you because there are many other things to do than open doors for women nowadays.

A gentleman will open the door for you and allow you to walk through first when going inside or exiting a building or car.

Many young men today don’t open doors for women, but if he does this, then it’s because he genuinely cares about how she feels.

This is because you’re his priority and he respects you.

8. He will listen attentively to your problems and offer solutions

A gentleman doesn’t just care about you, but he also wants to help you, if he is a smart man.

A real man in a relationship will listen attentively when you talk, and he will offer solutions if he can’t help solve the problem himself.

If he starts listening to your problems and offers solutions, this is a sign that he likes you as a person.

He wants to help solve your problem and make sure everything is alright in your life because he cares about what happens to you. He wants to be there for you and ensure your happiness.

9. He is honest with you, even if it hurts

If he likes you, he won’t just tell you what you want to hear or say things that are false.

He will be honest with everything because he wants to be transparent and honest about his feelings for you.

He will also apologize if he does something wrong because he knows that a gentleman must be willing to take any blame when certain situations occur.

He likes you and he doesn’t want to lie to you. This is why he is honest to a fault, even if it hurts you.

10. He will always keep his composure with you

A gentleman controls his emotions and doesn’t let them get to him.

A real man never overreacts, and he won’t yell at someone if he is angry at them. He will simply walk away or wait until they leave.

In addition, if he is friendly with you, he will hold your hand when you cross the street because this is a sign that he cares about you. It shows his concern for safety and your feelings.

11. He hugs you at the end of the date

If he likes you, he will want to spend as much time with you as possible.

And if there is one thing a gentleman loves to do, it’s to make sure his lady feels good about herself.

He would never take advantage of this because it would make him feel bad about himself and shameful. That is why a gentleman will always hug you at the end of a date to make you feel comfortable.

He likes you and will want to give you a hug to show you that he is there for you.

It is one of the ways he shows he cares.

He also wants to let you know that you’re safe in his arms. He will support you and protect you.

12. He will never pressure you

A gentleman doesn’t like when people think of him as a freewheeler or a player.

He likes to take things slow, which is why he won’t pressure you into anything that goes against your will.

He is secure with who he is and what he has to offer because he knows that any woman would be lucky to be with him.

If he likes you, he won’t force himself upon you because it would make him feel bad about himself and his actions. He shows respect towards you.

If you don’t want to kiss him, then he won’t go in for the kiss. If you don’t want to hold hands, he won’t make you hold hands.

And if you don’t want to spend time with him, then he won’t pressure you.

He will respect your wishes and just be there for you emotionally or help with problems or issues that come up in your life.

13. He doesn’t play games with you

If he likes you, then he won’t play games with you because it would make him feel bad about himself and how he treats others.

Men will often try to play a good girl or tease and flirt with you however, that’s not something a gentleman would ever do.

He is a true gentleman who will stick to his word and always keeps his promises.

Men often like to play games because they want the prize without putting in the work and struggle.

A gentleman, on the other hand, puts in effort before he gets the prize, because that’s what he considers fun.

He doesn’t play games with a woman he likes you romantically.

He would rather be honest and straightforward instead. He will never deceive or lie to you.

14. Gentlemen always keep in touch with you.

In the age of mobiles and Facebook, this is easily done. They keep in touch with you by texting, calling or posting messages on your wall.

When it comes to communication, a gentleman never fails- he lets you know what’s going on and makes sure that you are aware of his real feelings towards you. They find ways to contact you without it being too obvious.

A gentleman never ignores your feelings, but he always keeps in touch, no matter how busy he gets.

15. Gentlemen always give you first priority.

A gentleman would always want to be with you first, and he would never let you down- it does not matter how busy he gets, how many other priorities are there.

A gentleman frequently makes time for you. He wants to be with you when no one but the two of you is around, and there is a lot of passion between your love.

When a woman wants to spend time with her man, a gentleman will never make her wait.

He will always do everything in his power so that she gets what she wishes for!

Gentleman almost all the time for you, but if he is too busy to be near you then he will find ways and make sure that you can still be together.

16. Always listen attentively to what you say.

A gentleman knows a lot about you, for he loves you and he is constantly learning about your personality.

He knows that you are courageous and full of life, so he makes sure that whenever you speak he listens attentively, for he knows the more knowledge he has the more things to fall in love with.

A gentleman does not want to miss anything from what his lady is saying. If she has some problems or if she needs help with something then a gentleman will be there in a flash!

17. They reply to your text at the “speed of light”.

A gentleman loves to give you compliments, but this is not the only thing he can do- he can also text you back.

A gentleman would always want to hear from his lady, and he will make sure that you can contact him whenever you need him.

When a man is busy with something or having a business meeting, it’s fine for him to get back to the lady soon- but his reply should not be delayed for more than five minutes.

You will feel how much your man cares about you and how good he wants to be in touch with you!

18. Gentlemen always remember what you share.

A gentleman remembers it when a woman finds herself in the wrong, but he remembers not only that. He would always remember how you felt when you told him about this.

A gentleman also remembers all the good things that you’ve done for him, every time you were nice to him or complimented him.

If a man has his lady’s love and respect, then there is no reason for him to misbehave or do bad things behind her back- he would always do good and be kind!

If you’re sad, gentlemen are always there for you.

19. Talk about the future with you.

A gentleman will let you know that he is expecting something in the future, and he would be able to tell you exactly what it is.

He is a mature guy and he will want a serious relationship with you if he likes you.

So this is why he will talk about the future with you. He wants to let you know that he thinks that the two of you are good together, and he will be ready to make a commitment.

20. Ask your opinion on important decisions.

When you are in love and you feel that you want to tell your man something, he will not just leave it there, but he would like to hear a lot more about it.

A gentleman would always ask his lady’s opinion on a subject, and if the lady believes him then it must be right and that is what they should do- no matter how complicated the decision is.

A gentleman never likes making decisions too quickly- he wants to take all the right steps so that his lady’s heart can be protected!

21. Want to take care and protect you.

He wants to be your hero. He wants to step up the plate and be the one taking care of you. He wants to be your knight in shining armor.

He knows that you need a lot of care and love, that’s why he will make sure that you are protected at all times. He is strong enough to carry this burden.

A gentleman is your own personal superhero- no matter if they are out in the streets on their own or in a coffee shop with you, they will always want to protect you!

This shows he likes you and that you have triggered his hero instinct!