How to tell if a girl is checking you out at the gym: 16 surprising signs

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Do you think a girl might be checking you out at the gym?

It’s tough to figure out, but we’re here to help!

Women aren’t as complicated as you may think once you know what to look for.

In this blog post, I will break down some signs a girl is checking you out or maybe even flirting with you.

Here’s how to tell if a girl is checking you out at the gym.

1. Mirror check.

Is she looking at herself in the mirror? Or is she glancing back and forth from you to the mirror?

You see, at the gym, people are always looking in the mirror at themselves.

But if she looks at the mirror to not only look at herself but also at you, then you know for sure this girl is checking you out.


She might feel nervous that you might notice her staring at you with admiration or interest through the mirror, so she will quickly glance back at herself in the mirror if she thinks you’re noticing her looking through the mirror.

2. Looking around.

If she is looking all around the gym but then she suddenly she looks in your direction, this is a good sign that she may be checking you out.

She’s pretending that she is looking around at the whole gym but then eyeballs you because she knows exactly where you are.

If you lock eyes with her, then that’s a good sign that she is not simply gazing around at the gym, but her main focus was on you all along.

3. Smiling at you.

If she makes eye contact with you and smiles at you, I would say this is one of the best signs that a girl is checking you out.

Girls do not just smile out of reflex looking in someone’s direction and not really paying attention.

It means she actually noticed something about you and liked it enough so she smiled at it or because of it or maybe both!

This also shows she is confident. She is willing to smile at you to let you know that she likes you.

4. Give you water while working out.

If she brings to you water or a sports drink, then you know for sure she has been checking you out and wants to get close to you.

Girls do not normally offer to get guys water during a workout.

This is one of the most solid signs that she may be attracted to you and checking you out.

Make sure to smile at her when she brings it over because this can also be a good sign that she noticed your body while checking you out and liked what her eyes saw!

5. Using an exercise machine near to you.

If she is on a machine near you, it means she might want to check you out while working out.

The reason I think this is because it gives her an opportunity to look at your body from different angles.

Now, this doesn’t by itself mean she likes you and wants a relationship with you, but she might at least want you for your body!

This is especially the case if she stares at you, even if she doesn’t approach you.

This can be a good sign that she might be attracted to you.

Perhaps if this happens just one time then I wouldn’t read much into it, but if she keeps using machines near you then it’s quite clear she is trying to get a good look at you.

You should notice her looking your way when she is using the machine as well.

6. Close to you.

If she gets close to you when exercising and she seems very interested in what you are doing, this is a good sign as well.

Also, if she does any of these 3 things at the same time; going to the side of you or block your vision or go real close to you, this can be a very good sign that she is checking you out or maybe even flirting with you!

Look over at her and if you notice her looking at you while getting close to you, then you know for sure she is checking you out.

7. Make small talk while working out.

Well, this is just a no-brainer, isn’t it!

If she’s looking at you, and then strikes up a conversation, then she was definitely checking you out.

She may make small talk with you about how to do your exercise or what kind of exercise you are doing.

If does this with you and only you, then you know that she sees you as someone special that she wants to get to know.

If she asks you questions about your workout like “how long until I can see results” type of questions. This can be a sign that she’s trying to get to know you and possibly likes what her eyes see.

8. Asking for your help.

A girl may ask you for help during your workout to stay motivated.

One of the main reasons why she might do this is because she is interested in you, but also because she admires your body and wants to see results herself.

A good example would be her asking you to hold her while doing a chin-up or bench-press.

This shows that trusts you and she is okay with you touching her. If a woman is this comfortable with you, then she might be attracted to you.

Another reason why she may ask for your help is that she feels insecure about herself and asks for your help to improve on certain exercises.

But in general, if a girl asks you for your help, it can be a sign that she likes what her eyes see.

9. Talking to you so much.

Look, small-talk is one thing, but asking you about your life and what you do is another thing altogether.

She wants to get to know and she probably has the hots for you.

If she asks questions about your life and talks to you so much, this is a good sign that she might also be trying to flirt with you.

If she asks in-depth personal questions and goes out of her way to ask you these questions, then I would say definitely she’s flirting with you and checking you out.

10. Keeps coming back.

If an attractive woman keeps coming back and checking you out, then she likes what her eyes see.

Perhaps she is being subtle about liking you, and this is why she won’t approach you first, but if she keeps coming back near you then she probably likes you.

She may not be looking at your body only but mainly because she wants to get to know you better and wants to start off on a good relationship.

This is especially if she keeps coming back at the same time. She knows you go to the gym at this time so she makes sure to come at that time as well.

If she keeps coming back over and over again at the same time as you and she is looking at you then I would say definitely she might be interested in starting some type of a relationship with you.

11. Looks at you way more than a normal person.

If she always looks your way and then glances at you, she is trying to check you out.

Also, if you’re the only person that she looks at from a distance with admiration or interest, this is another good sign that she may be checking you out.

You can also tell if a girl is flirting with you if she looks at your body for several seconds in different angles and does not care about what other people think when they see her looking at you.

Perhaps she likes your muscle or your butt. Whatever it is, she wants to check you out and likes what her eyes see. If a girl is blushing or laughing when she looks at you, then this is definitely a good sign that she’s interested in something about you!

12. Smiles while working out.

If she smiles when she gets off of the machine or when she is working out, there is a very good chance that she likes what her eyes see and maybe even flirts with you.

Also, if she is sitting at the back of the gym with a small smile on her face, she may be thinking about you or checking out your body.

If she sits in a position where only you can see her from the front or from behind, this is another good sign that she might like what her eyes saw!

If she does any of these 2 things, that means that she likes what she sees in your gym body.

A girl will only talk to you after checking you out.

12. She looks jealous when you talk with another girl at the gym

If she feels jealous when you talk with another girl, then she’s probably interested in you.

Perhaps she feels a little insecure about herself and sees other girls as competition.

She wants you for herself and she feels annoyed when another girl gets close to you. It is like she is losing her prize she thought was going to be for herself.

If she tries to flirt with you after these events and makes sure to be at the same spot at the gym, then it’s a definite sign that she wants you.

13. She’ll be next to you at the gym even though there is a mountain of open equipment.

You can’t get more obvious than this. Despite available gym equipment all over the joint, she decides to pick the equipment right next to you.

She wants to be close to you because she likes you, and she can get a better view of your body.

Also, if a girl is very confident and always comes up to you or sits in the same area as you or even chats with you from time to time, this means that she likes what her eyes saw when she first met you and wants to check it out even more. This can also have a connotation of flirting as well.

14. She compliments your body

If she compliments your body, then she’s probably been checking you out and she likes what she sees.

Let’s be honest for a second, girls aren’t usually that forward, so this is an excellent sign she is attracted to you.

She can’t help but check you out because she loves your muscle or your physique. Some women find strength attractive.

They focus on physical attractiveness because it shows confidence and abilities.

If a female doesn’t like the way you look, she tries to avoid being associated with you.

But if she does notice your muscles, then she’s probably attracted to you. Maybe she notices that your body or looks good and wants to see it up close!

16. She wears revealing clothes around you

Now, some girls do this at the gym, but if this girl makes sure she is looking sexy around you, then she likes what she is seeing and she wants to impress you.

She thinks you are sexy and she wants to show you that she has worked on her body just as much as you have.

Not only does she want to get to know you, but she wants you to be attracted as well.

She might even try and show off her physical attributes in front of you, like doing squats so you can get a good view of her ass.

This also means she is confident in her body.

If you are interested in her, then I would say definitely that this is a good sign she might be interested in starting something with you.