8 subtle signs you’re more than just a friend to her (but she doesn’t want you to know it)


1. She contacts you out of the blue for no real reason


While chatting over coffee, my friend admitted that she constantly texts a guy she likes in a casual manner to hide her true feelings, which made me realize that many women employ this tactic to maintain a connection with someone they're interested in without showing their true affection.

2. She remembers the little things


I recently came across a quote on Instagram that said, "People remember what's important to them," and it's true; if she remembers the small details about you and your life, like your mom's birthday or your childhood pet's name, she might care about you more than she's letting on.

3. She’s “casually” curious about your future plans


If she enthusiastically discusses your future plans, showing a keen interest in your dreams and aspirations, it could be a sign of her deeper feelings and desire to align her life with yours.

4. She subtly creates shared rituals or traditions


Consider the little things you both share, like a favorite coffee shop or inside jokes; these unspoken rituals reflect her effort to nurture and value the special connection between you, suggesting deeper emotions beyond casual friendship.

5. She leans in, she touches her hair…


After reading an article on the significance of body language in communication, I began observing whether she leans in when you talk, maintains prolonged eye contact, or displays subtle physical gestures like touching her face or playing with her hair, as these non-verbal cues could hint at her concealed emotions, making body language a powerful tool for understanding her unspoken thoughts.

6. She goes out of her way for you


If she consistently goes out of her way to make your life better, from bringing your favorite coffee on tough days to supporting your important events, it's a strong indicator of her deep care for you, even if she hasn't confessed her feelings yet.

7. She gets a little jealous


Jealousy can reveal hidden feelings; if she gets jealous when you're with others or talks about other women, it might mean she sees you as more than a friend.

8. She lets her guard down


If she can be her true self around you, sharing thoughts, worries, and vulnerabilities, it's a strong indication of her hidden affection and trust.

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