Why do some girls or women ignore men they are attracted to? 15 reasons

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Why do some girls or women ignore men they are attracted to? 15 reasons

Being ignored by a woman whom you are attracted to and who you think is attracted to you is one of the most frustrating things as a man.

Women generally do not ignore men unless they have a good reason to or somehow see them as undesirable. However, there are times when even the most attractive men find themselves being ignored by women who are certainly interested in them and would be receptive if given the right encouragement.

Here are 10 reasons why some girls or women might ignore men they’re attracted to.

01 She’s not ready to date

While she may be attracted to you, there may be other things that cause her to ignore you.

Perhaps she just got out of a long-term relationship and is still recovering emotionally or maybe she is focusing on her career and does not have time to date.

Often this simply comes down to it not being the right time. Even though she may see you as attractive, she may desire to ignore you to avoid the risk of falling for you and risking the heartbreak that might occur.


02 She is shy

During social interactions, many people find that they have a more difficult time talking to someone who is attractive and seems to be interested in them.

For some girls and women, it may just be an issue of shyness and they are afraid they will sound stupid trying to talk to you when all they want is an introduction.

They may be able to recognize that you are the type of person that would be a good match for them, but if they cannot get up the courage to approach you, it may seem like they are ignoring you.


03 She doesn’t see a future with you

Most women are long-term thinkers. If she does not see a future with you as a real possibility, she may just avoid you entirely.

This could be for a variety of logical reasons.

Is it possible that she intends on moving away and doesn’t want to get involved in a romantic relationship before doing so?

Perhaps she does not feel that you have the ability to provide for a family?

There are many possible reasons for this.


04 She is in a relationship

While it can be frustrating to be ignored when it seems like the woman you are attracted to is interested, this is a sure sign that she already has a romantic partner.

Some women go out of their way to ignore interested men hoping that they will leave them alone.


05 You are in a relationship

If you already have a girlfriend, the woman may want to ignore you so that she does not cause any conflict.

There is no doubt that it can be difficult for people attracted to each other to maintain a friendship.

It’s possible she doesn’t want to risk doing something you or she may regret.

06 She previously dated a friend of yours or vice versa

If she previously dated a friend of yours, or you dated a friend of hers. She may be inclined to ignore you, even if she is attracted to or in love with you.

This is out of loyalty and a desire to avoid hurting other people or causing conflict.


07 You have done something to cause her to dislike you

Even if she is attracted to you, she may be inclined to ignore you because of your behavior towards her. You might even be unaware of what you did.

Maybe she has met you at a bar or through mutual friends and finds that while you were polite at first, you were dismissive and disrespectful towards her.

This may cause her to lose interest in you, even if there is a good chance that she would be interested had the situation been different.


08 She doesn’t trust you

The woman may trust you right up until you do something that makes her lose faith in you.

Maybe you have previously had a relationship with her or maybe she is unsure of your intentions.

Or perhaps she is fed up with you

Whatever the cause, if she feels that she has no reason to trust you and that you will not be good to her, she will probably choose to ignore you.


09 Her family would disapprove of you

If she is not a single woman, or even if she is, and her family would disapprove of you as a romantic partner, she may be inclined to ignore you entirely.

If she feels that her parents would not approve of you, or maybe would have problems with her dating someone with a different racial background, this can be enough to cause her to ignore you entirely.

10 She wants you to make a bold move

Most women desire a strong partner.

If you are not capable of stepping up and taking the risk of making the first move, why should she see you as a valuable partner?

Maybe you’re not comfortable approaching her or you’re afraid of rejection.

If she senses that you aren’t aggressive enough, or aren’t confident in your ability to move forward with something this important, she may choose to ignore you until you are.

11 Cultural norms

Does the girl come from a different background or culture than you? If so, this could be the reason she is ignoring you.

Some cultures are particularly conservative and it may be the norm for women to ignore men to whom they are attracted.

Additionally, she may not be comfortable getting involved with someone who is not from the same background or of the same religion as her.

12 Her friends may be discouraging her

There may be friends in her life who have already told her of their opinion on you.

They might have told her that you are not a good match, or maybe they dislike you personally.

Whatever the reason, if she is interested in you but her friends do not want this to happen, she may choose to ignore you.

13 She has a fear of rejection

It is not uncommon for people to fear rejection.

If she finds you attractive and desires to get involved in a romantic relationship with you, but has these fears, she may not know how to act around you and therefore chooses to ignore you.

14 She has a low self-esteem

If she does not feel that she is good enough for you, or maybe she doesn’t feel like she is as attractive as you would want, this could be the reason why she ignores you.

She may believe that there is no way that you would be interested in her, so even if there is an attraction present, it may not be enough to make her approach you.

15 She may not be attracted to you at all

I know this is hard to hear but it is very possible that you are mistaken and she is simply not interested in you.

While this may hurt a lot, remember that it’s better to know the truth.

To conclude, if you are finding yourself being ignored by a woman you are attracted to, don’t let it get you down.

As outlined above there are many reasons why a girl that is attracted to a man might ignore him.

Honestly, you may never know why it is happening but the above points are some you might consider. That said, playing the guessing game isn’t always healthy. If you haven’t been upfront with her already, we would recommend doing so.

Simply confidently ask her out. If she rejects you, it may be embarrassing but at least you can move on without wondering what it might have been. You may not know why and that’s okay. Get over it.

If she agrees to go on a date, that’s great. You can stop guessing and probably procrastinating and move on to building a great relationship.

Hopefully, after reading this article you will have learned more about why it is possible for a woman to ignore a man she is attracted to. If there are any other signs we may have forgotten, we would love to hear them in the comments below.