17 undeniable signs from the universe that she is the one (complete list)

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Falling in love with the perfect partner can make you feel special and give you a rush of euphoric happiness.

Sometimes, we fail to see what’s right in front of our eyes by overthinking everything.

It’s times like these when you don’t know if she is “The One” that the universe responds by giving you subtle signals that you have found the perfect partner.

So here are 17 undeniable signs from the universe that she’s the one you’re meant to be with:

1) You Keep Running Into Her Again and Again

A few occasional chance encounters can be marked down to coincidence but if you keep running into them regularly, then it may be a sign that she’s the one for you.

If you keep bumping into each other it means that there’s an underlying connection that’s drawing you towards each other.

Try to be on the lookout for people you keep meeting unplanned and the people who seem to turn up out of nowhere in your hour of need.

You might find a particular pattern emerging with you crossing paths with her frequently.

This just means that the universe is nudging you in her direction so that you can see that she is your ideal mate.

2) You’re Constantly Dreaming About Her

Dreams are a fascinating phenomenon and are often a medium for the universe to convey messages to us.

If you’re constantly dreaming about her, then it may be a sign that she has taken a place in your heart and the universe is validating your hunch that she is right for you.

These dreams could involve having sex with her, going out on a date, or even getting married to her.

Think about it: If you keep dreaming about living your whole life with her despite knowing her for a short period of time, then it has to be something deeper than mere fantasies.

It usually means that the universe wants you to be with her.

3) She Has Become Synonymous With Your Definition of “Ideal Partner”

We all have the image of an “ideal partner” in our minds.

While it may be unrealistic to find someone who is a carbon copy of your expectations, you might find that she is as close as one can get to match your definition of an “ideal partner”.

She may also be the person that you’re subconsciously describing when you talk about what you want in a partner.

All of these are clear signs that you have found a strong connection to her and that the universe is sending you signs that she’s the “forever person” that you have always desired.

Be it soulmate or your twin flame, you’re sure to see signs that the both of you’re extremely compatible on many different levels.

4) You Subconsciously Hear Her Voice

If she truly is your soulmate, then the connection you feel to her must go beyond anything you have ever felt before.

The voice of a person sticks to us when they matter a lot. You may subconsciously hear her voice even when they’re not around.

It may also translate into imagining her voice saying “I love you”.

If her voice is stuck in your head, then it’s a clear sign that the universe wants you to seek her out and be with her as she’s truly the one meant for you.

Hearing their voice isn’t necessarily just fantasies but could indicate that you miss her voice and feel connected to it in your soul.

5) You Miss Her a Lot When She Isn’t Around

When you care about someone deeply, it’s natural to miss them when they’re not around.

If you’re missing her a lot lately to the point thoughts about her keep playing inside your mind, it could mean that you have found your soulmate. Just the thought of her being close can fill you with joy, and if she’s away, you miss her a lot.

It could be a clear indication from the cosmos that this person is the perfect match for your love life. The world clearly wants you to be with the person you’re missing all the time; it may be time to reach out to her and experience it for yourself.

6) You Have Been Fantasizing About Her a Lot Lately

Do you just randomly catch yourself lost in a world where you were fantasizing about going out with them or marrying them?

If so, these daydreams could mean that she has consumed your waking thoughts and that the connection you have with her is something special. If you haven’t known her for too long, then it’s clear that the universe is sending you a signal to go after her.

It’s also possible that you may even find a sense of familiarity about them as if you have already met them many times before even though you never actually did.

By picking up on this and choosing to be with her, you may find that she’s everything you hoped she would be and the relationship you share with her is nothing short of your dream love life.

7) She Mirrors a Lot of Your Ideals and Values

When you find your soulmate, you can look into her eyes and see a reflection of yourself in them.

She may emulate a lot of your core ideals, values, and beliefs; she’s a version of yourself that is refined yet compatible with your personality.

This is a clear sign from the infinitude that there’s a deep understanding and a lot of common ground between the two of you that can potentially flourish into something special if you give it a chance.

It’s a sign that the two of you’re on the same page and may be ready to write the next few chapters together.

In the end, a real man wants a woman with the same values.

8) You Often Come Across Her Belongings or Pictures

If you find random stuff that belongs to her in your pocket or around your house, then it may be a sign that there’s something meaningful worth exploring with her.

After all, you don’t pocket stuff or keep her belongings if she was just a casual friend. It may be a sign that there’s a shared bond between the two of you that’s trickling into earthly possessions.

You may even be spotting her face on your feed or come across photos of her on your phone regularly. This may be a direct sign that the universe is trying to bring your attention to this person.

9) You Feel Attached to Her on a Deeper Level

Not every relationship, love, or partner feels the same. You can feel the connection with her almost as if it were tangible.

When you start to get attached to someone over everyone else, there’s a certain feeling that often doesn’t begin as love. You’ll just out of the blue begin to feel attached to this person.

You’ll notice that you prefer to talk to this person above everyone else and that you constantly want to be seated close to them. Even before love takes hold, a genuine friendship starts to develop all of a sudden. This is a sign from the universe that you have just met the woman that’s perfect for you.

10) Everything About Her Makes Sense in Your Vision for the Future

Many times we give up on love after falling for the wrong people.

But if she’s truly right for you, everything about her will make sense in your vision for the future. you’re not afraid to explore a life together with her even if you have been hurt before.

It’s a sign that the universe wants you to be with that person if you suddenly start to feel strongly convinced and ready to love again because of someone in your mind.

The universe is trying to get your attention by letting you know that it’s okay to love again and that by doing so you may get a chance to be with the person that’s perfect for you.

You can see it in your behavior around them and how your mood shifts the moment they approach you.

11) She Makes You Want to Be a Better Person

The perfect partner is someone who doesn’t just treasure you but also makes you a better person – being around her has helped unearth the best version of yourself.

It could be the way you talk, the way you carry yourself, or your general level of happiness. If she can bring out the best of you and isn’t afraid of your worst sides, it means that you have met your match.

You’re also not afraid of being vulnerable with them because you can sense that they’re going to be someone special in your life. This clearly means that it isn’t mere infatuation and that she’s the one for you.

By picking up on this, you have given yourself the best gift the universe has to offer you.

12) You Feel A Sense of Duty to Be With Her

You may never have felt the need to be with someone before, but just by looking at her, you can feel a sense of duty and a desire to keep her safe.

You feel it when you see her or that there’s something worth protecting. It could be because she reminds you of your mother or because she has suffered like you have.

It’s a sign that there’s much more to the relationship than just falling in love with them.

13) You Feel A Sense of Rightness with Her

You may have met the love of your life and have made it feel so natural to be with them.

You feel like you belong with her, that you’re a perfect match for her on both levels, and that there’s a sense of rightness about the two of you.

You simply can’t imagine your life without her; no matter what else comes along in your life or world, you know it will be fine.

14) You Feel Incomplete Without Her

You may miss her when she’s not around and feel like an essential part of you is missing.

If she’s the right one for you, then there’s a sense that something isn’t complete without her, whether it be your life or your heart.

You find that you’re more than happy to put yourself out there for this person and are willing to go all in because you feel like this is the only thing that matters.

15) You Feel Restless When She’s Not Around

You may feel restless when you’re not with her, that there’s just a feeling of missing her all the time.

If she’s the one for you, then you don’t have to worry about missing her because your heart will always go on for her.

However, if you feel restless when she isn’t around, then that may be your intuition telling you that there’s trouble ahead.

16) You Share Similar Values and Beliefs With Her

If she reflects your core values and beliefs, she’s not just right for you; she has to be the one for you.

You’re not trying to change her nor are you trying to match her since the two of you share similar beliefs.

If you find that you’re going through life together, then it’s a sign that the two of you are meant to be. You feel like you can conquer the world with this person by your side because they’re the best match for you.

17) You Have the Same Goals, Interests, and Desires Together

When she becomes your companion and partner in crime, it doesn’t mean that she’s just right for you; it means that she’s a perfect match for your ambitions and goals.

You may be on different career paths but you can still have the same interests and dreams.

It’s a sign that she’s not just right for you because she’s compatible with you but that she’s perfect for your current goals and ambitions. 18) You Feel A Sense of Intimacy and Connection with Her

You feel like you’re on a deeper level with this person and that you have a real connection with her.

You can feel her love and affection for you, even in the midst of a crowded room. It’s not just the physical attraction; there’s also an emotional connection between the two of you that can’t be explained or resisted.