9 surprising signs she likes you by the way she looks at you

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9 surprising signs she likes you by the way she looks at you

Do you have your eye on a special girl? But you’re not sure how she feels about you?

Women might seem confusing at the best of times, but truth is, when you understand women’s psychology, it becomes a lot less complex.

Look, I’m Lachlan Brown, one of the founders of The Considered Man, and I’ve researched female psychology for over ten years.

If you want to know what a woman is feeling, then the trick is to look at her eyes. Her eyes will say more than her words ever will.

When people say the eyes are the beholder of a woman’s thoughts, they’re on the money.

Here are ten things to look for to decipher if she likes you by the way she looks at you.

1) She Likes to Maintain Eye Contact With You

There is a good chance that she’s interested in you if she maintains eye contact with you for a considerable amount of time.

Making eye contact that lasts 3 to 5 seconds with the person, she’s really attracted to will likely trigger an oxytocin release in her brain.

This will give her a wonderful feeling which can be felt by you as well if you’re into her.

Eye contact is usually her way of telling you that she likes you and is usually trying to get the ball rolling between you.

You may even spot her gazing at you during a conversation to see your reaction before she says something.

Frequently locking eyes means she feels comfortable around you and is drawn to you.

2) You Catch Her Staring at You With a Smile

If you catch her staring at you from a distance with a smile on her face consistently, it may be a sign that she likes you.

She will try to make eye contact, smile at you, and may even look away if you turn in her direction.

You may even observe her pupils dilate when she’s staring at you, which signifies that you’re the center of her attention.

She may steal glances at you when you’re out with your friends and continue staring at you if she believes you haven’t noticed it.

Gazing in your direction may even be subconscious for her at times because she’s thinking about you.

If she quickly turns away when you catch her, it means that she’s a little shy about her feelings and may be waiting for you to approach her.

3) Her Pupils Dilate

This is a sign that she’s overwhelmed by your presence or nervous.

Her pupils dilate when she gets excited – especially if you’re attractive.

Research has shown that when we engage eye contact with someone we’re attracted to, the chemicals dopamine and oxytocin are released into our body. These are often referred to as “happy hormones”.

This makes us feel good, and when these chemicals disperse throughout the body, it causes the body to relax and the pupils of the eyes to dilate.

This signifies that she’s quite attracted to you, and depending on the intensity, she may be taken by you.

4) You Catch Her Smiling or Giggling at You

Socially and sexually, we smile to express happiness, joy, contentment and sexual arousal.

These feelings are directly linked with our biology and body structure through hormones and neurotransmitters.

When you catch her smiling or giggling at you in a social setting where others can see, she may be interested in you.

Women usually want to smile at a man they like, because they want to look attractive and positive.

Usually, a smile is her way of saying, “Hey, I like you.”

So if she looks at you while smiling, she may be interested in you.

5) She Looks You Up and Down

If she looks you up and down, she may strongly attract you.

After all, this is a clear sign of lust. She is checking out your figure. Women aren’t usually this explicit, so if she does this, then you should probably approach her.

She may also look you up and down to make sure you’re not a creepy weirdo.

Women are very prone to this, and looking is her way of saying, “I like you.”

So if you catch her looking at you, she might be attracted to you.

6) You See Her Eyebrow Raised (She’s Interested)

When she raises her eyebrows and exposes her upper eyelid, this is one of the most clear sign ever that she really likes you.

Her brows are a way to express her feelings; when they are raised, it means she is interested in something or someone.

She may also look at you straight in the eye when she raises her eyebrows, which is rare.

Her expression may look like a natural reaction to something that excites her or a bit playful.

If she folds her eyebrows and goes into an uncomfortable position when you catch her looking at you, she is not happy with something and might have feelings of disdain.

7) She Looks Flustered

If she constantly checks you out and you catch her looking, and she quickly looks away and is flustered, it shows that she was trying to check you out when you weren’t looking.

She may also smile or squint at you because she’s usually trying to hide something.

This is an indication that she’s interested in you and does not know how to approach you, so she will try different ways, as a result, to get close to you.

Women usually want to be the ones who are approached, so they don’t want to be too direct about their interests, which os why she will try and look away.

The truth is, if she’s checking you out, and gets flustered when you catch her, you can bet she likes you.

8) She Blinks More Than Usual

Blink rate increases when we’re excited, so she may be interested in you if you see her blinking more than usual.

If she blinks a lot longer than usual, then she’s trying to conceal something that she’s not comfortable with.

Her eyes are her way of expressing her feelings and emotions, so this is a good indication that they like you.

9) She Gives You “Flirty Eyes”

We all know what this looks like. She will maintain eye contact and try to look ultra-seductive with her eyes.

This is a dead giveaway she likes you. She will try this to seduce you, but she’s trying to tell you that she is attracted to you.

If you catch her doing this, then it means that she likes you and will do anything to get your attention.

9) She Laughs at Your Jokes While Looking Directly At You

This is a big sign! She is trying to show you that you’re funny. She will laugh and direct most of her attention and admiration toward you.

When women are attracted to a guy, they laugh more than usual. They will pay a lot of attention to the details of his jokes and even embellish them.

If you catch her laughing at your gestures and jests, it means she’s interested in you, especially if she maintains eye contact to make sure you notice her laughing.