Why a girl avoids eye contact with you if she likes you: 10 reasons

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Why a girl avoids eye contact with you if she likes you: 10 reasons

Women don’t always say what’s on their minds, especially when it comes to flirting and romance. Most of the time, they send subtle signs that show their interest in a man – like eye contact.

There are so many emotions that the eyes can convey.

In attraction and romantic relationships, eye contact is a primary factor that men should learn to decipher to step up their game.

If a girl has been avoiding eye contact with you and you’re wondering why, then here are some possible reasons:

1) She’s Shy Around People

Shy people often have problems with social engagement. When you’re attracted to someone, consistent eye contact is an important signal to let them know you’re interested. But shy girls can’t easily do this.

Shy girls usually feel safer if they’re less visible. Looking at people in the eye makes them feel exposed and judged, so they unconsciously avoid eye contact.

Their low self-esteem makes them feel intimidated by other people. It also makes eye contact too overwhelming for them.

Since shy girls won’t make eye contact much less take the first move, it’s up to you to approach and talk to them.

However, it’s important to stay neutral because it’s easy to scare them off if you come on too strong.

Shy girls will greatly appreciate it if you slowly approach with a gentle smile and a light joke to put them at ease.

2) She’s Nervous

Nervousness is another possible reason why a girl might avoid eye contact with you. She might find it difficult to interact with other people, especially in social situations.

She might also think eye contact draws unwanted attention, so she tends to look away as soon as she meets eyes with someone.

In some cases, the girl might also be suffering from a social anxiety disorder.

This makes them too nervous to make eye contact with anyone – including someone they’re interested in.

Additionally, girls with social anxiety also display other signs like shaking their hands, tapping their fingers, staring at items around, and speaking softly.

Knowing about these signs of anxiety can help you a lot if you’re planning to approach a nervous girl in the middle of the party.

Laughter is a great way to relieve stress, so making a girl giggle despite the situation can earn you a few charm points.

3) She’s So Into You

Girls may also be nervous and avoid eye contact because they’re interested in you. If this is the case, then you’re likely to find other signs of nervousness when you’re around her – she might even have different body language around you compared to others.

When a girl is into you but avoids eye contact, then you can get the hint by observing her other movements.

For example, I knew my girlfriend was into me early on because she would giggle a lot while looking at the ground.

She also tended to play with her hair a lot when she was talking to me, like stroking it or tucking it behind her ear.

There are more signs of attraction that women can display if they can’t make eye contact – like adjusting their appearance or pointing their feet in your direction.

If you think a girl you’re interested in is also into you, then your best bet is to approach them and make the first move.

4) She’s Not Confident Enough

Lack of confidence is another common reason why girls avoid eye contact even if they like someone. She might not believe in herself or think her feelings are invalid.

For people who lack confidence in themselves, looking someone in the eye – especially when speaking to them – is uncomfortable.

When the girl avoids eye contact with you, it might leave you wondering whether it’s fine to ask her out or not.

Unless she’s upfront with her feelings, it’s difficult for you to know if she’s interested in a relationship.

Look, she might be interested, but she is afraid of getting hurt.

Before approaching a girl who avoids eye contact, it’s crucial to see first how she acts around other people.

If she avoids eye contact with others too, then it’s likely that her nervousness has nothing to do with you.

But if she still avoids eye contact when you two are alone, then it’s a good sign she’s interested in you.

5) She’s Upset About Something

Avoiding eye contact is a common habit of most women who are annoyed or upset about something, but don’t want to speak their minds yet.

It can be confusing for most people, especially for their partners who don’t know their offense during that moment.

If you find your date avoiding eye contact all of a sudden, the first thing to check is their body language.

Their movements and manner of speaking tell a lot about their emotions – aside from avoiding eye contact, they might also frown, point their feet away from you, respond with a high pitch, or speak in one-word answers when they’re upset.

Upsetting the girl you like early in the relationship isn’t a bad sign for the rest of your time together.

She might be jealous because you talked to another girl. It could be anything.

Even the best relationships have some ups and downs – avoiding eye contact after an argument or incident might be a girl’s way to cope with the situation.

When approaching a girl when she’s upset, make sure to be as understanding of the circumstance as possible – let them know that you’re there to fix the situation or at least be with her through it.

6) She Isn’t Focused on the Conversation

Talking to someone you’re interested in can be nerve-wracking. Girls tend to be self-conscious with their actions, so their mind wanders off when talking to the apple of their eye.

As a result, they might not engage too much in the conversation or make enough eye contact with the other person.

It might not be that she finds the topic boring or tiring, but she could be simply overthinking her actions and appearance when talking to you.

Instead of focusing on your words, she might be thinking about how her makeup looks, whether she put on her best perfume, how close she is to you, and other things that might affect how you see her.

If you feel that your date isn’t too focused on the conversation, try asking them about their thoughts – if they want to share them. Discussing their thoughts might distract them from overthinking and make the experience enjoyable for both of you.

7) She Finds Your Stares Aggressive

Eye contact is a powerful body language tool that people use to convey their emotions.

But if you look at someone too much and for too long, then you might come across as aggressive.

This might intimidate the girl you’re establishing eye contact with – resulting in them looking away even if they were initially interested.

Being confident and assertive is an attractive trait, but a lot of people mistake them for aggression.

Holding eye contact is great but you also have to consider your other actions that accompany it – how does your smile look? How do you walk when crossing the room? What’s the tone of your voice when speaking? Always make sure that when you’re trying to catch the eyes of a girl, your aura exudes confidence and not arrogance or aggressiveness.

8) She’s Lying or Hiding Something

Since the lack of eye contact is often related to the feeling of being exposed, people tend to avoid meeting the eyes of someone when they’re hiding something.

This is also true for girls who are interested in a person but are afraid that their feelings might show if they engage in eye contact.

As a woman, she doesn’t want to embarrass herself in case the other person doesn’t reciprocate her feelings.

Women tend to steal glances now and then, but they also avoid eye contact to appear nonchalant – some of them do this intentionally and unintentionally.

9) She Feels Uncomfortable

Some people feel uncomfortable in the presence of someone they’re interested in because there’s the pressure to always put their best foot forward.

When a girl avoids eye contact during a conversation, then they might want to wrap up the conversation immediately because they feel a bit uncomfortable.

But unfortunately, being uncomfortable around a person doesn’t always equal attraction.

In some cases, girls feel uncomfortable with the person they’re talking to because of topics they’d rather not talk about.

If a girl averts her eyes too much during a conversation, check her body language for other negative or positive signs then think of your next move from there.

Remember that talking to someone who’s clearly uncomfortable can end badly for both of you, so try to make the girl feel at ease all the time by cracking a few jokes or acting like a gentleman.

10) She’s Not Interested

Girls are smart enough to know who likes them even without speaking – they do this by interpreting signs like winks, smiles, and gazes.

When they notice a guy constantly staring at them from across the room, they might look away immediately to avoid giving any mixed signals if they’re not interested in them.

What’s tricky is that eye contact itself can mean two different things, so it’s crucial to always look at non-verbal signs and social cues before making a move.

While avoiding eye contact can be a sign of attraction, it can also be an indication of disinterest in some cases. Knowing what the lack of eye contact means can help you communicate with girls better, especially if you’re interested in them.