10 definite signs a shy girl likes you (complete list)

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10 definite signs a shy girl likes you (complete list)

You might be having a little crush on a reserved girl who isn’t inclined to directly express her thoughts and feelings. This makes things a bit more challenging.

Shy women are often afraid of rejection and confrontation, which is why they hide behind a cloak of mystery.

They aren’t used to confessing their feelings and admitting to someone that they’re interested. In this article, you can read about subtle signs that give away her crush on you too.

1) First of All, You Might Be Assuming Things

But before anything else, I have to slap you with reality for a quick second: You might be assuming things.

It’s not always easy to tell if someone’s into you, most especially if they’re the shy type.

Reserved girls won’t always put themselves “out there” nor will they proactively show you that they have a crush on you.

Pro tip: Women don’t like it when a man comes off too strong.

Let’s say a girl doesn’t have a crush on you, but there’s still a chance to win her heart, you have to keep things intriguing and exciting.

Don’t ruin the thrill of the chase — practice the art of subtle flirting, and she’ll be looking your way in no time.

2) Her Body Language Shows It

The quintessential shy girl makes her interests obvious through body language. Look out for subtle body signals that show that she likes you:

You may be noticing that she leans into you quite often; her feet are angled towards you, and she likes to play with her hair when you’re in her vicinity.

This could also be her way of giving you the confidence to make the first move.

Another sign is that she is constantly “fixing” yourself whenever you’re around – whether that’s adjusting her shirt, making sure her hair is in place, putting on make-up, or checking herself out in the mirror.

She makes an effort to up her style game to attract your attention.

I suggest that you give her a simple compliment from time to time, and see how she reacts.

3) You Can Feel Her Eyes on You

Best believe that shy girls’ eyes speak a lot. If she’s secretly holding her gaze longer than normal and you catch her staring, she’ll most likely look away instantly out of embarrassment.

Your friends and colleagues might even mention that this girl’s been throwing multiple glances your way.

It’s quite an obvious sign when a girl never gets bored looking at you.

Here’s the thing: My best friend is a shy girl, and she has told me she will do everything in her power to not make her interests and intentions explicit.

She’s just not a big fan of direct interaction which is why she won’t openly gawk at you, but she’d definitely observe your style and behavior.

If her crush ever does look her way – rest assured that she’ll be staring at a clock, a pencil, or the wall beside her just so that her eyes won’t meet his.

4) She Blushes When You’re Around

Any person, regardless of sexual orientation, can experience uncontrollable blushing whenever they’re talking to their crush.

If a girl turns red-faced whenever you compliment or subtly flirt with her, it could mean 1 of 3 things: They’re embarrassed, uncomfortable, or they have the biggest crush on you.

To figure out which one it is, you have to pay attention to her verbal and non-verbal cues. If she hits you back with another compliment or keeps the conversation going, you’re safe.

If you notice even the slightest hint of discomfort, stop flirting and making comments about her immediately.

Try apologizing, as well, and be the gentleman that you are.

5) She Tends to Become Jealous

Is she bummed out when you miss out on one of her games? Did she take days to reply when you flaked on her? Did you get the silent treatment when you told her that you’re still entertaining other women?

The thing is some shy girls tend to become irritated if you weren’t there for her.

If the girl truly has a crush on you, they see you in a more-than-a-friend capacity.

So who wouldn’t want their feelings to be reciprocated?

It’s also a telltale sign if someone you like gets jealous when they see you around potential competition.

But again, just to emphasize, a smitten shy girl won’t say her thoughts directly to you.

She’ll cope through other ways like ignoring you, telling her friends, posting on Twitter, or perhaps entertaining another guy in an attempt to make you feel jealous as well.

6) She Makes Small Compliments

After food, compliments are the way to a man’s heart.

A shy girl notices everything about you and subtly flirts by complimenting your personality, looks, and quirks.

It might not seem like a big deal to you that she called you out on your new sneakers or new hair, but it actually means that she’s interested enough to pay attention to the little details.

A word of caution: Girls love to compliment other people. It’s part of our nature. And so navigating the line between subtle flirting and platonic compliments might be quite the challenge.

A girl is most probably crushing on you if you’re pretty much the only person she praises. She might call her friends pretty now and again, but when it comes to you, she notices everything.

7) She Laughs at Your Jokes a Lot

If your shy girl giggles or laughs at every one of your jokes, no matter how cheesy or corny it may be, you might want to keep her around. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that you’ve successfully made someone laugh.

That aside, listen for frequency. If she’s always the first one to laugh whenever you crack a joke – brought about by your wits and undeniable charm – that’s a dead giveaway.

Take it from my best friend, a shy girl who has had a long history of crushes. For some reason, she says that whenever she’s around her crush, she cannot stop the urge to smirk and laugh.

She used to get embarrassed, but then she realized that it’s better to have a sense of humor than to have any of them think that they’re not interesting.

So fellas, I’m telling you now that a chuckle from a girl could be a love letter from her subconscious. It’s up to you how you want to decipher it.

8) Her Friends Tease Her With You

Her friends are overprotective of her as she’s always been reserved or perhaps she hasn’t had experience in being in a relationship.

They giggle when you’re around.

They test you, gauge your interest, and want to know everything about you – your love life, values, and what you look for in a relationship.

Just remember that they’re doing this because they’re looking out for their friend. They want to make sure that you’re the man for her.

Having involved friends is a good sign as it shows that the girl has been telling them about you.

It might seem like pleasantries at first, but you’re a lucky man if her friends start taking on an active role and try to become a wingwoman (or man).

You might notice that they keep putting in a good word about her and consistently try to get you both alone in a room.

Maybe you shouldn’t leave everything up to fate, and let cupid friends do their thing.

9) You Somehow Always “Run” Into Her

Others call this pure coincidence, but I beg to disagree. I call this a “mastermind” moment. You may find yourself walking past her a lot and her hand brushes against yours.

She goes to the places you normally go to on a Friday night and checks out the pages you’ve visited on social media.

Take it however you like, but she knows what she’s doing. She intentionally sets up these opportunities to talk and hang out with you.

10) She Says Yes

Her wall of shyness doesn’t hinder her from taking initiative to make plans with you and your friends.

For example, she finds a way to be on your team during a game or asks the group chat if they’re free to have drinks this weekend.

She also hardly says “no” to your invites.

Another thing you might want to observe is if she agrees with a lot of your unpopular opinions and controversial takes.

Trust me, some girls can get really creative.

They say they have nothing to do that day. They pretend to not know something about a certain topic and ask you for help or advice.

But if you want to know for sure, here’s a secret: A lot of girls are suckers for late-night calls.

It doesn’t matter if they have a commitment the next day or they were planning to have 8 hours of shut-eye that night.

If their crush wants to have a call, shyness goes straight out the door.

Talk to Your Crush (and Hopefully Don’t Get Crushed)

All women can seem mysterious, shy girls even more so. I know it’s not easy to take the first step – it never is.

But you need to have that conversation with her; you can’t keep second-guessing her double takes towards you.

She might even tell you that she needs time, but that’s fine.

Start by making small talk to make her feel at ease and to assure her that she’s in a safe environment.

Calmly express your feelings. If things go well, you can ask for a date – and from there, see where things go.