14 signs she is hiding her feelings (but she secretly wants you)

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14 signs she is hiding her feelings (but she secretly wants you)

As a man, you’ve probably had the experience of being unsure if a woman is romantically interested in you.

You want to attract an incredible girl and make her want you, but you also don’t want to get rejected.

You’re not alone. Most men have asked, “Does she actually like me?”

Some women are skilled at hiding their feelings, but it doesn’t mean she won’t show them to you if you know what to look for.

So let’s break it down.

After you read this post, you’ll know the definitive signs that will tell you right away if a girl is hiding her feelings for you and secretly likes you.

1. She’s looking at you (when you’re not looking)

It might not mean much if you catch her looking at you once.

But it’s not a coincidence if you catch her looking at you constantly. 

If she’s hiding her feelings, she’ll quickly look away when you lock eyes with her.

This is actually normal for women because they don’t want to be too direct about their romantic interest in men. 

In fact, psychologist Jeremy Nicholson says that “paying attention” to someone is one of the top four indicators of attraction.

So if you notice that she looks at you and pays attention to your every move, she may have a hidden crush on you. 

2. Her feet point towards you

Psychologists suggest that where your feet point is one of the best nonverbal cues that reveal what someone is sensing, thinking, and feeling.

When it comes to romantic attraction, we generally point our feet toward the person we are interested in.

The best bit?

Even if she hides her feelings for you, she won’t consciously control where her feet are pointing.

What to look for:

– If her feet point towards you, then she’s probably interested in you.

– If they are pointing away from you (especially towards the exit), she may not like you and wants to get out of there.

– If she has her feet under her when sitting, or her legs are tightly crossed, she may be guarded or nervous.

– If she spreads her feet out, then she is comfortable.

Also, keep an eye out for body orientation as well.

People lean toward people they like and distance themselves from people they dislike.

If her feet are pointing towards you and her body is leaning in when you’re in conversation with her, then there could be a high chance she is attracted to you.

3. Body mirroring

You may not realize it, but when you’re in a conversation with someone with whom you have a rapport, you tend to mirror each other’s body positions.

This can include copying the way you stand or your physical gestures. 

For example, if you tend to use your hands a lot when you talk, she may also begin to use her hands more. 

According to Psychologist Jack Schafer, mirroring sends a subconscious signal to a person you are with that you like them.

You can test this out by changing your body position while talking with her. If she likes you, she will likely mirror you within several seconds.

Mirroring also extends to things you say. If you use a particular word or phrase, she will also likely repeat it in the following sentence.

4. She blushes

Blushing can be a powerful indicator of attraction because it’s an involuntary reaction we can’t control.

People usually blush from embarrassment or when they talk to someone they like.

It’s hard to fake. She won’t be able to keep it secret from you (unless she hides her face!)

You can test this out by giving an unexpected compliment to her.

If you suddenly see a red tinge on her face, she’s probably blushing and might be romantically attracted to you. 

5. She is nervous around you

We’ve all been there. On a date with a girl and your stomach starts doing flip-flops.

Well, women are the same.

If a woman likes you, she will probably be nervous when she is with you.

This is especially the case if she doesn’t know you very well. After all, she wants to make a good impression.

What body language signs indicate she is nervous?

Here are some to look out for:

1. She touches her face
2. She plays with her hair
3. She blinks more frequently.
4. She talks fast.
5. She is very fidgety with her hands.

Of course, it is also essential to understand the context and how she usually behaves. 

For example, if she usually talks fast to everyone else, then it obviously doesn’t mean much if she is talking fast to you. 

It’s essential to get a baseline of her behavior before making assumptions about whether she is nervous or not. 

6. She is preening herself

Preening is the act of fixing yourself.

For example, a woman may fix her hair, put on lipstick, or adjust her clothes.

Women tend to do this unconsciously when they’re around a man they’re attracted to.

So even if she tries to hide her feelings, she will still preen herself naturally if she is attracted to you. 

After all, she wants to ensure she is looking her best for you. 

Here is a video that shows what preening looks like. The video is a little bit exaggerated, but it illustrates what preening is.



7. She acts jealous

Jealously is a normal human emotion; like most human emotions, it hints at what we feel.

The bottom line is this: 

If she is jealous, then she doesn’t want other women to have you. 

What are some signs of jealousy?

– If you’re talking to another girl, she looks over constantly and is angry.

– She interrupts conversations with other women and tries to get your attention.

– She asks you about your dating life and puts down the girls you mention.

– If you are paying attention to another girl or have just met another girl, she tries to keep you from getting too close.

Little signs like this indicate she is jealous.

If she is jealous, she probably likes you, or at least she doesn’t like the idea of you dating other women.

8. She Compliments You

Compliments are a great way to show interest in someone.

She may not want to be too direct with her compliments if she hides her feelings. 

But even if they are subtle compliments, it doesn’t mean they won’t be easy to notice. 

For example, she may say things like:

– “I love that shirt you’re wearing; I always wanted to wear yellow.”

– “You seem so calm and confident; it’s contagious.”

– “You know way too much for someone your age.”

Usually, you can tell when someone compliments you because it will make you feel good.

Furthermore, as Jeremy Nicholson mentions in Psychology Today, if she cares about you, she will also show appreciation.

She will appreciate what you do by reciprocating and making sure you know that she notices.

9. She messages you on messenger and social media

This is a big sign because a girl hiding her feelings may not feel comfortable interacting with you in real life.

Perhaps she is too shy, or she may even think you don’t like her

But these barriers don’t exist when chatting on the Internet. 

So if she makes an effort to chat with you on your social media or via messaging, it’s a good sign she likes you.

After all, we can chat to whoever we like when we use our phones, so if she uses that time to chat with you, take it as a sign that she at least enjoys chatting with you. 

Furthermore, if she interacts heavily with your social media, she is interested in your life and what you’re up to. 

10. She wants to know more about you

If she secretly likes you, she will probably want to know more about you. 

She will ask you questions like:

– “What do your parents do for a living?”
– “How many girlfriends have you had?”
– “Do you want to get married in the future?”

Let’s be honest:

Women don’t usually ask those questions unless they’re interested in you.

Pay attention to her body language as well. If she is leaning in and focusing intently on everything you say, that shows her interest.

11. She wants to spend time with you (even as a friend)

A girl that secretly likes you will ask you to hang out with her.

But she will mask her intentions by ensuring it’s not a date.

This means she will ask you to study together or hang out with her friends (male and female).

Now, I’ll be honest:

This can also happen if you’re friend-zoned.

So, how can you tell the difference?

The most significant sign to look for is if she flirts with other guys.

After all, if she had feelings for you, she wouldn’t flirt with other guys right in front of you. 

She would be careful because she wouldn’t want to blow a potential chance with you in the future.

12. She pretends to be interested in what you’re interested in

If she starts to share in your interests, there’s a good chance she wants to get closer to you.

For example, if she begins talking about her favorite sports team or music bands, it may be because she wants you to see that you have similar interests.

It’s like she’s trying hard to please you and make sure you like her.

Or she will ask you about important things to you because she wants to build rapport. 

For example, even though she doesn’t like football, she still asks you about the game and whether your team won.

It’s little things like this that show she’s trying to get to know you, and most importantly, she is trying to build a connection because she likes you. 

13. She wants to know what your “type” of girl is

Has she ever asked you what type of girl you’re interested in? 

While it might simply be because she is curious about what men like, it might also mean she is attracted to you. 


Because if she were interested in you, then she would want to know what your type is so she could match it.

She wants to know if her personality fits the bill to be in a relationship with you.

If you like her, you could answer this question by describing her personality.

If she smiles when you describe her, you know she likes you.

14. She dresses up when meeting you 

This is a subtle sign but a good one. 

If you’re meeting up with her regularly, and she seems to make an effort with her appearance (more than usual), then she might be trying to impress you. 

Now, to be clear, most girls dress up. It doesn’t always mean she is attracted to you. 

But if she makes more effort when she meets up with you, she might do that for you. 

After all:

If she liked you, she would want to look her best for you. She is trying hard to impress you and put herself in a good light.

Why is she hiding her feelings?

If you can confirm the signs above, and you’re pretty confident that she secretly likes you, then you need to ask yourself:

Why is she hiding her feelings?

Does she have a boyfriend?

Does she think that you don’t like her?

Has she just got out of a relationship?

Or has she had bad relationships in the past?

If she’s shy, then there is a chance she might be nervous to tell you.

You can plan your next move if you understand why she hides her feelings. 

If she is shy or thinks you don’t like her, then the most obvious course of action is to let her know how you feel. 

What is the worst that could happen?

Sometimes, you need to man up and make the first move.

If you don’t, then she might never know how you feel.