10 definite signs a girl is asking you out indirectly

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Are you wondering if a girl you like is trying to ask you out indirectly?


It can be confusing and overwhelming for a girl to ask a guy she likes.

She’s probably discouraged from approaching you directly because usually, it’s the guy who should make the first move.

But if she’s going to do it herself, then she’ll probably do it indirectly.

So let’s figure this out.

Here are ten signs she is asking you out indirectly:

1) She’s Constantly Trying to Meet Up to Do Something Together

A girl who’s indirectly trying to ask you out will make multiple attempts to establish common ground with you.

She’ll make a mental note of your favorite actor and band or even remember you mentioning you like Italian food.

Later, she may bring it up and say something like, “I heard that there’s this pizza place downtown.”

She may even pick up an interest in your hobby in hopes that she can spend time with you doing it by your side.

This clearly indicates that she wants to date you and go out with you.

She must be itching to ask you out if she’s always looking for things you have in common, even attempting new activities to connect with you better.

She constantly tries to bring up topics you might be interested in because she wants to keep the discussion going.

2) She Keeps Tabs on Your Entire Schedule and Your Plans

Keeping tabs on your social life, work schedule, and plans with other people indicates that she wants to go out with you.

She does this because she understands you have a busy life, values your time, and wants to spend every moment possible with you.

She may even enquire about your weekend plans out of the blue to see if you’re free to hang out.

After all, she wouldn’t be interested in what you’re doing if she isn’t already planning something with you.

She may be seeking an opportunity to be included in your schedule if she’s expressing interest in your plans and activities.

The bottom line is this:

She’s simply waiting for the ideal moment to ask you out.

Most girls take their time to muster up the courage to ask a guy they like out due to the fear of rejection.

If this girl is aware of your impending plans, she’ll be able to ask you out at a time that works best for you.

3) She’s Curious About Your Love Life

This is a reasonably straightforward sign that she’s asking you out indirectly.

You may find her constantly enquiring about your relationship status, the people you’re interested in, and your love life.

She might want to pursue a romantic relationship with you but will first want to ensure that you’re not already committed.

It’s her way of checking if you’re emotionally available before she asks you out herself.

If she’s interested in you and wants to ask you out, she’ll also ask you about the kind of woman you’re drawn to so she knows if she matches that profile.

Some people might assume that questioning you about this is just natural, but if she keeps doing so, it means she’s completely smitten with you to the point that she wants to be your type.

After all, nobody cares about another person’s romantic life if they don’t want to be involved in it.

4) She Tries to Get To Know You on a Personal Level

If she likes you, she’ll want to get to know you on a deep level.

She may even come off as a never-ending questionnaire of probing questions about your personal life.

But don’t worry. That’s just her way of showing you she’s genuinely interested in you.

She’s interested in your individuality, eccentricities, and dislikes.

She wants to learn more about you to determine whether you two are a suitable match.

Her tone and body language may also convey that she wants to know as much as possible about you.

She’ll always lean in and listen intently when you tell her about your personal life.

Every time you talk about yourself, you can tell she’s making mental notes of everything.

At least you don’t need to think of things to talk about with her, because she is already making a massive effort with every conversation she has with you.

5) She Gets Jealous When You Talk to Other Girls

This is an easy sign to spot.

You may catch her staring at you from a distance when you’re talking to another girl or seem jealous when other people get to spend time with you.

It just means she’s a bit possessive about you and doesn’t want another girl to have you.

She may also be afraid of losing you.

You can even try to see if she gets jealous by talking to a girl she views as her competition.

If you catch her bottling up her jealousy while staring at you multiple times, you can be sure she likes you.

And if she likes you, then why not man up and ask her out yourself?

6) Her Eyes Are Telling You to Go Out With Her

Sometimes you can just tell a girl likes you by the way she looks at you. She feels affectionate toward you if she maintains prolonged eye contact.

Her eyes will always tell the truth about how she’s feeling, regardless of how hard she tries to hide it.

She might be focusing her attention on you while trying to make eye contact with you.

She may lose herself in your gaze entirely to the point that she isn’t even aware that she’s making eye contact with you.

This happens when the subconscious takes over; she may even be picturing the precise moment she would ask you out as she gazes into your eyes.

7) She Feels Nervous and Smiles a Lot When She’s Around You

Most girls contemplating asking you out on a date will naturally feel nervous around you.

You may even observe that she will smile a lot in the time she spends with you.

If she’s genuinely into you, then her nervousness is merely a side-effect of that.

She has fallen in love with you if she has a rapid heartbeat, cold and sweaty hands, and intense focus on you.

She’s probably planning out exactly how she’ll ask you out.

Her dread of being rejected is typically what makes her uneasy.

When girls are anxious, some speak more quickly and appear more energized, while others may make weird jokes or withdraw.

Although she may attempt to brush it off as nothing, you can see that she’s fidgety.

This indicates that she’s considering asking you out and has been thinking about you a lot.

8) She Comes Up With Creative Ways to Flirt With You

Flirting is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to asking someone out in a creative way.

She won’t even hide her obvious attempts to flirt with you if it means having a chance to go out with you.

After all, flirting with you is her way of expressing her interest in you.

She may try to annoy, tease, make romantic comments, or be unabashedly cheesy around you.

She might even call you “special”.

The way she chooses to flirt with you depends on her personality, but the fact that she’s flirting means she’s into you.

You can even encourage her. Flirt back and have some fun!

9) She Casually Drops Hints About Wanting to Date You

A girl who wants to ask you out indirectly will casually drop hints about wanting to date you.

This might be in the form of jokingly suggesting going out with you, asking why the two of you shouldn’t be dating, or blushing when other people assume you two are a thing.

She may even drop these hints to get you to ask her out because she isn’t sure if she can make the first move.

She may even try to go out on a date with you by triggering a conversation that could lead to a date.

For instance, she might have a place in mind that she wants to check out with you but might not want to be so forward already.

Instead, she may challenge you to find a better first date idea than her own and insist on checking it out.

10) You Can See That You’re Her Priority

Does this girl make you a priority in your life?

Then she probably likes you.

She could show this by canceling other commitments and plans to spend more time with you.

It could also mean that she rushes to tell you updates about her life.

She may even ask for your advice and input on significant decisions in her life; this is her way of showing you that you matter to her and that she’s into you.

She’ll make elaborate attempts to make you realize that you’re a big part of her life, even if she hasn’t even asked you.

Appreciating her efforts and playing along will give her the confidence she needs to maybe even ask you out herself eventually.