25 undeniable signs a girl likes you during conversation

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Dating and falling in love with the person of your dreams can be a surreal feeling.

It can also drive you crazy when you don’t know if the other person feels the same way about you.

The secret to knowing if she likes you during conversation is to pay attention to certain signs which usually give her feelings away.

If she’s interested in you, chances are she has already given quite a few subtle hints about how she feels about you.

Here are 25 sure-fire signs that she’s definitely into you during the conversation.

1) She listens deeply to everything you say

A woman interested in you will listen deeply to everything you say.

After all:

When you have feelings for someone, you can’t help but listen to everything they say.

She’ll ask you questions to better understand your personality and what makes you tick.

She wants to build rapport; the best way to build rapport is to have a meaningful conversation.

In conversation, she will pay close attention to your voice, facial expression, and tone of voice.

She wants to know how you’re feeling about things and will actively listen for that information.

Be warned, though:

She will notice if you mention something that contradicts what you said previously.

After all, she is paying attention to everything you say.

Furthermore, she will probably tell you everything about her life as well.

2) She Notices the Smallest Things About You

If she notices the smallest details about you during conversation and remembers obscure things that happened in your life, it may be a sign that she likes you.

As we mentioned above, this shows she is paying attention to you.

That she remembers everything you tell her means that you’re an important person in her heart who has consumed her thoughts.

It shows that everything about you means a great deal to her.

She’ll know exactly how you’re feeling, what movies you like to watch, your dressing sense and hairstyle, and even a speck of dust on your shoulder.

She’ll also remember dates of important events and will show up exactly when you need her.

These are all dead giveaways that she’s into you.

3) She’s Nervous Around You

Another sign that she likes you is if she’s nervous around you during the conversation.

She may be afraid of giving you a bad impression of herself and will be extremely self-conscious around you.

She may have strong feelings for you but might be nervous that you may not like her anymore if she does something weird or says the wrong thing.

Look for:

Her fidgeting with her hair or playing with her fingers, as these are signs that she’s nervous but still wants to get your attention.

It’s also possible that she’s nervous around you because she doesn’t know how to express her feelings for you. This could make her go quiet, even though she likes you.

You may see her slouch her shoulders, apologize unnecessarily, or talk too fast.

These are all signs that she’s shy and nervous because she is attracted to you.

If you spot these signs, you can put her mind at ease and get her to warm up to you by making her feel comfortable in your presence.

4) She Compliments You

If she has fallen for you, she will know the best about you and shower you with compliments, especially during conversation.

She’ll go out of her way to show her appreciation for you and will pick you up on the days you’re feeling down.

You may even notice that she won’t stand for anyone badmouthing you when you’re in a group conversation.

She’ll never want you to change a thing about you and will focus on your best qualities.

She may even show that she’s interested in you by going the extra mile to make you happy.

Whether it’s random selfies, a thoughtful gift, or sending you a note telling you that you’re awesome.

A girl who likes you will soon become your biggest cheerleader and motivator in all your endeavors.

5) She Has Inviting Body Language

Her body language is usually a clear indicator of her feelings for you.

If she likes you, her body language will be open and inviting when you converse with her.

She may flip her hair to the side, exposing a side of her neck, lean into you, or approach you by completely turning towards you.

She may also stand with her feet in your direction or keep her arms open.

These are usually subconscious non-verbal signs that she likes you.

You can take them as clues to figure out how she feels about you.

See if she draws in closer or pulls away during a conversation.

If it’s the former, then it means that she feels comfortable around you and cherishes the time she spends with you.

6) She Feels Comfortable Touching You

Initiating physical contact is a sure-fire sign that she’s attracted to you.

It means she feels comfortable getting touchy-feely with you and enjoys your presence in her personal space.

Even if she’s shy around others, she may try to get and stay as physically close to you as possible.

She may lean into you during a conversation, whisper something in your ear, place her hand on your leg, try to hold your hand, or tilt her head on your shoulder.

Sometimes, she may “accidentally” touch you to gauge your reaction.

Accidental touches may include gently brushing her arm against yours or subtle “nudges” when walking together.

These indicate that she likes you without needing to say it aloud.

If you can read these signs and infer her feelings from them, you can tell her how you feel about her.

7) She Likes to Maintain Eye Contact With You

You can tell if she likes you by the way she looks at you. There is a good chance that she’s interested in you if she maintains eye contact with you for a considerable time during the conversation.

Making eye contact that lasts 3 to 5 seconds indicates that she’s attracted to you, which will likely trigger an oxytocin release in her brain.

This will give her a wonderful feeling which can be felt by you as well if you’re into her.

Eye contact is usually her way of telling you that she likes you and is usually trying to get the ball rolling between you.

You may even spot her gazing at you during a conversation to see your reaction before she says something.

Frequently locking eyes means she feels comfortable around you and is drawn to you.

8) You Catch Her Staring at You With a Smile

If you catch her staring at you from a distance with a smile on her face, it may be a sign that she likes you.

She will try to make eye contact, smile at you, and may even look away if you turn in her direction.

In a group conversation, this also comes into play.

If she is staring at you to see what you’re reaction is, or she predominantly looks at you and not the other people in the group, then she probably likes you.

You may even observe her pupils dilate when she’s staring at you, as this signifies that you’re the center of her attention.

Of course, staring at you in any situation signifies that she is into you.

She may steal glances at you when you’re out with your friends and continue staring at you if she believes you haven’t noticed it.

Gazing in your direction may even be subconscious for her at times because she’s thinking about you.

If she quickly turns away when you catch her, it means she’s a little shy about her feelings and may be waiting for you to approach her.

9) She Makes Sure You Know That She’s Single

If she has developed feelings for you and likes you, then in most cases, she will also show an active interest in your dating life and relationship status.

She will be very clear about letting you know that she’s single. She might not say it directly, but she will infer that she doesn’t currently have a boyfriend.

She will also want to know that you’re single as well before she thinks about making a move on you.

She may even go out of her way to drop hints that she’s single during the conversation.

You may observe that she will conduct a deep inquiry about your female friends and may try to find out if someone has caught your interest in particular.

Her willingness to devote time, effort, and energy to find out if you’re committed is a clear sign that she’s into you.

10) She Imitates Your Style, Posture, and Gestures

Another sign that she might be attracted to you is if she imitates your style, posture, movements, and gestures.

Psychologically, women do this when they have very strong feelings about someone to the point that they start copying the behavior of the people they like.

She may copy your laugh and snarky smirk, or even start using your lingo, or mimic how you walk.

It may also be her subconsciously telling you that she notices these things about you and likes them.

In a way, it’s a form of flattery as well.

This mirroring of your personality and behavior means she’s romantically interested in you.

11) She Opens Up and Confides in You

She may be into you if she feels comfortable enough to open up and confide her deepest secrets in you.

This means she trusts you and is trying to establish a deeper connection with you. It may also be her way of wanting to get to know you better as well.

Depending on her comfort level, she’ll share personal information with you to let you know she’s ready to take the relationship to the next stage.

If you reciprocate by opening up about your life, you can tell her that you trust her and like her back.

12) She Makes Active Efforts to Spend Quality Time With You

A girl who likes you’ll actively spend as much quality time as she can with you.

When you’re in conversation, she’ll make sure that there is no distractions.

She will prefer a silent space where you can both get to know each other.

She will make time in her schedule for you, and you will surely have her entire attention when you talk to her.

She may plan out dates that you can enjoy together and laugh at all your jokes.

You may even see her get excited about meeting you, and she may text you that she misses you when you’re away.

She may even be playful and smile a lot around you to show you that she loves being herself when she’s with you.

These are signs that she cherishes your company and values the time she gets to be with you.

13) She asks you questions about yourself

She’ll ask you questions that she likely wouldn’t ask anyone else.

They may be short, but they usually tell you she’s interested in you. She may want to know something personal about you such as your interests, career, or childhood.

She may even ask about your past relationships and personality type. That will let you know that she’s trying to get to know the real person behind the mask.

It’s a clear sign that she’s interested in the person behind the mask and wants to find out who you really are.

14) She Plays Games With You

Your crush may play little games with you during the conversation.

She may give you a hint that she likes you if you ask her a personal question, and she’ll want to see if you pick up on it so she can gauge your reaction.

She may try and flirt with you by initiating playful banter. She might even call you “special”.

For example, she may tease you about the cute way you talk.

She will be playful and smile to see how you respond to her behavior.

15) She Shows an Interest in Your Hobbies and Passions

If she likes you, she’ll most likely show an interest in your hobbies or passions.

She may even try to learn about your pastimes to get to know you better.

It’s a clear sign of interest if she wants to know about your interests and what makes you tick.

If she doesn’t even know much about your hobbies, but she still shows an active interest in them, then she’s likely interested in you.

16) She doesn’t talk about her dating her life or ex boyfriends

This is a pretty telling sign. She could avoid talking about her dating life to avoid the awkwardness of bringing up exes or current relationships.

A girl that likes you will not want to talk about other guys in front of you.

She doesn’t want to give off the impression that she is seeing a lot of guys or she has seen a lot of guys in the past.

She will want to keep you in the dark about her past relationships because she wants to keep things casual and friendly with you.

17) She doesn’t try to get intimate with you just yet.

Surprised? Don’t be! A girl enjoying a conversation with you and likes you will be okay with keeping the conversation friendly and platonic for now.

She will like that you’re talking to her and being friends with her.

She will be interested in you as a person and want to get to know you more without getting involved in a relationship right away.

18) She tries to talk herself up

She may try to make herself more interesting than she is in an attempt to make you like her.

She will say things about herself that she thinks you want to hear.

If you said you like people that are down-to-earth, she will likely tell you stories that show how down-to-earth she is.

This is a clear sign that she is trying to fit the type of personality you like.

It may be her way of trying to get you to like her and the idea of dating her.

19) She is constantly trying to impress you

Women interested in starting a relationship with a guy will continuously try to impress him during the conversation.

She might talk about her high-paying job or how she is an excellent dancer.

She may want you to admire her and take her more seriously because she sees you as a potential love interest.

20) She asks you questions that she would ask her partner or closest friend

If she sees you as a potential love interest, she may ask you serious questions about love or marriage.

She wants to find out if you are serious about wanting to have a relationship with her.

She also wants to find out if there is a future between the two of you.

For example, she may want to know if you plan on getting married in the future.

If you don’t. then it might show her that you’re not the right guy for her.

Questions about serious topics show that she may be interested in you and want to pursue a relationship with you.

21) She tries to have a good time around you by making jokes, cheering you up, and making you feel good about yourself.

A girl that like you will want you to enjoy the conversation. This means she will be positive and upbeat.

If you have a great time, then she will see that you are a fun guy to be around.

She will have a great time talking to you because she wants to learn more about you to get to know the real you.

If the conversation isn’t that great, you may not want to see her again. She doesn’t want that if she likes you.

She wants you to have fun and enjoy her company.

That way, you will be more likely to ask her out again.

22) She gets flustered if you don’t reciprocate her flirtatious advances

If a girl likes you and she is showing off her affection during the conversation, it’s likely that he fancies you.

She obviously wants to get closer to you, so she’ll want to see if you’re around because of her.

She doesn’t want to make you feel bad about yourself and show you that she likes you, but she doesn’t want to discourage you from talking to her.

She wants you to know that she likes but wants you to feel comfortable around her and have free reign to talk about anything.

If you don’t flirt back when she tries to flirt with you, she may start acting strange.

This is because she feels rejected and as if you don’t like her.

So make sure to flirt back if she flirts with you!

23) She takes time to get to know you

A girl browsing around for a guy she likes will probably spend time getting to know you.

She doesn’t want to rush into anything or make you feel pressured into deciding to date her.

She wants you to feel comfortable and happy around her, so she’s willing to take the necessary time.

After all, she may still be getting used to the idea of dating a guy, so taking the time with you helps her ease into it.

This means she will be happy to keep talking to you and get to know you more.

She knows that building rapport and an emotional connection with you is the her best chance to eventually enter into a long-term relationship with you.

24) She tries to get you alone

When a girl likes you, she will try to spend more time around you.

She will want to get some alone time with you so she can talk freely and show off her affection for you.

She knows that her best chance of developing a connection with you is if you can both freely talk without worrying about other people listening.

She will ask her friends to leave you alone with her, because she wants one-on-one time with you.

25) She laughs at everything you say

A girl that likes you will laugh at everything you say, even when you tell a joke that isn’t funny.

If she laughs at everything you say, it’s a good sign that she’s interested in getting to know you better.

Laughter is a clear sign of attraction.

She’s in a good mood when talking to you and wants to make you feel like a funny guy.

After all, every guy wants to be funny, and she wants to make you feel good when you are talking to her!

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