What it means when a girl tells you everything: 9 things you need to know

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What it means when a girl tells you everything: 9 things you need to know

When I was 12 years old, I went with my Mom to her friend’s house for lunch one Saturday afternoon.

My mom’s friend had a daughter two years older than me.

I was a shy 12-year-old, so I was surprised when this woman’s daughter began talking to me like she was my best friend.

I’ll be honest, I found this girl beautiful at the time.

Of course, being 12 years old, I had absolutely zero experience with women.

After not even 15 minutes of talking to this girl (or her talking to me), I assumed she liked me romantically.

Why else would she be revealing her life story?

Despite being pretty shy, I knew I wanted to see her again.

So after a couple of hours of her telling me everything about herself, my Mom and I were about to leave.

With courage the size of the sun, I pulled out my Nokia phone and asked her for her number.

I was incredibly nervous, but I didn’t doubt that she wouldn’t give me her number.

After all:

She had just told me everything about her life, from how many guys she kissed to how her cousin plays AFL football.

But to my complete surprise, she said “no.”

I felt like my soul had left my body for a brief moment.

Luckily my Mother wasn’t around to hear it!

She told me she didn’t give out her number to guys younger than her.


I learned a valuable lesson that day:

Just because a girl tells you everything doesn’t necessarily mean she is attracted to you.

Since then, I’ve had a lot of experience talking with women.

And I’ve figured out that it’s imperative to differentiate her trusting you and her being attracted to you.

It will save you a lot of embarrassment.

So in this article, I’m going to go through 9 things it might mean when a girl tells you everything.

Use this list to guide your next moves.

1) She Isn’t Afraid to Let You Into Her Personal Life

The first positive truth you need to realize is this:

If a girl tells you everything about herself, she isn’t afraid to let you into her personal life.

You make her feel safe, and she enjoys letting you be a part of her life.

Your ability to listen to her ramble on for hours without judging her has given her the confidence to express herself.

She’s drawn to you like a magnet.

Perhaps it’s because of your calm attitude or the fact you’re not judging her.

Whatever it is about your personality, she feels comfortable, and letting you into her mind space feels natural to her.

It doesn’t mean she’s attracted to you, but there is significant rapport and comfort between you (which is obviously a great sign).

2) She Likes You a Lot

This is one you were probably hoping to see here.

Yes, if she is revealing everything to you, then it probably means she likes you.


Possibly. My 12-year-old self wasn’t that far off! But you’ll need to look for some other signs to be sure.

Telling you everything about her life might be her way of asking you out indirectly.

For example, if she is revealing intimate stuff like what she looks for in a man or her preferences in bed, that’s a good sign she is attracted to you.

But if it seems to be mainly small-talk stuff, then that might indicate that she just likes talking.

At the very least, it shows that she likes you as a friend.

Girls typically confide in close friends or family members because they don’t pass judgment.

But this shows that you might be a humble man that listens to her without passing judgment. Women love finding a man like that.

Even if she doesn’t like you romantically, you still have much to work with to turn the tide in your favor.

3) She Has Put a Lot of Trust in You

If you’ve known her for a while, then the fact that she is revealing life’s vulnerable and darker sides means you have gained her trust.

She has put a lot of trust in you and is willing to believe that you will stick by her side no matter what happens.

It’s her way of appreciating that you’re never judgemental about her decisions even though you care greatly about her.

Her body language and ability to communicate her emotions directly show strong feelings for you, which include trusting you more than she trusts anyone else.

She may even rush to you for advice when something happens in her life.

She values your opinion and trusts that it can help her achieve her goals.

At the very least, this shows you’re a high-value man that women are willing to confide in.

4) You’re Someone Special to Her

Another possible reason for her to open up to you is that you may be someone special to her.

She may want to pursue a romantic relationship with you.

She might be having meaningful conversations to show you that she’s interested in you.

It might also be that she’s emotionally attached to you but isn’t necessarily romantically attracted to you.

Perhaps she doesn’t want to risk your friendship, or she might even think you’re not interested in her.

5) She Enjoys Sharing Her Life With You

Sometimes, she may tell you everything that happened in her day because she enjoys doing so.

Sharing her life with you makes her feel good because you pay attention.

She may feel calmer around you since you make her feel comfortable.

Your ability to recognize her difficulties, give her valuable advice, and sympathize with her circumstances are positive character traits in her eyes.

You don’t offer her platitude and instead encourage her to move past her shortcomings.

She’s grown fond of your company.

You’re helping her to believe in herself and move forward in life.

6) She Feels Like Her Natural Self When She’s With You

She may feel like her natural self when she spends time with you.

This causes her to casually tell you everything that’s going on in her life.

You boost her morale and self-esteem by accepting her for who she is.

While it’s a great sign that she feels comfortable showing you the natural and unfiltered version, it might also mean that she may secretly be friend-zoning you.

The feeling of acceptance and being understood makes her feel special.

As such, she will want to spend as much time as possible with you but may not like you as a lover.

You might also be someone who can match her childish quirkiness without making her feel awkward.

The fact that you would willingly partake in her quirky fantasies makes her feel like she doesn’t have to put on a facade for your attention.

7) She Identifies With You on a Personal Level

She might tell you every little detail about her life because she identifies with you.

There might be something about your personality, demeanor, and the way you think that makes her feel like you’re a version of herself.

She feels comfortable opening up to you because, in her mind, it feels like she’s talking to a mirror.

She believes that the thing she’s looking for is within herself, and conversing with you helps her hear her thoughts.

She also knows that you will be able to understand her point of view without cutting her off to offer solutions.

The fact remains that her quest to form a meaningful bond with you may involve befriending you to connect with your soul.

8) She May Consider You Her Best Friend

She may tell you everything and ramble on for hours about every thought that enters her mind because she might consider you her best friend.

She believes that the two of you will have each other’s back no matter what.

Constant texts, silly conversations, and being there for each other when it matters has made you a staple component of her social life.

Her fondness for you is akin to that of a protective brother or BFF more than a lover.

It’s also possible that she considers you her platonic soulmate.

Simply talking to you may light up her mood and brighten her day, making her want to share her problems with you.

9) She’s Stressed Out and Wants to Unburden Herself

It’s also possible that she calls you out of the blue to tell you everything that has been on her mind because she’s stressed out.

Talking to you may be her coping mechanism to deal with personal crises.

Your compassion and non-judgemental attitude help her unburden herself with the plethora of issues plaguing her life.

She may have a habit of overthinking everything, and opening up to you may give her the clarity she needs to make better decisions.

It’s easy for her to tell you her secrets that she feels guilty about because your opinions and perspectives give her valuable insight.

She might also feel inclined to tell you everything about herself because she values your skills as a reliable listener.