15 definite signs a guy is intimidated by your beauty

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guy intimidated by beauty

A guy may certainly feel intimidated by your looks and beauty if he feels like you’re out of his league.

This intimidation might make him insecure and feel unworthy of you in the relationship.

From a woman’s perspective, it can be ironic, as the same beauty that caught his attention might make it impossible for him to be comfortable around you.

How do you know that he’s intimidated by your beauty?

You can observe it from how he talks about you and if he constantly gives you mixed signals, making it nearly impossible to have meaningful conversations with him.

Here are 10 signs that he’s merely intimidated by your looks:

1) He Stares at You Only From a Distance

Whether you catch him stealing glances at you from across the hall or awkwardly staring at you from a corner at a crowded party, he will be nervous about approaching you because he’s intimidated by your beauty.

He may feel uncomfortable walking up to you and striking up a conversation.

After all, he doesn’t want to make the first move only to get rejected by you.

You might wait for him to move on you, but he never might be able to muster the courage to do so because your beauty already shell-shocks him.

He might think about you all day but feel like he can never measure up to your success or beauty standards.

He might become extremely conscious of his appearance while flirting with you but also feel he isn’t worthy of asking you.

2) He’s Nervous and Restless Around You

A classic sign of a guy who’s intimidated by your looks is if he’s constantly nervous and restless when he’s around you.

His body language will be a dead giveaway for his underlying insecurities, and his actions may suggest that he feels like either one of you is about to run out of the room.

You may catch him fidgeting in his seat, laughing nervously at all your jokes, or avoiding eye contact.

While these are clear signs that he finds you extremely attractive and doesn’t know what to do about it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s negatively impacting his perception of you.

Usually, it just means that he isn’t used to interacting with attractive women and may get tongue-tied when speaking with you.

He might also be clumsy and all over the place with his thoughts if he’s intimidated by your looks.

3) He Tries Too Hard

A guy intimidated by your beauty may go out of his way to impress you by trying too hard.

He’s likely to overcompensate by projecting his personality as one that’s extremely desirable, even if it isn’t his authentic self.

He may even try to get minor one-ups on you consistently to prove that he’s better than you.

A high-value man usually doesn’t do this.

He may even exude false confidence in his accomplishments by boasting about himself.

He’ll actively try to put his best foot forward when he’s out with you, and his body language will usually be deliberate rather than his natural self.

It’s usually an innocent chip on his shoulder that he wants to get rid of by trying to come off as being as important as himself.

However, it might be a concerning aspect of a relationship if he’s masking his insecurities by refusing to be transparent with you.

4) He Tries to Erect Unnecessary Boundaries in the Relationship

Guys intimidated by your looks generally tend to be controlling partners in a relationship.

He might try to exert his dominance and control over various spheres of your life just to ensure that he has the final say in the relationship.

This may apply to the clothes you’re “allowed” to wear and the people you interact with.

He erects these unnecessary boundaries because he feels like you will leave him if other guys get to see your beauty.

In a sense, he is marking his territory.

It’s inexcusable for him to take out his insecurities by oppressing your right to live your life.

He may even come off as being pushy and will want to keep tabs on all your activities.

If you care about him deeply, you can dissuade his fears by giving him the reassurance that you genuinely want to be with him.

5) He Feels Threatened by You

He might be intimidated by your beauty if he feels threatened by your presence as an alpha in the relationship.

He might instantly associate your attractive looks with being successful.

Some men are intimated by high-value women.

Or the fact that he sees you as a dominant alpha might mean that he thinks that you’re accustomed to being an independent loner.

This might cause him to feel you don’t need him and believe that his presence in your life is insignificant.

He might even grow jealous of your success and may not like being with someone who doesn’t make him feel needed.

Intimidating beauty doesn’t always have to end with physical appearance; it can also translate into carrying yourself with unapologetic confidence, which might make him feel threatened by you.

6) He Believes You’re Settling for Him

Another indicator of him being intimidated by your beauty is if he believes that you’re settling for him.

This is because he considers you out of his league, and his inferiority complex causes him to perceive you as a high-value woman with a higher social status than him.

It might even be a reason for him not to approach you if you’re single and you’ve only recently met.

He might not even attempt if he believes you to be outside the group of people he’s supposed to date.

If he believes in the “reacher” and “settler” philosophy in relationships, he might have put you on a pedestal while labeling himself as the reacher.

Deep down, he may truly believe you’re unattainable and may be intimidated by your looks.

7) He’s Insecure About You

It’s common for guys to become insecure when they feel threatened or intimidated by a woman’s beauty.

When he actively expresses interest in you but proceeds to start boasting about aspects of his life that he doesn’t even have, it is a surefire indication that he’s insecure and attempting to hide it by overcompensating.

If you’re in a relationship with him, apart from having low self-esteem, he may also believe that you might leave him or cheat on him.

He might act awkward or self-conscious of his appearance when you speak to him to the point where it might be difficult to have a simple conversation with him.

You can find yourself perplexed by his actions and may start wondering what the guy wants from you if he’s always awkward in your presence.

Seeing how amazing you look could bring out all his flaws to the forefront of his mind, making him feel inadequate and unworthy.

8) He Constantly Tries to Put You Down

An aggressive and toxic sign of a guy intimidated by your looks is if he constantly tries to put you down by diminishing your successes without celebrating them.

Most of this negativity stems from his dissatisfaction with himself, and he may not be able to stand the fact that you’re confident while he lacks self-esteem.

He might lash out at you and insult you by saying things like, “You aren’t as beautiful as you think” and “You’re lucky I am staying with you.”

Guys like these are in a perpetual state of internal conflict where they’re trying to see themselves as being worthy of you while also battling a voice in their head that breaks them down.

He might try to bring you down to his level so that he can interact with you more easily by trying to bring you down to his level.

9) He Apologizes Unnecessarily

Another sign of a guy intimidated by your looks is if he apologizes needlessly.

His insecurity may manifest as being low on self-esteem, making him perceive every action of his as a mistake.

He’s afraid that you will take off from his life when he offends you and hence may apologize for everything under the sun.

This behavior can be cute or endearing at first, but it shouldn’t become a habit if you want to build a healthy relationship with him.

He needs to know that he’s your partner and the two of you stand on equal footing in the relationship.

While it’s nice to go out of his way to impress you, it shouldn’t be because he’s always afraid of messing up.

10) He either Constantly Rambles or Doesn’t Say a Word

A guy intimidated by your looks may have an abnormal way of speaking to you.

He might become a never-stopping chatterbox who rambles on for hours without letting you get a word in edgewise or may shut down entirely without saying a single word.

This is because he is attracted to you and feels nervous. He probably can’t get you out of his mind. And he is afraid of rejection.

You’ll understand why he acts this way a lot better if you pay attention to how he acts around other people.

It is a hint that your beauty intimidates him and that he’s unable to get over it if he’s articulate and self-assured with other people but utterly silent around you.

A good sense of humor and a comforting tone can calm his nerves and make him humble, and with time you can get him to warm up to you.

11) He’s Shy Around You

A sign of a guy intimidated by your beauty is if he’s shy around you.

He may not hold eye contact when you speak to him, blush when you look at him, and be too nervous to get close to you.

Beauty can have that type of effect on a guy. He might feel small in your presence and think you’re out of his league, causing him to become overly shy around you.

The good news?

If you give some attention, and if you’re patient, he’ll feel more comfortable around you and will grow more confident.

You can have a subtle but noticeable effect on him if you just be yourself with him.

12) He Doesn’t Believe You’re Interested in Him Back

A big reason why some guys become intimidated by beautiful women is because they think you’re out of their league.

They don’t think you’re attracted to them, making themselves scarce so they don’t face rejection.

You’re out of his league, so he thinks he doesn’t have a chance with you. It’s as simple as that.

Even if you want him back, he thinks you’ll never admit it because you’re too good for him.

No matter what signs you show, he may still believe you’re not interested in him and don’t like him back.

13) He’s Stuck In a Limbo With You and Has No Idea What to Do Next

A guy who’s intimidated by your beauty may lack confidence when it comes to the relationship itself. He may be completely lost as to what he should do next.

He’s put your needs before his own and wants to make you happy, but he doesn’t know how.

He doesn’t know how to be a masculine man in a relationship.

This is especially true if you have high standards for him or if he wants something from the relationship that you aren’t willing to give.

He may be trying to figure out if you two are a couple and what exactly being a couple means in his mind.

A guy intimidated by your beauty can fill themselves with self-doubt that leads to a lack of confidence and irrational fear of rejection.

14) He may assume that you’re not intelligent

Some guys who lack proper communication skills may assume you’re not intelligent just because you’re attractive.

The underlying belief is that he thinks that you’re too pretty to have any other redeeming qualities.

He may not know many beautiful girls, and he believes the stereotypes that a beautiful woman has it easy in life.

These assumptions can lead to him not being able to stand the fact that you’re intelligent and can hold your own in a conversation.

He might act insecure around you, believing that you’re not interested in him if he’s not charming or witty.

15) He Struggles to Express Himself

A guy intimidated by your good looks may feel self-conscious when the two of you try to share deeper and more personal information.

He might feel inadequate, fearing that he has nothing to offer you and lacks an interesting life, personality, or hobbies.

As a result, he might not say much about himself because he’s afraid you’ll find him boring or unfulfilling. You might not notice this at first because he seems open and honest, but he’s simply afraid of being rejected.