10 Masculine Traits That Make You A Better Man

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10 Masculine Traits That Make You A Better Man

It is a common belief that being masculine makes you a better man.

But what does it really mean to be a man? What are the characteristics of a man? And how can you become a better man?

Today, we give 10 traits of a masculine man.

Before we dive in, it is important to note that though these traits are often considered ‘masculine’, successful women also possess the traits below.

01 Self-Discipline

As you probably know, self-discipline is the ability to control your emotions and actions.

It means you are able to resist temptations and impulses that may make you do things that you regret later.

For example, many of us may be tempted to take an extra vacation day during peak season even though it may hurt our careers. If a man is self-disciplined, he will focus on his business and resist the urge to take that extra day off.

A man with self-discipline knows what he wants from life and is not afraid to plan and take calculated risks to achieve it. He knows that discipline is the only way to achieve his goals and dreams.

Many men do not have self-discipline. They may be successful in one aspect of their lives, but when it comes to other aspects, they fail.

This is because they lack the ability to control their emotions and actions. If you want to become a better man, you must have self-discipline.

I personally struggled with this when starting some small businesses. When there is no one looking over your shoulder, it’s far too easy to be lazy.

Needless to say, my businesses and my motivation suffered until I learned to have more self-discipline in this area.

Make self-discipline a habit and see the benefits.

02 Independence

To be clear, I would define independence as the ability to make your own choices without being dependent on others.

It means that you are responsible for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

You are not a victim of your circumstances, and you do not blame others for your problems. Instead, you take control of your life.

You are financially independent, intellectually independent, and spiritually independent. You need not depend on anyone else to survive.

A man is independent. He is not insecure to the point of clinging to others.

He knows how to be close to others, but at the same time, he is not needy or dependent on them.

He is able to make decisions on his own, without the need to seek approval from others. He does not base his decisions on what others think of him.

Keep in mind that being independent does not mean being distant or cold towards others. It means being self-sufficient and not needing anyone else to survive.


03 Confidence

Confidence is the belief in yourself and your abilities and is a typically masculine trait. It is knowing that you are good at what you do and that you can overcome challenges.

A man with confidence does not seek the approval of others. Instead, he is secure with himself and does not depend on external validation to feel good about himself.

He is not easily swayed by peer pressure. He is able to think for himself, despite what other people think.

And he is comfortable in his own skin and with his decisions.

A man with confidence does not need to boast or brag. His actions and his achievements speak for themselves.

He is comfortable in his own skin and does not need to seek approval from others to feel satisfied with himself.

He knows his strengths and weaknesses and does not let his weaknesses get in the way of his strengths.

He is willing to accept criticism and uses it as an opportunity to improve himself.

He is willing to learn from his mistakes and his failures.


04 Humility

Related to the previous point, humility is being confident in your abilities without being arrogant or vain.

It is an important point, however, as it appears that many men today confuse confidence with arrogance and lack humility.

In more detail, humility is being open-minded and willing to accept criticism from others and learn from your mistakes without getting defensive.

Humility is being grateful for what you have and recognizing the contributions of others. It is having a healthy sense of self-esteem without thinking you are better than others.

Humility is having a healthy sense of self-esteem without thinking you are better than others.


05 Strength

Strength is the ability to overcome your weaknesses and survive under challenging circumstances.

It is being able to endure pain and keep going when others would have given up. It is holding on to your values and convictions despite opposition.

It is rising above your situation and becoming a better person.

A masculine man is strong. He does not let his emotions get the best of him.

He does not let others get under his skin.

He is not easily affected by the opinions and actions of others. He is not weak or fragile.

He is able to defend himself against physical and emotional attacks.

He is able to defend those whom he loves.

He is able to endure pain, both physical and emotional.

He is able to rise above his situation and become a better person.


06 Courage

Courage is the ability to face your fears and stand up for what you believe in.

It is not being afraid to face challenges, big and small.

It means being willing to sacrifice your time, energy, and comfort for a greater cause. For example, a man may be afraid of public speaking, but if he is asked to give a speech at an event, he will do it anyway.

A man is not afraid to face challenges head-on. He is not a masochist but also does not shy away from hardship and adversity.


07 Honesty

Honesty is being truthful to yourself and others, even if it means you have to admit your mistakes and flaws. It is not being afraid to tell others how you really feel.

A man is honest. He does not lie or embellish the truth.

He is real and sincere, even if it means disappointing someone. He does not let his emotions get the best of him and make him tell lies.

He is willing to accept his flaws and mistakes and does not blame others for his problems.

He does not gossip about others or spread false information about others. He does not try to manipulate others with false hopes and wishes.

He is honest, even if it means disappointing others.


08 Willpower

Willpower is the ability to resist your urges and impulses.

It is being able to delay gratification and resist temptation even when your body and mind are craving for something.

It is being able to say “no” to yourself when you know that something is not good for you. A man is able to control his impulses.

A man knows that when you give in to your impulses and cravings, you end up regretting it later.

He knows that he has better control over his life when he exercises his willpower.


09 Exercise & Fitness

Exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are important traits of a man.

It improves your health, helps you look good, and keeps you away from diseases and disorders. It is a sign of self-discipline and self-respect to take care of your body.

Personally, as I’ve grown older, I have realized there is little more important than health. And it happens fast, I’m 32 and have noticed considerable changes in my body in the past few years.

A man exercises and maintains a healthy lifestyle. He does not like to sit around and do nothing.

While I was late to the fitness trend, challenging myself and exceeding my own expectations has helped me immensely, physically and more importantly mentally.

A man is not lazy, nor does he like to see other people being lazy.


10 A desire to be better

A man is filled with a burning desire to improve himself and to succeed.

He wants to be a better person than he was yesterday and he works hard towards that goal. He does not like the idea of being stagnant in life.

Whether it means reading a book, learning new skills, or working out, a man always strives to be better.

He knows that there are no shortcuts or magical solutions to becoming a better person or achieving success.

Instead, it takes hard work, sacrifice, and discipline to achieve your goals in life. He is willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve his goals in life.

In my own experience, reading has been a key part of my self-development. I often read real books, yes real books. Despite there being almost unlimited resources online these days, actual books have proven to be more beneficial to me.

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…to conclude, the list above was derived based on the definition of what it means to be a man, but many of these traits can be found in women as well.

As always, we hope you found this post useful and that it this post has inspired you to be a better man. If so, you may also be interested in our articles on how to dress more masculine and how to be masculine in a relationship.

Of course, we may have missed some points. If there are any other traits that you think should have been included, feel free to share them in the comments below!