How to be more masculine in a relationship? 15 tips

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How to be more masculine in a relationship? 15 tips

Feel like you are losing your manliness in a relationship? Want to know how to be more masculine in a relationship? If so, this post is for you.

Today, we give you 15 tips on how to be more masculine in a relationship.

Many men lose some of their masculinity when they are in a relationship, particularly a long-term relationship. With more focus on equality and much publicity around ‘toxic masculinity, it’s no surprise that men tend to become more effeminate when in a relationship.

We all have a desire to please and that’s not a bad thing. However, women tend to be attracted to masculine men and we don’t mean the toxic kind. Losing your manliness in a relationship can be detrimental.

Having been with the same lady for almost a decade, I am speaking from experience here. While you might not agree with all the points, these are some things that I learned and wish I’d known earlier.

Without further a do, let’s get into 15 tips on how to be more masculine in a relationship.

01 Make time for your hobbies

If you want to be more masculine in a relationship, it’s important you make time for your hobbies.

We live in a fast-paced world. Things happen really quickly and we often only have time for the essentials. Life is all about balance and sometimes, we need to dedicate some part of our day to do the things we love.

A healthy relationship should be able to accommodate your hobbies without putting them aside in favor of other priorities.

02 Make time for your male friends

Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you should give up seeing your friends. This happens much too often when things get serious.

Having and spending time with your buddies will help you to maintain your masculinity in a healthy way.

Otherwise, you might come across as a creep.

Male friends will most likely be guys who understand where you are coming from and they won’t pressure you into changing which is good for your confidence and manliness.

03 Be yourself

We tend to lose our sense of self when we are in a relationship. When people are with their partner, they often feel like they need to change who they are or else the relationship won’t work out.

You should never change who you are because you think it will keep a relationship going.

If you want to be more masculine in a relationship, do not change yourself in order to please the person you are with.

While sacrifices are required, if you have to change who you truly are, you may be with the wrong person.

04 Don’t be afraid to show your emotions

Do you want to be more masculine in a relationship? Good, because being an emotional man is definitely something that women love.

We all have our feelings and there’s nothing wrong with that. An empathetic man can make a woman feel loved and cherished while still maintaining his masculinity.

You should not feel ashamed or even embarrassed when you share your feelings or experience them.

A masculine man is unafraid to be vulnerable when appropriate.

05 Be protective of your partner when called for

We’re not saying you should get overly jealous or be possessive but you should stand up for your girlfriend when appropriate.

Sometimes people joke around and that’s okay but some comments can be genuinely insulting. If someone is insulting your partner, don’t be afraid to stand up for her in a calm collected manner.

This can make you appear like a more masculine man. Women want to be with someone who is capable of taking charge sometimes.

06 Think long-term

Women don’t want to be with a man who is constantly looking for the next best thing. This is particularly true when they are in a relationship.

You never know if you will get along with the next person. A long-term relationship allows you to build trust and cultivate a connection that can last well beyond a single romantic encounter.

Realize the value of this.

A man who has commitment issues or doesn’t commit in general appears immature, which is the opposite of masculinity.

07 Don’t do everything together

Yes, that’s right. You read it correctly – don’t do everything together.

Sometimes, we need to give each other some space to breathe. A woman will appreciate the fact that you trust her enough to let her be on her own and the time away will help you too.

If your relationship is healthy, there should be no problem with you spending some time apart. Confidence, independence, and security are masculine. Low self-esteem and dependency are not.

08 Go out and have fun together

Okay so this is quite the opposite of the last point but nothing is wrong with having fun with your partner.

Don’t forget to go on dates. It will keep that spark alive and your partner will see you as more masculine, especially if you take charge and organize a night (or day) out.

09 Be honest and respect her boundaries

There are many ways to be more masculine in a relationship and one of them is honesty.

When you maintain respect for each other by saying the truth when it’s needed, this will resonate well with your partner.

Being honest with your partner will also help you to keep your relationship healthy.

A country gentleman will always be honest and open in a relationship because that is the right thing to do.

10 Be chivalrous

Chivalry is an important quality you can possess and maintain in a relationship. You might think chivalry is an outdated concept but the world has moved on because women want to be treated with respect.

If you want to be more masculine in a relationship, treat your partner with respect and kindness.

Remember, treating women right will make them feel loved and cherished. If you’re not being chivalrous, this will most likely put a damper on your masculinity.

11 Stick to your word

Nothing means anything if you don’t follow through with what you say.

This is why it’s important to watch your words and keep yourself from making excuses.

Be sure to always follow through with what you say or else your word won’t hold a lot of weight in the relationship. Masculine men can be depended on.

12 Work out

This may seem superficial but working out is a great way to stay in shape and also keep your masculinity. A man who is physically fit will most likely be more attractive to the opposite sex, including your loved one.

Many men let themselves go in this area once they have been in a relationship for a few months. They turn into soft versions of their former selves.

We mentioned in another article that being physically fit and strong is a masculine trait. It will help you to feel more masculine and in turn, people will treat you this way.

13 Maintain good hygiene

You don’t have to bathe every 2 hours and you don’t have to wear a new fitted suit every day but you should still try to look clean and sharp for your partner.

Clean clothes and a person who is well-groomed will help you look more masculine.

14 Don’t be afraid to say no

If you’re in a relationship, you should never be afraid to say no. This is especially true if your partner wants to do something that may jeopardize your health or the health of others.

If you are not comfortable with a particular activity, do not be afraid to speak up. Masculinity is about being honest and confident in your decisions.

15 Dress like a man

There’s no getting around it, perception is reality. Dressing in a masculine way will help you to feel more manly and will make others treat you so.

If you dress like a child, people will treat you like one.

If you haven’t yet, check out our full article on how to dress manly here.

That’s it for today fellas.

I hope you found this post applicable. Of course, there may be some things that I missed. If you have any other tips, go ahead and share them in the comments below! 

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