What type of clothes make you look manly? 20 items to look more masculine

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What type of clothes make you look manly?

Because the world has become a lot more casual in recent years, more and more men continue to look like children well into their twenties and even thirties. For those of you who want to avoid this, this article is for you!

Today we give you 20 items of clothing that will make you look more manly.

01 A sport coat

Sport coats have been around for ages. In the past, men would wear them when hunting. What’s more masculine than that?

A quality sport coat made of wool or tweed can add a touch of ruggedness and formality to any outfit.

Additionally, when the right size a sport coat will accentuate your shoulders and chest as well as add some mass to your frame. This is particularly beneficial for those of you who may be slimmer.

02 A suit

Once a uniform for every professional man, suits have lost some popularity in recent years. That said, every man should have at least a good suit or two at his disposal for more formal occasions like weddings, fancy dinners, or job interviews.

Like sport coats, suits have been a menswear staple for longer than one can remember. They are designed to complement a man’s physicality and make one appear more muscular.

When the occasion arises, it is simple good manners to dress in a suit. Every manly man knows this.

03 Leather brogues or boots

Trainers are now the footwear of choice for most men but they do not help you to look manly. Leather brogues or boots are a much better choice for this bringing a sense of maturity to any outfit.

Yes, I can hear you saying that trainers are more comfortable but this is simply not true. If you buy a good quality pair of brogues or boots in the right size, they are just as comfortable as your pair of sneakers.

Sure you can’t run as fast in a pair of brogues but honestly how much time do you spend jogging around unless you are actually exercising?

More than this, when cared for properly leather shoes last a lot longer than sports shoes. They are also easier to clean.

Man up and get yourself a pair.

04 Dress pants

Dress pants are a must for the man. It will not only make you look more stylish but also it will make you look more manly. Dress pants bring a sense of maturity to an outfit that jeans or shorts simply can’t.

Don’t think that dress pants are only worn with a suit jacket. Wear them with a quality polo shirt, button-down shirt, or a wool sweater.

We’d recommend sticking with versatile colors like charcoal, gray, and navy to begin. Tweed works great for winter while tropical wool or linen will keep you cool in the warmer months.

You will look dapper and manly; trust me.

05 A well-fitting polo

In a sea of tee shirts, wearing a polo is one of the best ways to upgrade your look without overdressing as it adds a touch of class and maturity to your style.

Best of all, a polo shirt in the right cut will make you look more muscular than you would in a tee shirt.

Fit is key; make sure to get one that hugs your body but compresses it. The sleeves should be snug to your biceps.

06 A tailored button-down shirt

A tailored button-down shirt is a great item of clothing. It makes you feel more manly and put together.

Button-down shirts are essential for those smart-casual occasions and will give your look a preppy quality but make sure it is not too loose or tight. It is worth spending some extra time to find a brand that fits you well.

Wear one with a pair of chinos (here are my go-to, versatile chinos) for a more dressed down look or with a pair of dress pants and a sport coat for a more polished appearance.

07 A classic tie

Don’t be afraid of wearing a tie. Many men avoid ties these days seeing them as a restrictive item of clothing with no purpose. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

A tie is a man’s item of expression. With countless prints and colors available, a tie is to be used to show your individuality.

If you want to look like a man, don’t be afraid to wear a tie.

A tie of the right width and length will also make you look taller.

Stay away from trendy skinny or very fat ties of the day and you will have one that will serve you for years to come.

It is a classic item that adds some class to your look.

08 Dark-colored jeans

Forget those distressed skinny jeans. Honestly, just throw em away!

If you want to look more manly, opt for a slim or straight-fit dark-colored pair of jeans. These never go out of style and have been a menswear staple since the pants went from workwear to fashion wear.

09 A leather belt

Apart from helping to keep your pants in place, a leather belt will add some masculinity to your look.

Go for brown or black to match your shoes. Simple as.

10 A classic watch

There’s little more manly than a classic watch.

A classic watch is a timeless(pun intended) adornment that will never go out of style. It is a must for any man.

Again, avoid anything too trendy if you want it to last. Watch styles haven’t changed greatly and for good reason.

11 A leather biker jacket

A leather biker jacket is an item that every man needs, even if you don’t own a motorcycle. It will give you the manly look you are looking for and keep you warm and dry on those bitterly windy days.

12 Leather gloves

Sometimes it’s cold and we need to wear gloves. There’s nothing girly about that; it makes sense.

When the cold strikes, leather gloves are something that you will never go wrong with. They are a great way to portray your manly side and will last for years.

13 Suede shoes/boots

Suede shoes/boots add a nice touch to your style. They will make you look manly and put together when the weather heats up.

If you live in a warmer climate, a pair of suede loafers are a great alternative to trainers or sandals (no one wants to see your toes). They can be worn with jeans, dress pants and even shorts.

However, a word of warning; suede does not fair well with moisture. If it is wet, opt for leather brogues or loafers.

14 A wool overcoat

Forget about the oversized hoodies and north face jackets that you wore as a teenager. You are a man now; get yourself a quality wool overcoat.

A wool overcoat is something that every man needs. It is a classic item that will always be in style.

15 A pair of khaki chinos

This item of clothing is a must for any man. I dare say that khaki chinos might be one of the most versatile items a man can buy.

They can be dressed down with a polo and boots or dressed up with a sport coat and a button-down shirt.

With military roots, they are also very manly. Just google ‘Steve McQueen chinos’. Having a pair on hand is a no-brainer for any man.

16 A pocket square

A pocket square is another item of clothing that is great to have. It adds class and sophistication to your look when you have a more formal occasion.

Feel free to be a little adventurous here and if possible, have it compliment your tie.

17 A classic trench coat

A classic trench coat is something that every man needs. It is a timeless piece of clothing that will always look great on you and protect you from the rain in the warmer months.

A trench coat is the summer equivalent of a wool overcoat and an essential item if you live in an area that gets rain in spring or summer.

18 A wool sweater

Wool sweaters are classic pieces of clothing. If you want to look more manly, then this is an item that you should buy.

Whether v-neck or crew neck, wool sweaters are extremely versatile. They can be worn under a coat in the winter and for those summer evenings outside, they can be worn over a tee-shirt, polo or button-down shirt.

19 Wool socks

While this may seem like overkill, wool socks are something that every manly man needs. Real men pay attention to the details.

A pair of brightly colored cheap socks can easily make your otherwise manly ensemble look childish. Go for pair of wool socks in plain solid colors like charcoal and black and you can’t go wrong.

20 A briefcase or leather satchel

Ditch that backup unless you are taking a trip and it is absolutely necessary. Backups remind one of children and high school students; you do not want to look like a child.

While there are more ‘mature’ leather backpacks available today, a briefcase or leather satchel is a safety option. They will make you look more put together and will never go out of style.

Final Thoughts 

To summarize, in order to look manly, a man needs to understand that he is no longer a teenager. If you are younger but want to look more manly you may need to have the courage to go against the grain a little.

There are classic clothing items that every man should have in his closet. They will all make you look more manly and will serve you for years to come. While our list is by no means exhaustive, adding some or all of these clothes to your wardrobe will make you look more manly.

Let us know in the comments if there are any manly items of clothing that we have missed!