What is a gentleman’s sport? 14 sports gentlemen love

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So what is a gentleman’s sport?

While being a gentleman is large with manners and values, there are certain sports that consummate gentlemen gravitate toward.

Firstly, gentlemen’s sports tend to be deeply rooted in history.

Sports played by gentlemen also typically combine an element of physicality and strategy.

Finally and perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the sports favored by gentlemen occur in the countryside and can be quite expensive to get into.

So without further ado, let’s dive into 14 sports that gentlemen love.

01 Sailing

Sailing is an excellent sport that mainly appeals to the nature-loving gentleman.

Gentlemen have been sailing for ages with John F Kennedy one of the most famous sailing advocates.

It is strategic, physical, and relaxing. For many gentlemen, there is little better than getting out on the water with some friends or family.

As you could probably guess, sailing is, unfortunately, one of the most expensive sports to get into because well…yachts cost a lot of money not to mention the time one needs to commit to become a competent sailor.

02 Hunting

Hunting is a sport that requires great skill and patience.

Like sailing, it is a sport most often enjoyed in the company of others.

But if you want to be considered manly, then you can’t get much more manly than hunting.

However, you may feel about hunting, there is no denying that it is an activity rooted in history.

Many gentlemen are drawn toward the primal nature of the sport. There was once a time when we all had to hunt for food if we wanted to survive.

If you live in the countryside, or you’re a country gentleman, there is likely a shooting club near you. However, membership costs can be high.

03 Horseriding

Horseriding is a popular sport among both gentlemen and ladies. This is an enjoyable activity that can be done alone or with friends.

Traditionally, gentlemen of the past would go fox hunting on horseback in England every weekend. This still exists in many places today and serves as a great day of excitement, relaxation, and socializing for any classic gentleman.

Like other sports on this list, it is not an easy sport to get into. The cost and time of buying and caring for a horse makes it inaccessible to many.

04 Golf

Often known as the father of modern sports and the gentleman’s game, golf is great exercise and is a relaxing sport that again takes one into nature.

Similar to the previous two sports, it can be enjoyed alone but is usually a sport done with others. Many a business deal has been done on a golf course too.

However, golf is not without its detractors. Many people feel that golf sport played only by the privileged and it isn’t hard to see why they feel that way when you look at the high fees associated with taking up the sport.

That being said, nowadays budget clubs that are enough to get one started are widely available and with courses everywhere, you are sure to find one that is within your budget.

05 Polo

Polo is a sport played by men and women. It is a great way to build strength while having fun.

It is often played by the upper classes, with Prince Harry of the royal family in the UK being one the most famous figures to enjoy the game.

For those of you who may be unaware, polo is a sport played on horseback. The object of the game is to propel a ball into the opposing team’s goal using a mallet.

Unlike the previous sports mentioned, polo is a team sport.

Once again, with there being considerable equipment needed and it typically being a game played by the wealthy, it is not a cheap sport to get into.

06 Clay pigeon shooting

This is one of the most gentlemanly sports that has been in practice for a long time.

Unlike hunting, the sole purpose of this sport is enjoyment. Rather than hunting wild animals, clay disks are shot after being catapulted into the air. A shotgun is typically used.

This is a great sport for those of you who may be attracted to the skill of shooting but don’t like the idea of killing animals.

It is not only enjoyable but also challenging, while at the same time serving as a great stress reliever.

07 Fencing

Fencing is a sport in which two people fight one another using swords.

Like many on this list, it is a sport that has been played for a long time. According to a source, modern fencing dates all the way back to the 15th century.

This individual sport can help you build strength, endurance, and focus.

08 Motorsport

Car racing is also a sport steeped in history; albeit less history than fencing.

It is one that has been enjoyed by people from all walks of life but is no doubt a favorite among gentlemen. Daring gentlemen such as Steve McQueen and Paul Newman are known for their love of motorsport.

Combining skill and an ability to stay calm at high speeds, it is no doubt an exhilarating sport. That said, it is also one of the most dangerous on this list.

09 Skiing

Like hunting, sailing, and golf, skiing is a sport that incorporates nature. However, it also includes speed and excitement, not unlike that of car racing.

It is a favorite of gentlemen that live in areas where it is possible and others who travel just to do it. Many James Bond films showcase 007’s skiing prowess.

It is a sport that puts emphasis on fitness, balance, and coordination. It requires great concentration and skill, while at the same time providing relaxation.

10 Fishing

Fishing is an activity that can be done alone or with friends.

While many consider it a somewhat boring sport, many gentlemen find it to be a great stress reliever.

It doesn’t require the fitness levels you might need to be a great skier or polo player, but it does help to build patience, which is an essential trait of a true gentleman.

It’s also done in nature making it a great stress reliever.

11 Cricket

Most famous in England, Australia, and New Zealand. Cricket is a quintessential gentleman’s sport.

For those of you who may be unaware of the game, it is a bat and ball game with similarities to baseball. However, the pace of things is a little slower.

Test matches are typically played over 5 days. Each day 6 hours are played and there are lunch and tea breaks.

12 Snooker

Snooker is an indoor game that involves luck, concentration, and deep strategic thinking.

For many gentlemen, it is their first choice when the sun goes down. Recreationally, it is often played with after dinner paired with a glass of whiskey and maybe a cigar.

As with most sports on this list, the cost can be a high barrier to entry. Snooker tables are expensive to buy. That said, most cities have a few snooker halls where you pay by the hour.

13 Aviation

Many gentlemen who have the means to do so love to fly planes or helicopters. The famous actor, Jonh Travolta is one such example.

Like car racing and sailing, aviation requires great skill and concentration but rewards one with much excitement and a feeling of unparalleled freedom.

If you have the means and the time, learning to fly is certainly something that you should consider.

14 Horseracing

This is a traditional sport that originates from the Roman Empire. It has been enjoyed by everyone, from the clergy to royalty.

Many gentlemen enjoy attending the races, while others compete as riders and often go on to buy racehorses of their own.

With famous races such as the Grand National, and The Kentucky Derby being stylish days out, it’s no surprise that this sport attracts many gentlemen.

That’s it for today fellas. We hope you enjoyed this list of sports loved by gentlemen. Happy hunting and bonne chasse!

If you think we have forgotten some sports, leave us a comment below.