Is she too busy or just not interested? 15 unfortunate signs she doesn’t like you

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If you’ve ever been interested in someone, then you know how hard it can be to read their signals.

Is she just busy? Or not interested in you?

Even when reading the signs feels like a game of guess who, it’s still not easy to tell if they like you back or not.

Their actions might seem neutral, but what do they really mean?

Some subtle signs will tell you if a girl is interested or just not into you.

In this article, we’re going to go through all the signs that suggest she is lying when she tells you she is busy and she’s not actually into you.

Let’s go.

1. There are many pictures on social media of her hanging out with her friends

If you see pictures of her with her friends on social media, this could be a sign that she isn’t interested in you.

Why? Because if she was actually busy, she wouldn’t have time to hang out with her friends and go to parties.

These photos show that hanging out with you isn’t a priority for her. She’d rather spend her free time hanging out with her friends than her crush, which for most girls, clearly isn’t normal.

And if hanging out with you isn’t a priority, then, unfortunately, she is probably not into you.

2. She never reschedules

A girl who likes you will do everything possible to be around you as much as possible.

She’ll try and make sure that you have a date every time you see each other; she’ll try and coordinate her work schedule to make sure that there are no conflicts.

If one of those plans goes awry, the girl who likes you will give it little thought and reschedule for a future date.

A girl who doesn’t like you will not only cancel plans, but she’ll also act like there is nothing wrong with her canceling an agreed-upon date on short notice, and you shouldn’t be upset for having your plans ruined.

She won’t organize the date again, but she’ll respond with something like “We can try again next week” or “Maybe next time”.

But when it comes around next week, you haven’t received a text from her. This is a surefire sign she is not truly interested.

3. She hardly speaks to you when you randomly bump into her in public

If this girl isn’t interested, she will try to keep the conversation as short as possible when she sees you in public.

After all, even if she is busy, a girl that likes you will always want to converse with you. They’ll thank their lucky stars they bumped into you in public and try to make the most of it.

So if you see her in public, and she doesn’t make an effort to talk to you, then I’m sorry, but she’s probably not interested.

However, if she appears like she is suddenly acting a little weird or is shy, then she may not want to talk much because she is afraid of how she is appearing.

If that’s the case, she’ll probably message you after this encounter because she’ll realize she made a bad impression.

4. She takes a long time to respond to your text messages

If she likes you, she will always try to answer your text messages promptly.

She’ll even respond right after you send the message.

But if you don’t get a response immediately, there’s a good chance she isn’t interested.

If she’s not interested in you, she will take her time replying, making you wonder if she even received your text message.

No matter how busy someone is, people are always on their phones in this day and age, so you can bet your bottom dollar she has seen your message.

But if she doesn’t reply within 3 hours, I’m sorry, but she might not be interested.

5. She never picks up the phone when you call

If you try to call her and she never answers it, there’s a good chance she isn’t interested in you.

You might assume that she’s busy, but if this is a constant trend, then it’s a sure sign that she doesn’t want to speak with you.

This is especially the case if she never calls you back. If someone is busy, sure, maybe they won’t answer the phone right away, but they’d at least call you back when they have some free time.

6. She constantly cancels at the last minute or reschedules with little notice

A girl who likes you will always try to stick to the plan.

And even if something does come up, she won’t cancel the plan but just reschedule it for another day.

It’s a surefire sign that she is not interested in you if she cancels plans, or reschedules them without giving you much notice.

It’s got nothing to do with being busy because she would never do it when she was on her way to meet you, or even if she was about to leave at that moment.

So what is going on here? She’s hiding something from you.

7. She avoids talking about a potential relationship with you

When a girl is interested in you, she’ll always want to know if you’re interested in her.

It’s normal for her to ask you out, and normal for her to touch base with you about the future of your relationship.

But if this girl refuses to talk about the two of you as a couple, then there is a good chance she isn’t really interested in you.

8. She gives you no signs of affection

A girl who isn’t interested in you might walk away from a conversation without saying goodbye, or even hug you to say goodbye.

This is a surefire sign that she’s not interested because someone who likes you will give you a hug or even some form of kiss, even if it’s just on the cheek.

A girl who isn’t interested in you won’t do that because she doesn’t care about impressing you.

So if you see her, and she tries to get out of the conversation as quickly as she can `without even saying goodbye or kissing you on the cheek, then that’s probably a bad sign that she isn’t interested.

A girl that was truly busy might leave the conversation quickly, but she wouldn’t the conversation without giving you some form of affection.

9. She never asks you questions about your life

A girl who likes you will always want to know what you do in your spare time, or ask you questions about your personal life.

If she doesn’t ask you these questions, then she’s not interested in you.

So if she never asks you a single question about your personal life, and seems like she’s not interested in learning more about what goes on in your life, then that’s a surefire sign that something is off with her.

She will still want to get to know you even if she is busy. In fact, she can use text messaging to ask you questions and get to know you more.

But if your girl is not doing this, then it’s not about being busy, she obviously just isn’t interested.

10. She never asks to hang out with you

This is one of the biggest signs that a girl is not interested in you. If she never asks if she can hang out with you, then there’s a good chance she isn’t interested in you romantically.

She might say things like “let’s get together when I’m not so busy”. But a girl who likes someone will always want to hang out with them. She might have already made plans in advance, but she will try to rearrange those plans to be able to hang out with you.

So if she’s been stringing you along for a month or two, and then when you ask her to hang out with her, she just keeps giving you excuses as to why she can’t see you that day, and she never asks you out, then she is probably not interested.

11. She almost never contacts you first

If she likes you, then she will contact you first. If there’s something she wants to tell you, or if she has something important to talk with you about, then she will contact you first.

Even if there is nothing she wants to say, and if her communication with you is basically limited to sending a text message when nothing interesting is going on in her life, then it’s still a bad sign that she might not be interested in you.

If she is never the one who’s contacting you first, then there is a good chance she doesn’t like you.

12. She doesn’t even tell you why she is so busy

A girl who likes you will tell you why she is so busy. She will explain what it is that’s keeping her and won’t just say “I’m kind of busy right now”, or “I’m going out later”, or “we’re doing something else”.

She will be expressive about what she has going on in her life.

So if this girl is very secretive about what is keeping her busy, and never expands upon it, then something is very wrong with her.

13. She does not have a genuine interest in your interests

If your girl doesn’t express any genuine interest in what you enjoy, then there is a good chance she isn’t interested in you.

She might say “you’re so into music; I’m not into that” or “you seem to be into sports; I’m not into that”.

She makes no effort to develop rapport or get to know who you are as a person.

She makes no effort to be interested in your interests and never asks you about things you’re passionate about.

If there is genuine interest in your interests, then she will likely like you.

This is probably one of men’s biggest signs often don’t notice.

14. She can’t think of the last time you two were together

She might have liked you on the first date, but then she disappeared.

Worse, when you ask her about the first date, she can’t even remember what you did!

A girl who likes you will always remember the last time you were together.

If your girl has a hard time remembering when she was last with you, or if she forgets your birthday, or if it seems like she has no interest in you whatsoever, then there is a good chance she’s not interested in dating you.

Even if someone is busy, they will always remember the last time they hung out with their crush.

Or they will at least make an effort to send a Happy Birthday message when it is their crush’s birthday.

So if your girl doesn’t do this, then it’s a sign that she doesn’t like you.

15. Her friends and colleagues say she is always available

If multiple people in your girl’s life have probably seen her more than you have, and they say she is always available to hang out with them, then that’s a bad sign that she isn’t interested in you.

If you ask her why she is always available, she will tell you they have plans.

So if the friends and colleagues of your girl are always saying they have plans to meet with her, then there’s a good chance that, likely, she doesn’t like you romantically, and that’s why she is saying she is busy.