10 reasons a girl stares at you but never approaches you

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10 reasons a girl stares at you but never approaches you

Catching a girl staring at you can definitely raise your heartbeat.

Your mind might wonder about the different reasons as to why she might be staring at you.

She might have developed an interest in you, or you might remind her of someone she once knew.

It can be hard to know what exactly is on her mind, but just because her attention is on you doesn’t mean she’s ready to approach you or have a conversation with you.

So here are ten reasons why girls may stare at you from a distance but never approach you:

1) She Thinks you’re Attractive but Thinks of You as Just a Crush

She may be staring at you because she thinks you’re cute and attractive. 

Now this doesn’t mean she likes you for a relationship, but she likes you for your body or face. 

She may look at you and smile back at you when you notice but doesn’t think of you as just a crush.

She may believe these are fleeting emotions that will pass over soon enough. This may deter her from making a move or approaching you.

She could be currently content with being your secret admirer without having to make it messy by actually talking to you.

You can figure out if she’s staring at you because she finds you attractive by reading her body language and following her gaze.

If she’s looking at you and your eyes meet when you stare back, chances are, she has developed feelings for you on some level.

2) She Isn’t Sure of Her Exact Feelings for You

It’s also possible that she’s staring at you because she doesn’t know exactly what she feels for you.

Love and feelings can be complex things to understand, especially if these feelings have only come around recently.

She might be feeling confused and may still be processing her feelings for you.

A part of her wants to believe it’s love but another part of her questions if there was anything real between the two of you.

She may love to stare at you from a distance but doesn’t want to get involved before understanding exactly what she’s dealing with.

If you like her, you can make the first move just to let her know that you’re into her too.

3) She’s Afraid That You Won’t Like Her Back

She may stare at you and not approach you because even though she likes you, she’s afraid you won’t like her back.

She’ll overthink everything and think about all the different reasons you wouldn’t like her. She may even be insecure about herself or feel you won’t consider her your type.

All she needs is a little reassurance from your end that you’re interested in her.

You can try walking up to her and starting a conversation. You can also just ask her out if you really like her.

This will show her that you like her, and she will let down her walls to approach you.

4) She’s Shy and Doesn’t Know How to Talk to You

It’s also possible that she might be staring at you from a distance because she’s shy.

She may like you or find you interesting but might not know how to talk to you.

So she checks you out, but she’s worried about making a bad first impression and is extremely hesitant about making any kind of move on you.

She isn’t sure how you will react to her advances and could be thinking about the perfect way to talk to you.

If you like her, then the best thing you can do is be bold and take the initiative by talking to her.

If you show that you’re shy and insecure, she may see those same qualities in herself and may lose interest in pursuing you altogether.

5) She Doesn’t Think That You Even Know She Exists

She might not be willing to approach you and may not even be considering the prospect because she doesn’t think you know that she exists. You might have been the college hotshot or the popular guy at work.

She may feel insecure and think that she’s invisible to you. Maybe you even ignored her subconsciously at first, and that could have played a part in her not wanting to approach you.

She thinks that things are better by just staring at you and living in a world of fantasies, rather than approaching you only to find out her existence is insignificant to you.

She might like the way you dress like a gentleman, the way you walk, and the way you talk but will never approach you because she doesn’t want to risk finding out that she never mattered to you.

If you’re interested in her, try acknowledging her existence and subtly flirting with her.

6) She’s Waiting to See if You’ll Notice and Approach Her

Another reason why she might be staring at you without ever approaching you is because she might be waiting to see if you make the first move.

You might think she is ignoring you, but this is not actually the case.

She’s curious to see if you will notice her subtly flirting at you from a distance and care enough to make the first move.

She would feel much more confident about her feelings for you if you made the first move as it would show that you cared enough to notice her and wasn’t afraid to show you cared.

She may also not be aware that she can be the one to approach you first.

She might believe in traditional courting routines and may think that it’s the man’s responsibility to make the first move. She’s probably just waiting until you approach her and show that you’re interested in her before she dives headfirst.

7) She May Have Heard Something About You and Is Processing It

Staring at you isn’t always a sign of her being interested in you or attracted to you.

She may have heard something about you and is processing it. Her eyes could be fixated on you because she’s wondering whether the gossip she heard about you was true.

The gossip could be good or bad. For instance, she may have heard from her group of friends that you’re dating someone in the office.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no chance of a friendship or relationship between the two of you.

You can even surprise her by approaching her and starting a casual conversation. If you feel like her staring at you is creeping you out, you can always ask her about it or even ignore her.

8) You May Look Like Someone She Once Knew

She could be staring at you because you may look like someone she once knew.

The longer she stares at you, the more uncanny the resemblance may seem to her. The person you strike a resemblance to may have been someone who was important to her.

She might catch herself staring at you and losing herself in thoughts about the person she once knew.

Looking at you may unearth old memories and may even trigger a weird deja-vu moment for her. Check her body language to see how she reacts if you smile back.

She may not be willing to approach you because she doesn’t feel it necessary to involve you with these thoughts in her head. She may have just been caught off-guard by how similar you look to the person she once knew.

9) She’s Trying to Win Your Attention but Doesn’t Necessarily Like You

A girl may stare at you without approaching you because she wants to win your attention. She might not necessarily like you but wants to capture your attention.

She may smile at you and flirt with you from a distance. She wants you to flirt back with her and stare back at her. She just wants to ensure that your eyes are on her and nothing more.

She doesn’t want to approach you because she’sn’t interested in building a relationship with you.

She may not even care if you don’t approach her as long as she can grab your attention.

She’s the kind of girl who likes to have the attention of guys she finds interesting from a distance but isn’t interested in getting involved with them.

10) She Has Been Hurt in the Past and Is Afraid of Making Contact With You

She may be staring at you from a distance and not be willing to approach you because she’s afraid that you may eventually hurt her.

Even though she secretly likes you, she doesn’t want to go through that all over again.

She may find you attractive and notice the smallest things about you. But she may have been hurt in past relationships by pursuing people she developed feelings for and is afraid that if she pursues you that she’ll be walking down the same road as before.

It’s also possible that she cherishes the idea of you from a distance without having to ruin these happy butterflies that flutter inside of her.

It could also be that she may have fallen in love with the idea of you more than the actual you. In either of these cases, it’s up to you to decide if you like her enough to approach her or let her go without getting her hopes up.